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Description:Solar water heater The U type solar collector are always connected with existing heating supply devices. It may sound avant-garde but amalgamating the benefits of photovoltaic solar systems and thermal power systems into one form factor seems more of a possibility now. There is no denying that solar energy is probably the finest solution to bring back power to displaced people living in areas where a natural disaster strikes.

Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Pretty interestingly, researchers in Switzerland have started developing a highly efficient parabolic solar dish which will not only generate electricity power, but will also desalinate water for good. This is the reason we see organizations like Greenpeace rolling out solar powered trucks to affected areas.

Making solar energy a lot more portable and easy to use for masses during emergency situations, inventors at Sun Ready Power have unveiled SunTrunks – self-contained solar powered systems that can be used in remote areas and areas recovering after a natural disaster.

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