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Install Solar PV panels on your property before December 31st to secure the Feed-in-Tariff for 20 years. In the current climate installing home solar panels is one of the wisest investments you could make and you will be reaping the rewards sooner than you think.
If you’re thinking about going green and want to reap the benefits yourself with our house solar panels then let Solar King help you make the change. Why solar investing within the renewable sector is proving more appealing than ever before. Not only do solar panels increase the value of your home, they also reduce the costs of your utility bills and with the Government backed FIT scheme, there’s no reason why you can’t make the switch.
It has no moving parts and operates without any noise leaving you free to enjoy your clean, green energy. Each household will be different and will require a unique look into the needs and uses of these potential technologies. Solar Thermal again uses daylight energy but this time it heats the fluid in the panels on your roof which can then be used to supply heat to your general hot water system. Ex-President George W Bush set up the Solar America Initiative in 2006, which was aimed at accelerating the commercialisation of solar power technology. For example, small homes which don’t use very much electricity might not benefit from installing solar panels like a large home. This scheme closed in 2009, but many integral parts of the programme have been taken into the new US Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, which is working towards reducing the cost of installing solar power systems to encourage citizens to jump on board the global clean energy race.How will solar power affect you?Not only will solar panels help the planet, but they could benefit your bank balance too.
The future looks bright for energy conservation and smart gadgets are entering the market for consumers at an ever increasing rate.1 – RenewablesCollect this ideaSolar energy. If someone in the UK pays for their own solar energy system, they are eligible to receive a feed-in tariff where they will receive a set amount per kilowatt hour of power that they generate. Homes located in geographical areas with more sunlight will benefit more from these energy solutions. Solar panels are usually fixed to the roof of a property, which not only affects the aesthetics of your home but also your ability to change certain things. For example, if you want to replace your roof whilst there are solar panels attached, you will have to have them removed and reinstalled, which could be both time consuming and costly.Questions have also been raised over how having solar panels on your home will affect its resale price.
According to a recent survey in the UK, a third of buyers would be willing to pay more for a property if it had solar panels fitted.

Many solar companies also now provide a power purchase agreement (PPA) in which you essentially lease the solar equipment from them and agree to pay for the energy your system produces. As solar panels can provide a considerable reduction in energy costs you are therefore offering free electricity to buyers, which can be hugely enticing especially when energy prices often fluctuate. The energy is a fixed rate, the installation and maintenance costs the homeowner almost nothing, and the rates are much lower than traditional utilities. By combining solar renewable energy and home automation systems this becomes a smart alternative to getting electricity from the power company.In general, by going with the solar panel solution, you can count on saving about 30% off your energy bill. Some British banks are refusing to supply mortgages for homes that were fitted with free panels as they were awarded on the condition of a roof lease agreement that can last up to 25 years. If you decide to purchase the solar panels out right, plan on spending $2000-$10,000 depending on the size of your home.Collect this ideaWind energy. Purchasing and using home wind turbines to create electricity is another possibility in the quest to save money. However, as the feed-in tariff rate has been recently reduced by the government, it is less lucrative for suppliers to offer the panel system for free in exchange for the fee received tariff. Many of them reach heights up to 20 or 30 feet in the air to produce the needed energy from the wind.
If a tall wind turbine is going to be a problem as an eyesore this might not be a good solution. Priced at around $500 it might take you a while to make up the difference in energy saving. The wind generated renewable energy market doesn’t have roots as deep as solar yet, but the market is emerging and worth keeping your eye on. According to the US Energy Information Administration the average residential energy use is 11,496 kWh. You may also like:Say Goodbye to Power Bills with Solar Tracking SystemsWhile almost everyone knows what solar panels are, not everyone has heard of a solar tracking system.
There is a thermostat on the market which is getting a lot of recognition for its functionality and smart benefits to users, it is called Nest.
This little device will run your home temperature settings all by itself and can help save money on energy bills. It learns when you wake up and will adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting before your feet hit the floor in the morning.It will also learn when you go to work, come home from work, and can even sense your presence in the home and will adjust the temperature accordingly.

Nest has built-in motion detectors to adjust temperatures to the perfect setting regardless if you are home or away. If you’re not satisfied with how the thermostat is being automated you can control it with your smartphone from anywhere. Nest will also adjust itself automatically depending on the weather because it plugs into your Wi-Fi and checks forecasts.According to the manufacturer, households could cut 30% off their average energy bill simply by plugging this little device in.
As any parent knows, no matter how many times you remind your children to turn off lights they never seem to remember.
The general estimation of how much money is wasted every year on lights which get left on ranges in hundreds of dollars. Then multiply this number by the amount of lights you leave on throughout the day and you will start to get an idea about how much energy you waste. Highly trafficked rooms will probably not benefit much from this technology, but low to medium trafficked rooms, which often have lights forgotten in the on position will be the best bet. You can simply monitor which lights are on and turn them off as needed.4 – Smart grid ready appliancesCollect this ideaThere is a strong sense in both private enterprise and government circles that the smart grid will be slowly implemented across much of the nation and the world over the next decade. These times will be at the off-peak hours allowing you to save money by not incurring the higher rate.
Manufacturers of such appliances have already introduced energy-saving features into their products which help mitigate energy costs, but these new smart appliances will take this a step further by knowing when to operate without you even worrying about those peak rate issues.According to the Department of Energy the tax incentives and credits, plus the ability to lower energy costs, will help make these appliances purchase worthy just a few years into the purchase.
There is also lots of wasted electricity heating up all that water for those showers, and don’t forget about wasted energy from old water heaters and non-insulated pipes.
Sometimes the simplest devices can truly benefit us by simply reminding us to turn the water off. As you continue the light will go from green to yellow, and finally blink red indicating that your shower time is over.Make no mistake about it, this device is smart.
It tracks the amount of time you spend in the shower during the first use, and each consecutive use it shortens that time by seven seconds. According to the manufacturer this device could end up saving you more than $300 per year on wasted water and energy.

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