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Installing solar panels for your home or business can provide ongoing cost savings through reducing the amount of power you purchase from the grid however consideration must also be given to the upfront costs associated with the installation of these solar panels determining the solar energy pros and cons and therefore asking the question is solar power worth it. A  solar power calculator helps calculates solar panel power output with yearly average and projected cost savings. In general solar panel efficiencyis achieved by exporting as much of your solar power as possible. Solar panels can provide ongoing cost savings through reducing the amount of power you purchase from the grid.

There are a number of ebooks available on how to build  a homemade solar panel system,  giving you a a better understanding on solar power and the cost saving that can be obtained from installing a solar power systems into your home or business. The debate on solar energy pros and cons not only explores the initial cost and cost savings of solar power systems but the important environment impact and the long term benefit to solar power systems have on the community.
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Houses that have low electricity use during the day will benefit more than that have high use during the day.

Most households consume around 18 kilowatts (kWh) and install solar power systems in the 1.5 to 2 kW range which displaces an average of 25-40% of the average electricity bill.

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