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If you are concerned about Mother Nature, believe in being eco-friendly and have faith in solar energy. The SOLIG collection of IKEA is a range of office lamps that captures sunlight and utilizes its energy for lightening up your rooms.
If you love to spill the beans and treat yourself or others with a cup of espresso, this one is an apt appliance for you. Mitsubishi certainly seems inspired by the idea of saving the environment and non-renewable energy resources. We all know that if we reduce carbon emission and our carbon footprints, we can save environment to a great extent. Going green is very important these days, therefore, these solar ball lights are another step at going green. This is an ergonomic design by famous appliances producer Electrolux and is designed by Mary Habib. While solar powered home appliances are still far from reach for many of us, Scientists have been step ahead, cracking codes to improve solar cell’s power efficient and its environmental concern. An experiment conducted by a group of research at the Tohoku University's Graduate School of Environmental Studies, has successfully unveiled a solar cells system with charging Li-ion secondary batteries that can generate direct DC power for the supply of home appliances without the extra AC conversion, thus it improved power efficiency as well as cutting down CO2 emissions.
According to the Universality, a one kilo watt-equivalent DC-power generated solar cell panels can reduce 40 percent of the CO2 emissions produced by a typical household over a period of four hours. Farooq Abdullah, Minster of New and Renewable Energy Resources, has announced, of 30% subsidies on solar appliances.

Check out this list of solar-powered appliances for your green home and make this earth a better place to live.
These lamps allow sunlight harvesting through solar cells that in turn produce bright LED lights during the night.
This solar coffee maker is designed by Gun ho Lee and is a trendy but eco-friendly appliance.
Therefore, it collaborated with the Japanese designer Mac Funamizu and invented a flowerpot. Manufactured by the company Fijistu, these solar powered air conditioners were designed by Dr. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
W listopadzie rozpoczynamy zajecia z angielskiej procedury radiotelefonicznej oraz ogólnego jezyka angielskiego. Current solar-powered home appliances require extra step of energy conversion to generate supply power, about 20% of the energy is wasted during the process despite having a 90% conversion rate.  A Japanese research group has figured out an alternate way to spare the extra step. The scheme is implemented by, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, under the Off-grid and Decentralized Application Scheme of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). It helps you save energy as well as non-renewable sources, reduces your environmental footprints. This vacuum is actually a robot that moves around the house running on its solar charged batteries.

The subsidies are provided on the cost price of the appliances, like solar lanterns, home lights, streets lights, solar water pumping systems and solar water heating systems.
It is a modest pick but has several other appreciable traits like the LCD display, hot plate and pod filter along with the chic, eco-friendly design. This flowerpot not only helps you grow a small plant, but it also has a foliage plant like solar cell module that captures solar energy.
It costs you $40 a piece and they are available in a wide range of colors like orange, green and pink.
The Ministry will continue to provide subsidy for solar lighting systems to individuals under the Off-grid and Decentralized Solar Application Scheme of the JNNSM during 2013-14.
You simply have to keep your battery of the gadget on the table surface and it would charge them without any electricity or wires. You just have to be a little cautious and place the product at an area where the solar panel is exposed to sunlight.
There is a small cavity where you can place your mobile phone and save a little electricity.
It takes about 8 hours of recharging in direct sunlight and is available in red, black and white colors.

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