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Here’s a cool (ing!) solution for the car which stays in the parking lot for extended hours, under the heavy and scorching heat of the sun.
The foldable solar panel has been designed to fit into the space provided in the rear wing, which will further help to deal with the stability of the car during its movement. Solar Electrical Systems has produced the first solar panel for the Prius Hybrid so you can literally drive on sunshine. The system collects clean renewable solar energy and utilizes it to charge the supplemental and HV battery pack. If you are handy with tools, odds are you can install the system yourself in about 2 to 3 hours, but Solar Electric Vehicles (SEV), the sister company of Solar Electrical Systems, recommends that the system be installed by a professional technician.
Their web site states that the system cost can be recovered in about 3 years since the SEV system grants you the ability to apply for Federal renewable energy tax credits of up to $2,000 or 30% if purchased with a residential solar electrical system. SEV is also working on the Toyota Highlander, Toyota Rav4 EV, Ford Escape Hybrid, and Dodge Sprinter Hybrid. The solar panels have many benefits, so it is recommended use them on all possible manners. Well, if you're in the future right now reading this, it might be because humanity failed at some point with other alternative ways of powering vehicles, like hydrogen fuel cells or other great-sounding methods, and the dinosaur juice that powered and created our modern society is almost gone. I'm not really sure what year you live in, but the world there must be a desolate arid place with people fighting over the last remnants of oil, gathered in small autonomous communities, farming crops, raising animals and trying to make the most out of everything. So, basically you are now stuck to around three or four methods of moving a car – the full electric way (which stinks for long distances), gasoline-electric hybrids and cooking oil burning diesels, or even diesel-electrics if Citroen survived that long. Now, I'm not going to preach you a lesson on how humanity was doomed to its extinction by itself and the logarithmic technology expansion that only held to just one point. Mount some sort of man-powered electric generator for the passenger seat and put it to good use when riding with someone else. You can use the weight you saved by ditching unnecessary things by installing more batteries. Don't forget your shotgun and always try to use more electricity than liquid fuels along the way.
For many early electric car owners, powering their vehicle using solar power is the ultimate goal. While simplifying the solar power process is a new twist, automakers simplifying EV ownership with an outside partnership isn’t. The BMW move takes that idea one step further and allows buyers of the soon-to-be-unveiled BMW “i” electric vehicle brand to harness the power of the sun. Customers will need to derive a great deal of satisfaction from powering their BMW i3 off of the sun, though.

BMW has not yet said in which markets the SOLARWATT systems will be available, nor has it indicated costs. If you have to ask, however, you’re probably not going to be able to afford – or justify – it.
Solar Panels on Car DIYIn the old days, if you wanted a solar panel, you had to buy one of those giant clunky things that were not only pricey, but also a real pain in the you-know-what to install. The panels were created with the idea of increasing the range and efficiency of the hybrid vehicle. The system can produce up to 1200 watt hours per day through the use of solid state electronics (no moving parts).
Not sure if that will fly somewhere like Florida where your residential solar electrical system may fly off with a hurricane, but hey it just may be worth a shot.
This was made possible by the Total Mobility Project, as the team removed the MX-5’s engine and gas tank in lieu of an electric motor and battery. Of course, there still must be rich influential people living in the luxury quarters of once nourishing metropolis, still greedy and extorting the poor for a handful of rice to do the work for them, but we can make our system work without them.
Basically every trip now needs a purpose and you have to carefully plan it ahead so you won't get stuck in the middle of nowhere.
It's useless now and you need to get moving, travel cross country, scavenge for resources and find new opportunities.
Don't know which automakers made it to your time but you definitely need to find a hybrid car. Things like air conditioning (including the compressor), rear seats, door panels, sound system, trimming panels, insulating materials and other things.
Back in my day, they were talking a lot about regenerative suspension that converts the up and down wheel movement into electric current you can then store in the vehicle's battery.
It will be perfect to equip your vehicle with some sort of grappling hook that can be deployed towards other vehicles.
Smartly, BMW has recognized the pleasure derived from powering one’s EV from solar-generated electricity.
Just last year, Ford and Best Buy’s Geek Squad combined forces to provide Ford Focus Electric and Fusion Energi buyers with 240 volt charging stations in their homes. BMW brags, “The BMW i3 will be the first electric vehicle on the market that has been designed specifically for electric mobility from the outset.” What that means exactly, we don’t quite know. We suspect that the SOLARWATT solar package would be less money than one pieced together from scratch, as BMW likely beat up SOLARWATT a bit on costs. But times have changed, thanks to companies like Voltaic Systems who are leading the charge with a new generation of affordable, durable, and portable solar panels.

So here’s an idea from Leon Zhu, who proposes to use a foldable film of solar cell that can actually cover up the car from top, giving it the shade it requires.
It has an electronic mode range of 20 miles which is more than most Americans use in one day.
With that in mind, let's move on and see how you can use energy as efficiently as possible to get you going in the wasteland. You need the dash instrumentation though, especially the gizmos showing you the battery and fuel level as well as the range calculator. The technology surely must have survived to your day so check around for it and then look at bumps and potholes with the same admiration as towards a generator. Find one of those trucks delivering goods for the rich men and hook up to them on the highway.
Accordingly, the German automaker has teamed up with solar power company SOLARWATT to supply BMW EV buyers with rooftop photovoltaic solutions, for a nominal fee.
Though the energy was pulled off the grid, the concept was rather genius: take the complexity and confusion out of EV ownership.
Yes, the systems do create energy, offsetting energy bills; an average system rarely generates enough over its lifetime to supplant the cost of its construction and installation.
Not only that, it also stores energy collected from the sun shining on the unfolded solar panel. You can expect it to improve your fuel economy anywhere between 17 and 29%, which is pretty nice with today's outrageous gas prices.
Conversion will hit your pocket hard though, as the entire process will cost $21,000 but for drivers who run an average of 60km a day can save up to $8,400 across the time span of five years. The reasons are obvious – you can charge it from a wind mill or solar panel array at any camp and the diesel can burn a range of oily bio fuels if modified properly.
The system will function on the HV batteries and once the batteries have been depleted the hybrid system will pick up and go with the electrical mode and internal combustion engine. Citroen might have such a combination so look for cars with the two stacked arrows on the grille.
The solar panels will continually charge the battery pack as long as it is under direct sunlight, giving you wireless power if you will. There is no need to worry about how long your panels will last as they can last up to 30 years, which is more than we can say for most vehicles today.

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