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The humans of the clean and prosperous future will never build windows or walls with plain old glass.
Oxford Photovoltaics, however, wants to do one better—it wants to build the solar panel directly into the glass. The technology works by adding a layer of transparent solid-state solar cells at most three microns thick to conventional glass, in order to turn around 12% of the solar energy received into low-carbon electricity.
Oxford’s CEO, Kevin Arthur, claims that the technology only adds 10% to the cost of typical glass building facades, which makes transforming your next corporate headquarters into a giant solar panel sort of a steal.
And unlike other incubating solar window technologies, this one comes in a wide array of aesthetically palatable hues. So, to recap: solar glass comes in any color, is relatively cheap, and can convert up to 12% of the sun that hits it into zero-pollution power. It bears reiterating that the bulk of the emissions reduction on buildings will come from hideously unsexy stuff like retrofits and additional insulation installation, but technologies like solar glass clearly light the way forward. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The solar cells are no more than three microns thick, so they won't obstruct visibility. Next to glitter and glass, carbon sounds a bit traditional, but work out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison could revolutionize the world of solar energy. According to assistant professor Michael Arnold, the carbon nanotube can convert almost 75 percent of natural light received into usable energy. With developments in solar panel technology, this renewable energy could become part of everday life.

Whether you'll be wearing your own solar generator, gazing through energy creation to view the cityscape below, or covering your home in carbon, the future of solar energy looks to be innovative and strong.
Be sure to like our AZoNetwork Facebook page and tell us what you think of this technology. Oliver Sack, International Product Manager at Anton Paar, talks to AZoM about their MCR rheometer models, both offering rotational and oscillatory modes. AZoM spoke to Daryl Williams about the new developments Surface Measurement Systems are working on that will open up the field of DVS to new frontiers of science. Computrac Vapor Pro XLComputrac Vapor Pro® XLis the next generation in chemical-free moisture analysis launched by Arizona Instrument LLC. The company, a spinoff from some famous British university or other, just announced a $3 million funding boost, which means we’re getting closer to a world with buildings built out of solar glass. I repeat: With any luck, the commercial buildings of the future will be towering, multi-colored solar panels. Companies like Oxford Photovoltaics are working to develop transparent glass solar panels, which would allow windows to become power generators. They will, however, be able to harness around 12 percent of the solar energy that beams through the window. A research team at the university is developing solar cells featuring carbon nanotubes instead of silicon.
Since carbon is less expensive than silicon, the result could be more affordable solar energy in the future.
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The company’s Computrac® series of moisture analyzers includes loss-on-drying instruments and chemical-free substitutes to Karl Fischer titration. These glass cannot be cut or re-sized!***ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL PICKUP***This is commercial grade Tempered Solar Glass specially made for solar panesl.
There are already a wide array of projects, most of them still in the testing stages, that aim to transform windows into solar power generators. That may sound inefficient, but imagine the power generated by a city block of windowed skyscrapers. They've been used by the World’s top solar module manufacturers to make indudstrial scale solar panels. A company called Pvillion makes fabric with solar-power capabilities for use in commercial applications. The solar glass has 3 essential properties which you don’t find on any regular glass:1) Ultra White2) Low Iron3) TemperedThe first two properties will improve the efficiency rating for the solar panel because they allow the right light wave band to penetrate through the glass and increase the solar cells' absorption rate (efficiency), whereas, a regular glass would reflect lots of light wave, lowers the solar panel's efficiency. Buildings suck down more power than anything else, in fact—so obviously, the more that are outfitted with onsite clean power-generators, the more we can bring that number down.

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