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Click the button below to add the Solar Home & RV- Expansion Battery Bank (battery only) to your wish list. This Nature Power Battery Bank serves as an expansion for Nature Power Home and RV Solar Kits, allowing a kit to extend runtimes. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
A common misconception with grid-tied solar is that when the utility power is ‘out’, the solar home or business will still have power.
Unlike a grid tied solar system, an off grid solar array generates low voltage DC electric power.
It is possible to have a solar array big enough to never need a generator, but it is economically prohibitive. Due to the earths orbit about the sun; there are more sun hours in the summer than in the winter. This entry was posted in Solar Panels and tagged battery, Battery Bank, Electricity, Energy, how to build a solar battery bank, Mage, power, solar, Solar Battery, solar battery bank, solar battery bank calculator, solar battery bank setup, solar battery bank size on March 13, 2011 by Cathy. Solar PV panels are only about 15% efficient, but convert the suns energy directly into convenient electricity. This is almost never the case, as additional expensive equipment would be necessary to prevent the power from traveling back out to power the neighborhood. To meet large off-grid winter demands it is more economical to utilize wind, hydro or generators. Protect the batteries from over charging - The controller uses a logic circuit to prevent pushing the batteries higher than 15 volts.

The longest day and largest solar energy production day in the northern hemisphere is the summer solstice. For example Boise, Idaho receives 7 nominal sun hours in the summer and 3 nominal sun hours in the winter. Solar PV panels are extremely reliable, usually with 20 to 30 year manufacturer warranties.
The charge controller regulates the voltage and protects the batteries from being over charged.
In the summer when the sun is high, the amount of energy from the solar panels can equal the amount of energy drawn by the inverter. This prevents the power source(solar or other) from boiling off the electrolyte and ruining the batteries.2. Nominal sun hours are hours that a solar panel will produce its rated output on a clear day.
They are an excellent choice for mobile or back country power solutions because once they are correctly installed they are essentially maintenance free.If you or your business is interested in Solar PV, please contact us and we will be glad to give you an estimate on an installation or the parts to do the project yourself. An AC disconnect is put between the inverter and the circuit breaker to allow the PV system to be easily disconnected by the utility company for maintenance. In the winter however, when the sun is lower, the amount of energy from the solar array may not be enough to meet the AC demands. Boost low input voltages to maximize battery charging - This is done with complex electronics and DC-DC conversion. Check out some of our Solar PV installations in our gallery!We also offer a wide selection of panels, inverters, and electrical components in our online store.

This device allows the array to be electrically disconnected from the battery bank during maintenance.
The generator is tied into the AC side of the inverter, and can power loads as well as charge the battery bank.
This technology can often increase the charging potential of a solar array by more than 30%. On a directly connected system no current would flow because the 11v is less than the 13v required to charge the batteries. If you were to short circuit the array through a multi-meter, the array may have a current of 8 amps. When the charge controller is added to the system it converts this 11v at 8amps into 13v at 6amps.
Thus the benefit of a charge controller is that it takes the useless 11v power and converts into usable 13 volt power.Check out charge controllers in our online store.
Each one has a pdf specifications that can help you learn more about their use and operation.

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