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Has anyone ran the wiring down thru the roof and if so, where did you drill the hole to run the wire? You are probably smart to mount the solar panel towards the front of the camper to reduce the amount of wiring to the battery. The wiring was completely concealed by taping it to the back of the folding roof lift mechanism.
One word of advice: these panels rarely output as much amperage as their ratings would suggest, so get the highest rated panel you can afford. Wire is cheap and I will certainly look into hiding the wires behind the folding roof lift mechanism. Sorry I don't have any photos of the wiring to share, but here is a roof top view of my previous camper. I'm still interested in anyone who has any suggestions with what to do with the wires after they enter the camper. The customer installed the solar panel on the roof and ran his heavy duty wiring accross the roof and down the outside of the camper up by the truck cab -- ran the excess wiring down into the truck bed -- and pulled the wiring in the front access port hole used for the turn buckles -- then attached the wires to a controller under the couch -- and over to his aux. On the external wires he used a small "O" ring attachment on the side of the camper to use as a guide to allow the wires to move freely, but at the same time not flop around.
When he pushed the roof up, the extra slack down in the truck bed would slide right up through the small guide on on the side of the camper. It looked nice, worked well, and he didn't have to drill holes in the camper roof or try and fish wires through the roof or walls. I can see where you would have to make sure that the excess wiring was not pinched between the camper and the truck bed when putting the camper on, but other than that, it should be easy enough to accomplish.
03 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4x4, D Cab, Air-Lift, Schroth Safety Harness, Recaro Seat (finally) on board laptop w GPS, ARB Front Bumper, Manual Hubs. This is the story of Roseann and Jonathan Hanson, two overland visionaries who saw an opportunity to bring their community together, and had the grit to make it happen.

In short, Roseann and Jonathan Hanson are two of the most visionary and entrepreneurial risk-takers we’ve ever met.  We are deeply inspired by their courage and conviction to dream big, and make big dreams happen, not to mention the fact that they’ve been places and done things we hardly dare to think about. TCM: What are your earliest memories of becoming interested in the outdoors and adventure travel? Roseann later got a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55.  The FJ55 is a larger vehicle that allowed us to bring more gear. We sold that camper in 2005, and regretted it ever since.  We were so glad to finally get back into one last year. TCM: As the founders of the Overland Expo, you are exposed to a wide variety of expedition rigs.  What does a truck and camper solution offer that makes it most suitable for your particular overland lifestyle? We wanted to build a vehicle out using a truck that’s readily available.  The Toyota Tacoma is the most popular light truck in the country. TCM: How did you determine that the Fleet self-contained model was the right Four Wheel Camper for the JATAC concept? There’s a sailboat-like feeling inside the Fleet self-contained model—I really like the face-to-face dinette along the front wall.
TCM: Since assembling the JATAC, has anyone else followed in your footsteps and assembled their own JATAC? TCM: Tell us about any modifications you’ve done to your Four Wheel Camper to extend its off-the-grid capabilities. Tom Hanagan and his crew did an excellent job designing and implementing the cabinetry and storage.  We can fit a month’s worth of food and gear into the camper storage areas with no problem at all. The next project for Jonathan is to install a high-grade water purification and filtration system.  We will be able to take a hose out to a water source, like a water hole or a community source, and run it through the filtration system into our clean water tank.
We “accidentally” bought two fly fishing rods, so that’s going to be our next thing.  Since we grew up in the desert, we are looking forward to figuring that out this summer. CharacteristicsUnder the standard sunshine, our vehicles can obtain substantial mileage increased by means of the unique technology which can transform the solar power with high efficiency into electricity and stocked into the battery for back-up.

After entering the camper where did you run the wires to not be too ugly and in the way of getting yanked out? However I chose to mount mine at the back of the roof because, with the 4' extended bed, raising the front roof was already quite difficult on my 2004 Hawk, so I did not want to add more weight to the front. My 75watt rarely put out more than 4 amps (4x12=48watts), next time I will have a 130watt panel at least. The vehicle is with hybrid power, can be charged either by solar power panel or the normal electric charging, guaranteeing safety and convenience. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It is also much easier to reach the solar panel from the outside, at the rear, to clean it - something you have to do quite often. If there is a solar wire in the camper it would come out the roof on top in the front and be siliconed for a seal.
The mileage covered by the solar powered rickshaws is 50% more than the normal electric ones.2. It’s difficult for people to maintain well the batteries of the electric rickshaws because either you forget to charge or you will sometimes overcharge it, which in both cases are harmful to the batteries. But with the solar system, the batteries can be charged continuously and the power will be cut off automatically once the batteries are full, which maximum minimize or retard the vulcanization and prolong the life of the batteries.

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