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Bryan Appleby, the Extreme Boondocker, takes us through the steps of installing a solar panel system on a truck camper roof rack.  Ready to unplug this summer?  Bryan shows you how. What makes this solar panel installation different from any other?  Simple!  I am providing a power survey template to help you to determine your solar power needs, a complete parts list, and a cost budget for your installation.
My installation drops the solar panels below an attachment bar (Unistrut) and only two to three inches above the existing roof rack. If you have ever considered adding solar to your truck camper tool belt, and you have a roof rack installed on your truck camper, this is the solar installation project for you!  Let’s get started.
Prior to purchasing a solar panel system, it is critical to complete a power survey to determine what your solar power needs will be.  By knowing what your power needs are, you are able to ensure that you install the correct size and amount of solar panels.
Click here to download my power supply survey.  You can increase the size of the survey by changing the size in the PDF. I have kept the required parts and tools to complete this project to a minimum.  With the exception of the solar panel and controller, the required parts and tools are common, and easy to source at big box hardware stores, like Home Depot or Lowes.
Next I cut the two 10-foot Unistruts to the width of my truck camper roof rack system.  The above mentioned L-brackets were then attached to the Unistrut slots, simply with Strut Bolts available the same location as you purchased your Unistruts. I installed my solar panels separated so they can (a) tilt towards the sun for optimum charge, and (b) allow me to walk between them, when I’m on the roof of my camper.
Depending on the length of your solar panels, shorter slotted steel beams are available at big box stores, and longer slotted steel beams are available at garage door installation companies. I cut the slotted steel beam to fit the width of the of the solar panels, including extra length to allow tilting and attachment without reaching under the panels.  Note that I mounted the panels to the bottom of the solar panel frames to add strength to the solar panel frames. The cables from the solar panel are brought to a central location, a Combiner Box, combined into one duplex cable, and routed through the roof to a solar charge controller that’s installed inside the camper.
Routing the wire through the roof can be done by drilling a hole through the roof of your truck camper, or by running it through a refrigerator vent.  If your refrigerator is located on a slide-out, you will not have a roof top refrigerator vent and will need to drill a hole in your camper’s roof.

For this application, the combiner box was installed near the Unistrut to eliminate the need to run the solar panel cables along the roof.
A thick washer between the combiner box and the mounting screw allowed the combiner box to be elevated above the roof of the truck camper enough to avoid squeezing out the Dicor sealant.  This ensures a good seal for the hole drilled into your camper’s roof and the bottom of the combiner box.
I have a cable cutter and crimper, valuable tools for a solar panel installation, available online. Above: Here you can see the MPPT Charge Controller installed in a truck camper cabinet with adequate ventilation for seasonal changes and operational temperatures. A shunt was used to measure (battery monitor) the amps traveling from the solar panels and charge controller as it is fed to the truck camper’s battery bank. In contrast, AGM batteries are much more expensive, but require almost no maintenance, do not outgas, and can be located within an occupied space. The ultimate choice of batteries is subjective.  But, investing in good batteries should be high on your priority list when planning any solar panel system.
This is the completed view of three 100 watt solar panels.  You might note that the bathroom vent is usable under the solar panel installed above it.
There is also space so that these solar panels can be tilted toward the sun, and I can step between the panels when necessary.
Hopefully this has put a needed tool into your truck camper tool belt.  Once completed, this project will provide years of truck camper power without the restrictions of looking for a campsite with shore power hookups. To read more of Bryan’s articles on solar and batteries, stealth camping, full-time truck camping, personal safety, and more click here. Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to make sure that any project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation. Ships on time with tracking, 0 problems with past sales, over 100 items sold, eBay account active for over 90 days.

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