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Power Inverter is ideal for customers requiring power to operate heavy duty and multiple applications.
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I am really impressed with the work of Luminous R&D guys who developed this model with some awesome features, which are really useful for normal home user.
We can connect up to 400 watts solar panels with Luminous Home UPS, so we can use solar energy to maximum and save money on electric bill. Sukam Brainy Solar Home UPS is the potential competitor for Luminous Solar Home UPS, But we can connect up to only 240 watts panels with sukam Brainy solar UPS (3 x 80 watts solar PV). Luminous Solar Home UPS clearly outperforms Sukam solar Inverter in this maximum solar panel compatibility. As of now, Luminous Solar UPS is the best in class as far as Charging Current is concerned.
In many states of India more than 10 hours power cut exists, many people have asked for quick charging Pure sine wave inverter to charge their 150 ah battery in very short time to handle 10+ hours power shedding problem. Luminous Solar Home UPS has a function called ‘i-charging’, which enables 15 amp charge current to quick charge the battery connected to it.
200 ah battery would be helpful in saving more energy from solar PV modules and use it at night time.

This Inverter uses current from solar panels as the primary source to charge the battery which results in money savings up to 30 % on electric bill. Luminous Solar Inverter delivers pure sine wave current which is safe for our sensitive electronic gadgets like LCD, LED TV’s, Computers, mobile chargers and laptop chargers.
This facility is available in some advanced models only, when inverter senses no load, it automatically shuts down the output to save battery. Now my question, Is it really beneficial in investing on small solar projects for small homes (su-kam brainy with 240watts panels or luminous with 400watts panels) if the power cuts are less than 2 hours a day? This is a very large topic, and this space is not sufficient to explain the business calculations regarding small solar installations. But i am sure small solar inverters with 250 watts panels are definitely better choice in terms of saving money. This function will work properly, only if the wiring is done separately and perfectly for inverter. If you share your location details, we shall recommend you solar dealers near by your location. Can you please compare Luminous Solar Home UPS with Microtek UPS Solar SS in terms of features and reliability? As far as solar UPS is concerned, we would like to recommend su-kam and luminous for better performance and battery life.

So it will always try to use the battery power as a support(to use solar energy from solar panels) when the battery is fully charged. Inverter price 12v 24v pure sine wave for home solar system use CE approve 120v-240v power inverter china with CE ROHS, View power inverter china, SAD Product Details from Shenzhen Saiaodi Electronics Co., Ltd. In order to help you experience safer and have a more fulfilling experience at malayaliclassifieds we would recommend you to use little common sense and a few simple precautions before making any deals online. Designed with a small footprint and for easy installation in your truck, service vehicle, RV, or boat solar system inverters price. Universal Protection Circuit: Over-voltage, thermal protection, earth fault protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, bat.
Please recommend a dealer in Chennai who can supply Luminous Solar Inverter 900va + Luminous Solar Battery 100ah. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. I believe 60000 is the cost of the set up that comes to us at 35000 tht is to be paid in instalments.

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