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However, this painful phenomenon is not without benefits — hoses turn into miniature geysers thanks to solar thermal energy (STE), one of the oldest and greenest renewable energy sources known to man. Medium-temperature collectors, which operate at temperatures significantly higher than the ambient air, have also found a niche heating homes and businesses. The US built nine such power plants, between 1984 and 1991, in the Mojave Desert in California.
While such solar farms take up a large amount of space, they have the capability to deliver an equally large amount of energy.
I should note, I just pulled those EROEI figures from Wikipedia - there are probably better, more up-to-date figures around, looking at different types of solar thermal.
The Rheem Hiline series of solar water heaters are a streamlined roof mounted solar system with proven reliability. The Rheem Hiline series is available with both in-tank electric, and continuous flow gas boosting. With gas, electric and oil costs increasing, the provision of domestic hot water within a dwelling or business premises is getting more expensive – and that’s before you’ve considered the environmental impact of accessing fossil fuel supplies, or the fact that they will run out at some point in the future.
Solar thermal technology can help to reduce bills and reliance on non-renewable sources of energy by pre-heating water within the domestic hot water system, which means less energy is used to bring it up to the set temperature required.
The prospect of free water heating for showers and baths is appealing to residents, since their energy bills will be reduced.
On typical solar thermal installations, the heat cannot be exported, which means excess heat may be wasted – the system size therefore needs to be carefully considered.
Flat plate solar thermal panels are less efficient than vacuum tube collectors, but they are cheaper to buy. Vacuum tube solar collectors are more expensive to replace if several tubes get broken, but many designs do allow the replacement of individual tubes, so it isn’t necessary to re-fit the whole solar panel. It’s worth considering what may happen if the property is not used for a long period during the summer. For more information about solar thermal collectors, and to discuss whether they might be suitable for a particular project, please contact us. Now the children of the village play or study under electric lamps in the nights, listen to the radio and watch TV, all because of solar energy. It is not just the light; the solar power would soon go into enhancing skills of the local people.
Norwegian Minister for Environment and International Development Erik Solheim inaugurated the project. This entry was posted in Solar Energy and tagged Development Alternatives, india, Jhansi, rampura village, Scatec Solar, Solar Energy, solar panels. I am a service class person who would want to contribute my efforts towards encouraging the solar power system in india. One of the first challenges I faced when I decided to evaluate how to green my household was that I have no idea how much energy I use every month. After carefully reading the bill, the first thing I noticed is that Georgia Power uses kilowatt-hours (kWh) as the energy unit for electricity usage. The most effective way for me to entice myself to start reading my bills is to build a spreadsheet and transcribe the information into MS Excel. Once I had a handle on reading my electricity bill, I did the same for natural gas and water since I live in the Southeastern United States and these are the primary utilities other than transportation fuel.
In addition to entering my monthly data from my bills, I also try to keep track of any changes I make to my household and behavior.
Just as a quick comprehension test, take a look at my water usage in July of 2009 compared to previous years.

In summary, learning how to read your utility bill, keeping track of the data in a spreadsheet and charting it visually will send you on your way to becoming a Green Energy Expert! I work with customers on reducing their energy usage and the first thing I recommend is tracking their usage.
They lay there, quietly baking in the hot summer sun, just waiting for some dumb schmuck to come along and try to take a sip — then BAM!
Unlike photovoltaic technology, STE harnesses the sun’s rays to generate heat rather than electricity.
In 1760, Swiss naturalist Horace de Saussure devised a solar oven built out of a half-inch tall pine box, topped with glass pane.
To make domestic hot water, it used a trio of water tanks set in a sunny greenhouse on the south wall of a home.
Even as the world economy exploded with the advent of the internal combustion engine, STE technology continued to evolve. Solar water heating, like Kemp’s Climax, uses solar water panels to continually heat a large supply of water. Still in operation today, they together produce about 354 megawatts annually, enough to power a half million homes. Industry experts like Fred Morse, a senior advisor to Spanish power utility, Abengoa, believe that were the Southwest’s 226,000sqkm of open, flat and sunny land were used for a solar farming, it alone would generate 11,200 gigawatts of power. Watched a show on discovery channel ages ago about the parabolic mirrors heating molten salt.
Get a FREE quote from Adelaide's experts in hot water solutions.With the right service and advice, you can rely on Gas Works for hot water when and where you need it. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Hiline uses ThermoTech technology to move water through the solar collectors and into the tank using energy absorbed from the sun. Click on the button below to download the Rheem Hiline Solar Water Heater brochure, or contact your nearest Gas Works Rheem Specialist for more details.
The Government‘s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been extended to include homes, and offers a tariff to those who install certain types of renewables on their homes. Being so visible means they can provide a good ‘green advert’, which demonstrates a development’s green credentials very clearly. The decision should therefore be based on the suitable roof area available (south-facing being optimal), and the angle of the panel (30° being ideal). Solar thermal systems without a pump down facility, or the ability to get rid of heat, may vent the fluid if the system gets overheated.
Or why not consider another type of renewable heat generation, for example, air source or ground source heat pumps?
It did not have any electricity at all before, but now the kerosene lamps which were the only source of light at night are now redundant thanks to solar panels. A community-based profit oriented flour mill is soon going to start in the village, which will run on solar power. Its aim is to establish a model that is easily replicable and can facilitate a rollout of CSPPs on a large-scale across India,” said Mahata. Can you please give me the complete details regarding the latest technology available in harnessing this resource. Any one aware of the systems available in India for solar energy for independent houses,Pl give details.
We both work during the day and the house can get down to 58 degrees mid winter before we get home around 5 PM to start the stove which we run until about 10:30 PM.
We also plan on removing the central air and going to high efficiency zoned mini-spit heat pumps for air conditioning.

In residential use, STE usually boosts the efficiency of water heaters, heat pumps, and absorption chillers. Placed in sunshine, the glass pane and enclosed area worked in tandem to concentrate incoming solar energy and prevent its escape (aka the greenhouse effect).
But the current, reasonable estimates put the total installed STE-collection base at just 35 gigawatts by 2020.
Only some solar thermal panels on the market are registered under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), and an accredited product has to be installed by an accredited installer to qualify for the RHI payments. The system will therefore need refilling on return, and this must be done by a professional with specialist equipment. Installed at a cost of Rs 31.5 lakh, it provides electricity to all 69 houses in the village. Further, if we have to invest in this project individually what is the smallest scale possile. Our three boys have moved out (for a warmer home) so its just the wife and I to point the finger at. This allowed the system to continuously heat larger quantities of water for a houshold throughout the day. These systems, commonly used to heat pools, operate at or below the surrounding air temperature. Systems like these can provide domestic hot water, or they can be used with heat pumps to efficiently heat and cool entire houses. The only testing facility of its kind in the US, the Solar Thermal Test Facility at Sandia National Laboratories can focus six, 11.5m parabolas, each comprised of 82 mirrors, at a seven-inch wide target and heat it to over 650 C. The glass for the mirrors is expensive to produce and producing glass also uses a crap load of energy. As the system is appropriately located on the roof, it frees up usable space on the ground while keeping hot pipes away from children. These payments only run for 7 years, but are intended to pay for the additional capital costs of the system, over and above that of a traditional hot water system, during this time. Development Alternatives, a non-profit organisation, in collaboration with Scatec Solar of Norway, gave the village the Community-based Solar Power Plant. Some of the more creative new applications of these systems can be seen at the biennial Solar Decathlon competition, a contest among college students to design and build a home that achieves net-zero energy consumption. Even that lower estimate significantly alter the amount of electricity generated by renewable sources.
The gas booster will only switch on when water temperature flowing through the system is less than 60oC.
Most of the 3000 kwhr average went for winter heating as we have an all electric home (no gas).
But an adundance of cheap fossil fuels was already reducing the demand for this technology. Unfortunately, as much as 70 per cent of this heat is lost before it can be put to work by the engine. We are now into our second winter heating primarily with wood-pellets with backup electric heat.

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