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Sunlight is a renewable energy source which can be converted into usable energy by solar panels. Solar energy will last forever whereas it is estimated that the world’s oil reserves will last for 30 to 40 years. In the long term, there can be a high return on investment due to the amount of free energy a solar panel can produce, it is estimated that the average household will see 50% of their energy coming in from solar panels.
Solar panels can be expensive to install resulting in a time-lag of many years for savings on energy bills to match initial investments. Electricity generation depends entirely on a countries exposure to sunlight; this could be limited by a countries climate.
Solar power stations do not match the power output of similar sized conventional power stations; they can also be very expensive to build.
Solar power is used to charge batteries so that solar powered devices can be used at night. Have a look at our Wind Power Infographic or read this article on the advantages and disadvantages of Wind Power. If you are interested in reading about how Solar Energy is utilised in engineering applications, read this article on low power solenoid valves in a solar power application. With dropping prices of solar panels, solar energy becomes the first choice technology money wise. Everything has to be grown on their own their own fertilizer (in their lab), otherwise it is not good! That guy, very interesting what he said and true but not always the newest, spoke more with his hands and body than he really had to say!
The provider of our solar panels has gone into liquidation and has been found to be in breach of a number of regulations. Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages ExplainedSolar power advantages and disadvantages can help to explain why it is not a more common power source in our society. For starters, the initial costs are expensive, however, Solar Power Prices Are Falling Quickly, and expected to be less expensive than the grid by 2015 in certain locations.
Solar panels and solar lighting may seem quite expensive when you make your initial purchase, however, the ROI (Return on Investment) over time can be quite substantial, and save you a great deal of money over a period of time because it does not cost us anything to harness the power of the sun.
Solar technology, as with any other technology is consistently improving, as experts are gaining more insight into all of the benefits offered by this incredible technology. There is no doubt that solar energy is abundant and free but the initial cost of installing a solar power system is the main disadvantage of solar energy.
Obviously the energy of the sun cannot be harnessed during a storm, on a cloudy day or at night.
Geographic locations and local climate patterns can either be an advantage or a disadvantage in terms of solar energy. Another disadvantage of Solar energy is that it generates electricity only during the day time, which si a big disadvantage, and cannot be overcome by technology. While your location is important in the amount of productivity you will obtain from solar panels is key, another important fact to note is that you will also need plenty of room to install your solar system. Solar DiagramMoving forward, we see that harnessing the free energy from the sun is a viable alternative for many due to the fact that electricity costs will continue to rise, as will the consequences for us being dependent on fossil fuels in terms of economic and climate change. With that, we will leave it up to you to determine the solar power advantages and disadvantages, and whether it is a viable alternative for you.
To summarize, when weighing solar energy advantages and disadvantages, these are the advantages:Massive savings over electricity and fossil fuels for years to come - with the high cost of electricity, natural gas, heating oil, etc - solar energy, once the initial investment is made, is a free source of energy.Your electric company will pay you! To summarize the disadvantages of solar energy:The initial cost is the biggest disadvantage. There are a wide variety of tactics and strategies for reducing our energy costs, including buying energy-efficient appliances, being vigilant about our actual energy use (such as killing vampire loads), installing more insulation and better weatherproofing, and so on, but because none of those actually produce any energy, they’re limited to strictly energy conservation.
Home solar systems, however, can not only offset our fossil-fuel-based energy consumption, but can also become a source of clean renewable energy, which can power homes and businesses long after the initial cost of the solar array has paid for itself.
The financial return on buying home solar systems, depending on where you live, can be over $20,000 in savings (average 20-year savings), which is quite a bit of money, considering the current state of the economy and the rising energy rates. The environmental advantages of home solar systems are many, but the most obvious are the decreased reliance on fossil fuels, the increase in clean renewable energy entering the grid, and the reduced energy-related pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Two other big benefits of home solar systems are somewhat indirect, but no less potent for it.
While installing more home solar systems won’t completely solve our energy addictions (considering how much energy we waste every day), but when coupled with home energy conservation efforts and perhaps the implementation of some smart home technology, solar power can serve to take a big bite out of not just our energy bills, but can also help us to reduce our environmental footprint while boosting the economy. On the other hand, the giant machines utilized for pumping oil are extremely noisy and therefore very impractical. The batteries can often be large and heavy, taking up space and needing to be replaced from time to time.
There is no noise given off and no by-products produced that are harmful to the environment.

Where do we stand now as we had s guarantee and they were supposed to come out to check them yearly? Let us begin to explain why it isn’t more of a mainstream energy source today than we would like it to be.
Another point to consider as to why solar is not more mainstream yet is that Fossil Fuel Subsidies are six times more than renewable energy, at the least.
It will not go away any time soon, and will last for another few billion years, barring any major catastrophic event. This is perhaps the most important advantage that makes solar energy so much more practical than oil.
At this point, paying for oil is an expensive prospect and the cost will continue to rise as supplies dwindle.
Wires, cords and power sources are not needed at all, making this an easy alternative to deploy.
As our oil supplies decline, it is very important for us to turn to alternative sources of energy. However this problem can be solved by going in for one of the many DIY solar power systems like this Grape Solar GS-5060-KIT Residential 5,060 Watt Grid-Tied Solar Power System Kit. The overall efficiency of the solar panels are entirely dependent upon the amount of sunlight they receive. The more pollution or dust that gets on solar panels, the less productive it becomes, so your Solar panels will need to be cleaned off periodically, with your location and conditions determining the intervals to keep a solar energy system operating at its maximum efficiency levels.
Technologies are emerging in this field that has promising possibilities, like Sun Believable Solar Paint and flexible solar films which will make this issue a non-factor for future concerns. As for the world, at least a good portion of it, we believe it is, and look forward to more development of alternative energy resources. Solar energy has some huge advantages, but the chief complaint among the solar energy disadvantages is the cost. On-grid solar energy systems will actually "buy" the electricity that may reverse back to the grid if you produce more than you use.Solar energy is totally renewable energy and environmentally safeSolar fits into our existing world A– it's easy to install solar panels in largely unused areas without disrupting the natural environment or negatively impacting wildlife.
That means that every year you do not have to put in a great deal of money to keep things running properly. Home solar systems offer distinct advantages over other energy-related home improvement projects, and along with generating clean electricity, could also increase home and property values, while providing a dependable and affordable source of energy over the long term.
Leasing a home solar system, which doesn’t have nearly the overall financial impact that buying one does, can also make a lot of sense, as it allows homeowners to have the home solar system installed with only a small amount of money put down on it (or even $0 down!), and to begin putting money back in your pocket (from the savings on electricity bills) immediately.
Installing a home solar system can also have a beneficial effect on our all-too-precious water resources, because it’s much less water-intensive to produce energy from the sun than with other common power sources (solar PV was found to use 21 times less water than nuclear power (per kWh of electricity produced), and about 16 times less water than coal-fired electricity).
One of those solar benefits is the matching of electricity production with electrical demand, which can help reduce the cost of electricity on the market for everyone, while also increasing the resilience of the grid by diversifying the sources of electricity. Stay up to date on the latest news, ask questions, or just see what others interested in solar energy are saying.
Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels directly convert solar energy into a usable form of energy using a PV cell containing a semiconductor material.
I am wonder if he knows what the “efficiency” of a solar cell (panel many solar cells) is and how it is defined? My project topic is about solar enegy an alternative power source for rural Electrification. If all tax breaks and other aid is included in calculating fossil fuel subsidies, that figure is even higher! On the other hand, the giant oil extraction machines utilized for pumping oil are extremely noisy and therefore very impractical in regards to noise pollution, not to mention an eyesore and an oil spill waiting to happen.
Oil burning releases harmful greenhouses gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide into our precious air, not to mention the fact that oil spills are a common occurrence, and are also very damaging to the environment and even more harmful to the animal wildlife. If you have the determination and patience, with a small investment you can get immediate results and can also get the relief from high installation costs incurred when done by professionals. If you live in a location where sunlight hours are limited due to cloudiness, storms, or the amount of daylight hours, you won’t be able to generate enough power and your solar panels efficiency will suffer greatly. New technologies are emerging in this area of storage as well, and won’t be such a big issue further down the road.
Rainwater can also affect the solar panels efficiency, as the rainwater is becoming more dirty these days. Another factor to consider in our dependence on fossil fuels is that rising oil and gas prices will continue as we reach peak oil. In fact, homeowners can develop their own solar power system at home by following a few guidelines from a book about the subject. The cost is lower if you are talking about building a new home with solar energy integrated.
Some people actually make a profit every year by selling excess energy back to the utility companies.

Overall, solar energy is a great advantage for your pocketbook.Another significant advantage of solar energy is that it causes no pollution. Another solar benefit from installing more home solar systems is the boosting of the local economy by creating jobs, and studies have shown that money invested in solar power can create up to three times the number of jobs than the same amount of money invested in coal or natural gas, so it’s got a great return rate when compared to other energy investments. CSP (concentrating solar power) on the other hand, concentrate energy from sunlight to a heat receiver which transforms energy from heat into mechanical energy, and in turn, solar thermal electricity. One good thing to note here, in 2010 the US had a 186% increase from 2007 in US renewable energy subsidies . Solar panels can’t withstand large hail storms, so areas that get hail frequently won’t be good for solar power generation. Another factor to consider is energy security, as solar energy will decrease our dependence on foreign oil, much of which comes from the highly unstable Middle East, which can also dictate the price of oil and is responsible for many, many oil price spikes due to Middle East Political Turmoil, not to even mention Iran and their threats. Setting-up a solar power system in the home may require a couple of panels of photovoltaic cells and a rigged system that includes wiring, an inverter, distributor and storage batteries.You may already have read a number of articles about home solar power systems that discusses its advantages of low cost, low maintenance, environment-friendly, and easy set-up. Consider whom you're asking as well because some salespeople will tell you only what you want to hear so they can sell you their product or kit.
I encourage you to explore all your options.If you would like to live green, save energy and ultimately save a lot of money, then you may find the initial investment is quite worthwhile for you in so many ways!Think of it this way A– if you wanted an RV so you could go tooling around the country, would you be willing to take out a loan to get that RV?
Burning fossil fuels of any sort leads to some level of pollutants released into the environment. Even after the Solyndra failure, Obama Stands by Renewable Energy Aid, which shows he is doing what he can to help the environment amidst an increasingly arrogant and anti-environment right wing movement. I would see the hail as more of a temporary thing, as new technologies are emerging in solar power generation that I am sure will overcome this obstacle eventually. Whether we like it or not, oil and gas prices play an important role in our everyday lives and big spikes in those prices are a Key Risk to the US economy, not to mention the worlds.
However, there are other reasons why you should consider a solar system in your house.Home solar power systems are supported by the governmentDuring the 1960s, photovoltaic cells were barely ever considered for commercial use. Talk to professionals in the solar energy business and get their take on the system or systems you're considering. Why not make an even better investment and take that first financial step toward freedom from traditional power sources by adding solar to your home?
Governments at both the state and national levels attempt to offset these initial costs with tax deductions and credits. They won't have a stake in what you purchase, so you could probably get more valuable information from them. Some states and provinces even allow you to sell energy back to the power company if your demand is less than what your system produces.What are some of the other solar energy advantages and disadvantages?
Also, on long term, you can slash down electrical bills from 10 to 20 years.The key here is that governments in countries such as the US, Japan and Germany recognize the benefits that people can have from using home solar power systems. There are dozens of advantages to adding solar power collection to your home's infrastructure.
These are just couple of the solar energy advantages and disadvantages.Some people worry about what a solar panel system will look like on the roof. These countries make an effort to establish improved guidelines on net metering, a better research and development on photovoltaic cell technology and a subsidy program for homeowners. All of these are meant to support and promote solar energy.The energy crisis also fueled the advancement of solar energy and resulted to the Energy Tax Act, which provided tax credits for homeowners who set-up solar systems into their houses. This is not only because of the low maintenance; the system also has no moving parts at all. That means your home will not stand out in your neighborhood even though you get your energy in a different way.
Typical home solar power systems can last from 10 to 25 years and you already had your return of investment from 3 to 5 years. That is a significant advantage for those that want to maintain or improve their property value. Hopefully, you now feel you have the facts about solar energy's advantages and disadvantages. Damage or exhaustion of the solar panels is already prevented with the application of a special adhesive on the surface of the panels.
All else are accident-related or coincidental.To prolong the life of home solar power systems, it is best to maintain the cleanliness of the surface of the panels, as well as, to regularly check the status of the batteries.

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