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We provide complete Off-Grid AC solutions so that you do not need to find specific DC equipment. In our solar offgrid kit, we supply solar panels, battery bank, inverter and battery charger.
A properly-sized solar system can eliminate your heating, cooling and other energy costs throughout the year (even during the winter months). A typical four-bedroom integrated solar roof will generate up to 6000kWh a year of electricity, earning up to ?900 a year in Feed-in Tariff income (tax free, inflation linked) for 20 years! Each panel is supplied complete with EPDM edge gaskets that complete the sealing of the roof.
Once a roof is at its normal membrane level, Spirit’s roof integrated system can be fitted directly to the battens using the standard fixings provided.
When the framework is in place, solar PV laminates are added and the capping strips are riveted in place, retaining the panels by compressing the gaskets to form a perfect seal. Standard 190W laminates are easier to manage on the rood as well as providing infinitely more options to maximise the amount of roof area that can be utilised.

We will size and design your scheme upon receipt of the basic information, providing a detailed quotation and kit list. The Solar Photovoltaic system installed in this zero energy model building is of 1 kW capacity. The power generated is single phase, 230 V 50 Hz which can power 3 kW of connected load (three phase models are also available). If you are interested to know more about this product or solution, feel free to write back to me, with you Name, Location and Phone Number.  I would ask the technical experts to get in touch with you and help you with your requirement. You tell us what type of tiles you have and we can supply you with the appropriate hooks, aluminium type frame and wiring.
Proven to work reliably even throughout the winter months, our Star Tracker is capable of producing 100 percent more power than a roof mount. MPS load-controller for external loads and deep-discharge protection. MCU central unit for monitoring within MPM.
The mounting system framework provides backup drainage in the unlikely event an installer may damage the gasketing.

These are aluminium with the option to be powder coated and will have been designed exactly for the array specified. The installed capacity of the Solar Photovoltaic System is 1 kW comprising of 10 numbers of 100 W panels each. The solar panels used in the system are thin film amorphous silicon panels, which are highly efficient and least affected by temperature. The solar charge controller used in the system has Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capability, which tracks the maximum charging current possible through software support.

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