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This eclipse is “only” a partial one though, at maximum eclipse only a tiny portion of the Moon will be covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow, but around half of the Moon will be darkened from the penumbral shadow. Many think the South Node, always exactly opposite the North Node, is what we have done before, overdid, not well, yet definitely skills are there even if you did it that bad! Jupiter plays an inconjunct role from the side, askew, tickling, in the same degree as the nodes. May 10, 2013 - 5:38 PM Pacific19° Taurus 31? Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon!Visible in the Americas!
Mercury, the one who notices, is just two degrees from the New Moon, there to document the happenings, hold the memory, speak the connection to others of what could otherwise be a very quietly unspoken time. Remember, as always, if the degrees of these happenings aren’t connected withyour personal chart, they may not activate you as theywould others whose charts are connected. Scorpio's themes are compulsive desires, passion (often controlled), secrets, emotional power, and sexuality.
Taking your psychic health seriously, gaining tools and mastery for transforming toxic moods and thoughts.
Saturn is a major player in this eclipse, at 8 Scorpio -- there is direct engagement with the eclipse, and opposition to Venus and Mars. In her book on Eclipses, Celeste Teal writes, "Saturn is slow and deliberate, and its influence is associated with conditions that seem to drag on forever. I see Mars Taurus, along with Venus, inviting each of us to fall through any psychic false bottoms to something solid. This is a gold-embossed invitation to deeply root out what keeps you plugged in to the trauma-matrix. On 25th April we start to enter eclipse season, one Solar and two Lunar eclipses are coming up to change our world. Lunar eclipses tend to work and focus on emotional issues far more than the Solar Eclipses do and this being a North Node Lunar eclipse, we will be getting a new blast of energy coming in to affect our lives, new situations to deal with that complicates matters. If you are in a relationships that is at all rocked by problems in any way, then these will most probably be the standout issues in your life now, money issues or intimacy problems, maybe the spectre of temptation pitted against the knowledge that you should really try to keep the status quo? Oh, yeah for what it’s worth, the Midheaven of this Lunar Eclipse set for London has it’s Midheaven conjunct Royal Persian fixed star Regulus, the star in the heart of the lion in the constellation Leo, the star of royalty and Kings and Queens.
Do you want to find out how this Eclipse and the others next month will affect you personally?
We have a rare event this spring – three eclipses: a lunar eclipse on April 25, a Solar Eclipse on May 9 and another Lunar Eclipse on May 25. Being a Gemini you will note I am writing from a totally different location today then last year. Lunar Eclipses - The Lunar Eclipse gives us opportunities to break out of our current cycles and move on to a different level. Solar Eclipses – The eclipse of the Sun has been traditionally viewed with dread over the ages, as the Sun seems to disappear from the sky. The aspects to this eclipse are Saturn conjunct the moon (being limited in our emotional expression) and Mars is conjunct the Sun (aroused and ready for a fight). This eclipse, because it is in Scorpio will stir up all kinds of deep, dark secrets, desires and emotions. If one of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) or the ascendant is at 2 to 8 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio this eclipse will be important and make an impact in your life.
This eclipse is in a square to Neptune in Pisces, presenting a double whammy about confusion and spaciness.
An eclipse tends to emphasize matters related to the house it falls in on your natal chart or what planets it conjuncts, or opposes. The impact on a personal planet is much strong than if the either eclipse hits an outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto). The solar eclipse May 10 2013 is at 19? Taurus on on fixed star Rucha on the knee of haughty Queen Cassiopeia.
The volcano (Ceres) blocked business (Pluto) in Europe through flight cancellations and in Chile the 33 miners were buried 2 months underground!
Saturn assists in making sure this eclipse does the right and decent thing rather than becoming self-righteous, snobbish and fixated on achieving high status just to “keep up with the Jones’s.” So the gold at the bottom of the mine could be spiritual gold.
The gains at this eclipse may come with some catch or even sorrow IE: A fabulous job which takes you away from your family or an inheritance through the death of a loved one.
At the Solar Elipse May 2013 we have both these asteroids conjunct the moon to add to the already packed stellium in Taurus.
Lilith and Pallas are the sort who will set fire to the karmic dragons farts… This is sure to offend Lady Cassiopeia’s giant silk bonnet. Sudden promotion, nouveau riche, lottery winners, charlatans, debutantes, prom queens, punk princesses, anarchists, rebels, revolutionaries, class warfare, turning the tables, beholden to one’s self, back passages, embarrassing teenagers, inheritance, mortgages, taxes, humble pie, too much pie, the “in” crowd, exclusivity, pushing through barriers, colonic irrigation, in through the back door, dress codes, shabby chic V sharp suits, two tribes, investing in the family, family businesses, hereditary, integrity, showing up charlatans, fake V genuine, buried treasure.
The easier aspect of the eclipse is the grand trine, which soothes the harsh opposition and can turn this crucifix into salvation.
HERE IS A QUICK RAW PHOTOGRAPH OF THE SOLAR ECLIPSE PHOTOGRAPHED THIS MORNING,WE WENTTO MAREBA JUST WEST OF CAIRNS TO AVOID THE COASTAL CLOUDS. The partial lunar eclipse will be visible to those in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, but not to those in North America. The eclipse will be visible across a wide swath of the Pacific region, from Australia and Indonesia all of the way east to Hawaii.
We have a Lunar Eclipse (the first of three) and a FULL MOON in SCORPIO, the sign of transformation and rebirth. If there are planets in that sign, they indicate unfinished business, those planets indicating specifically what needs tuning up.
In old Horary Astrology (divination), 19 Scorpio was considered the most dread degree of the Zodiac! Gemini is one of Mercury’s signs, so with the link to Jupiter, Mercury prominent, and Venus potently at Zero Gemini, there is supposed to be a telling of the story, right here at home, among ourselves, our siblings, neighbors. From the time a planet makes its last major aspect, a conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition, until it enters a new sign, is the time it is Void of Course, VC.
Ones that occur generally on personal time or while most of us are sleeping, I have not counted. Eclipses are known for shocking events, so it could be more like your suitcase bursting open in the airport.
Down-to-Earth issues of debt, shared investments, and getting to the roots of disease could also surface. Some might confront psychic realities with Saturn so close at hand, and how the inner reality affects the outer reality.
Sun, Venus and Mars in earthy Taurus are strung opposite to the Moon and Saturn (in Scorpio). Events could happen that feel like hitting a wall, or pierce the denial of what's already happening. A sense of (relative) security comes from watching our triggers, and cultivating spiritual self-containment.
I'm thinking about the Tower card for this Scorpio Full Moon, and how a change in mindset is shattering, but leads to solid footing.
You might see by now how this matrix is possessing the minds and souls of many -- possession is one of Scorpio's themes. Eclipses cut out the normal light either from the Sun or the Moon disrupting the energy flow from them. We have the obligatory opposition to the Sun, as well as ones Mars and Venus, all in Taurus. This is another one of a run of new and full Moons recently that have been highlighting relationships and in this eclipse we see the same story coming out once again. Here we also the emotion of the Moon cooled by the stern and sober influence of Saturn and the loving and sensual Taurean Sun sparked into life by fiery Mars and touchy feely and alluring Venus in Taurus. You can see the temptation here on offer through Neptune and Pluto sitting off this main axis. The Pluto Uranus square is here to bring radical and unexpected change, and the presence of Mercury widely conjunct to Uranus in Aries but still square to Pluto allows deep reflection and thought and maybe a chance to air some radical ideas or thoughts that could change the direction of your life.

I didn’t know my old location was a rut until the eclipse on Jun 4, last year on my Sun in my fourth house of home beamed a message to me, “why don’t you move, there is nothing more to gain in that location”. A Lunar Eclipse can make us more aware of our cycles and patterns, and our unconscious motivations.
Because a Lunar Eclipse only happens on a full moon, two houses in your natal chart will be affected. It gets dark in the middle of the day and it seems as if something dreadful is about to happen. The sign of Gemini rules writing, teaching, lectures, the media and all forms of communications.
The areas ruled by the houses or planets will demand more attention, thought, energy, and time from you, at least until the next eclipse.
The chart is heavily weighted to the South Node which, depending on what astrological system you use, can be good karmic debt or plain bad shit. No ease of trine, but a very emphatic crossing of batons, as if to say, “No entry, you’re not in the elite club, so push off!” This of course only makes us want to join it even more. This is our possessions, our values and personal finances V inheritance, other people’s money and their values. There are tough decisions between what looks immediately glamorous versus something shabby, but genuine.
Asteroid Lilith is not the same as Black Moon Lilith (The lunar apogee), she represents the maiden aspect of the triple goddess Lilith story.
At this eclipse, those who try to ponce themselves up as something they are not, may get pie in their face.
The Lunar eclipse forms the backbone of a heavenly Kite aspect pattern and trines both Ceres & Neptune.
Maat was the Egyptian goddess who regulated the seasons, universal law and the actions of humans by weighing their good deeds against their bad.
Moon trine Neptune does best when it puts its great devotion into an all-consuming passion, Ie; An artistic project, spiritual practice or best of all, working to transform the lives of the sick and needy. The reason for the many guises is she adopted them while searching for her husband the god Oor who was frequently absent due to his travelling.
When you overlay conventional religion on top of the myths and astrology, you can see clearly there is a common theme running through all the myths and religions on earth. But Saturn reminds us we are still on earth, there are only so many hours in the day and the line has to be drawn somewhere.
The eclipse will bean annular eclipse, also commonly known as a “ring of fire” eclipse, thanks to its appearance. In this case it is the three planet Taurus Stellium, Mars, Sun, and especially Venus, since it is the closest to the South Node.
Yet Mars leads, sometimes at its own risk and cost, and the Sun is radiant and generously giving, teaching, sharing. Rather than possession and obsession, perspective, long range planning, choices that move us forward in good cheer. Taurus is often thought of as a founder, the Center, the hub of a long standing organization. The traditional interpretation is nothing will come of anything started or talked about during VC time. If you work nights, be sure to do your own or get some help learning how to do it, or invest in a Maynard’s Pocket Astrologer, Pacific or Eastern, depending on where you spend the most time.
Instead of putting band-aids on pain and managing symptoms, this eclipse inspires looking at soul sickness, toxic people and atmospheres, bondage (sometimes subtle) and control of all kinds. Be alert to triggering conflicts, especially with people that have kept their feelings bottled up. Are you able to resist hysteria and other destabilizing waves of emotion running through "out there"? Scorpio is magical, and magic has been defined (by Dion Fortune) as the ability to "change consciousness at will." So what's outed at this first eclipse can be purged and integrated.
At the Taurus New Moon, there can be a reset to invest in what's nourishing, and will grow.
In Astrology, they can have potent effects on us which are often delayed for several months, often seminal moments in our lives can be associated back to eclipses and where they land in our own personal charts.
This axis makes two focus points onto Neptune and Pluto, you can see the two wedges off this set of oppositions. This time we have a polarity between forced change and transformation (the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio) and keeping things stable and retaining the status quo (Sun Venus and Mars in Taurus).
Does the husband have a secret affair hiding things behind closed doors from his wife (Neptune) or does he break things completely and decides to annul the marriage and start something fresh and new (Pluto).
This is a connection I think indicating some kind of technological breakthrough in communications or travel that will come in the next few months. Look back to that year to see if you can predict similar events in your life to happen during April and May. The Sun opposite the Moon, lights up the Moon and brings previously unexamined areas of your life into awareness. Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our day to day functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demand all of our conscious attention and focus. But this eclipse is also trine to Neptune in Pisces, a beautiful imaginative aspect that could lead us to put all of this energy into music, drama or dance.
Eclipses open doors and invite us to come in, illuminating and stimulating areas of our lives that need our attention.
Taurus decan 2 has strong family pride, sometimes so extreme that elevating the status of the clan can override the individual happiness of its members.
In the 8th house, money is tied to suffering and death, therefore it’s all the nasty things we don’t want to address like taxes, debts, mort-gages. The former may be too good to be true the latter may have greater long term potential but needs work, like an old Victorian house.
Those who make grand claims about their abilities may have to eat humble pie and those who simply eat too much pie may find their overblown physique will not make it through the door of that exclusive club they aspired too. Constellation Crux “ is said to give perseverance, but many burdens, trials and responsibilities, together with much suffering and many hardships.” It was called the Southern Cross long before it was associated with Christianity.
Mars at the Lunar eclipse in Taurus decan 1 will want to get on its soap-box and speak about injustices in the world and how our disconnection from the earth is causing so much pain and suffering. Freyja shares similarities with Ceres, since she was said to cry tears of red gold for her missing husband.
The North Node (16 Scorpio 50), is considered to be what you may be afraid of yet need to learn, to balance your forces.
Moon in Scorpio wants to forgive, heal, restore, whether it is the old falling down home, or your damaged twisted hurts and fears.
Rather than Mine versus Ours, a blend, perhaps, allocations of personal monies and shared funds for mutual purposes.
That’s not generally like Mars, who is usually impetuous, easily side tracked or inspired by a louder, brighter direction. Is something leaving you so overwrought that you're not investing in personal creativity or pleasure? But if you follow the instincts of your inner healer, and trust, the healing will eventually come. And with Saturn, we find the inner strength to overcome what keeps us from pleasure, contentment, the development of natural gifts.
Of course Taurus is ruled by Venus so here we have links to personal possessions and money and opposed we have the Moon and Saturn in the sign of sharing and intimacy.
Does the Taurean influence kick in and you fight to keep what you have, using the healing properties of Neptune to soothe the pain that you are facing inside?
They tend to stir things up on a physical and conscious level much more than Lunar Eclipses.

With the volcanic eruption European airlines were accused of putting profits before peoples safety. Coming into a massive amount of money all at once can cause a surprising amount of trouble those who are not accustomed to handling wealth. So this eclipse continues the theme of the last one where Asteroid Vanadis cried “tears of red gold for her missing husband.” Since this is a solar eclipse however, we are looking at what will enter our lives to replace what went missing at the Lunar eclipse. They do not conform to the stereotypical Taurus decan 2 breed mare, the perfect wife who will provide male heirs to the family fortune. The constellation signifies guidance in general and it’s stars are often found in occultists and astrologers. To me the lunar eclipse emphasises what you have to leave behind, so there is some melancholia about them. Here equilibrium is attained twice a year at the sacred spring and autumn equinoxes when we have equal day and night hours. The problem with the opposition is that we have to be careful not to play into the duality that is causing so much division in the world.
It understands Neptune’s caring, self-sacrificial side, so together they make great nurses, able to heal despite seeing great sorrow. In Taurus, they won’t run away, they will persevere forever and outwait the insistent psychological pressure of the Scorpio Moon. These are mini eclipses, the Moon and those planets lined up both horizontally and vertically, exactly lined up! Some famous people you probably know of are General Patton, Calista Flockhart, Jonathan Winters (just passed April 11), and Demi Moore. Sometimes it’s a good thing nothing comes of your effort, better left unsaid, so to speak, or, oops, thank God you didn’t do that!
If you will be doing important relationship work or projects in the evenings, check for voids those dates.
Is there going to be a stand off or a cold and difficult reconciliation where things will never really be the same again (Pluto)?
Thoughts are things and this person could conjure themselves up a beautiful domestic arrangement if they can focus on their dreams for long enough.” Focus is the key, for the stressful oppositions may prove too much of a barrier to push through if we continually get side-tracked by household dramas. Our two grungy punk goddesses do not meet the expectations of our Taurean stage mother at all.Asteroid Lilith and Pallas Athena are the very antithesis of the preened and puffed out Ceres debutantes.
This eclipse, more than most, promises a sudden escalation in status for the quietly talented, but equally a drop from a great height for the bragging charlatans.
With solar eclipses you are so excited about your new start, you don’t even think about the old life that is ending. In our personal lives during the next six months then, it is imperative to find a balance in our lives between work and rest. The Disir (Plural for Dis) were worshipped in a Scandinavian sacrificial festival called Disablot, celebrated in early March.
Mars was the old ruler of Scorpio, so there is a resonance between him and Mother Moon in Scorpio. All of us need to carefully watch our Lunar Calendars, because there are many ? day and midday voids as well. A Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to break habits or eliminate socially conditioned patterns of thought and behavior that stand in the way of self realization. This eclipse could bring up more news items about how we communicate with foreign countries. Ceres opposite Pluto is about mining for gold, and is asking us to find the stamina to go down deep.
Fixed signs in decan 2 will experience this sudden change in their financial situation most strongly.
This is an important eclipse because this small, but potent constellation will be reactivated on November 1 when we get the final hit of Uranus square Pluto and soon after with the Solar Eclipse of November 3. The crossroad point is even more acute with this lunar eclipse because of the influence of Gacrux. Mother Moon, in Scorpio, is bringing her nurturing to these intriguing lost places of fear, obsession, that need to be restored to a full rich potency.
He accepts her nurturing, feels confident to sally forth, Father Sun lighting the way, head held high and independent, yet free to go home when needs or is ready.
First Mars starts the process, then Mercury reacts, tells the story, inspiring others to join in! There will be an abiding loyalty to the profound simplicity that has made this growth possible. Do you need some psychotherapy to delve beneath the surface to sort why the magic has been taken away from your sex life?
The problem with the Moon conjunct Mercury is that is just wants to stay on the surface where all the twinkly things are. Venus is in one of her own signs, Taurus, of enjoying ownership of physical goods, wanting to be attractive, establishing long term values, aware of intrinsic worth. Through understanding and compassion, a comforting combination, courage is built beyond what could have remained stuck in a stance of chronic acceptance of suffering.
If the Moon’s last aspect was classically favorable, I would lean to declaring a positive outcome for action taken.
Is Saturn’s solidifying presence and the determination of Mars going to make your minds up to formalise a relationship and turn it from a love affair into a marriage?
But eclipses don’t like to see you stuck in a rut, whether it be in a relationship, a job or a location.
The house where the lunar eclipse falls in your chart will show precisely where you need to strike a balance and will take away something which forces you to adjust the scales accordingly. Pluto making a triple trine to Sun Venus and Mars indicates huge passion, determination and stamina is present here waiting to come out, and transformation is definitely going to happen. If impacted by one of these eclipses, your life will not run on the same track it has been on. So if you have been over-spending without putting in the extra working hours, then an eclipse in your 2nd house may mean that the bank refuses to give you any more credit. Because the Gentiles dedicated the month of February to the infernal gods, and as at the beginning of it Pluto stole Proserpine, and her mother Ceres sought her in the night with lighted candles, so they, at the beginning of the month, walked about the city with lighted candles. There will be a certain purity expressed as a more inner awareness calls for clarity, no missing the mark. But that can be a good thing.The ancients believed that during an eclipse, the "mighty will fall".
Saturn doesn’t mind working hard, and longs for achievement, cresting the mountain with honors! The eclipse itself will be the Moon’s last aspect in Taurus, then the Moon is Void of Course.
They appear often in the mythology of different cultures most often as symbols of obliteration, fear, and the overthrow of the natural order of things. Of course the cross is connected with constellation Centaurus, which is Chiron and repeats the theme of sacrifice. The “Gentiles” would not give up their custom, so the Christians replaced Ceres with the Virgin Mary, Candlemas is now the Purification of the Blessed Virgin.
There will be secrets, and successes as we gnaw away at the deeper meanings and bring those powers to bear on our intentions. The word eclipse comes from a Greek word meaning "abandonment." Quite literally, an eclipse was seen as the Sun abandoning the earth. Moon conjunct Saturn materialises that which is spiritual, so this lunar eclipse is ultimately about making heaven work on earth.

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