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Rooftop solar PV systems also provide shade which can reduce the need for air conditioning within a building and also prolongs the life span of the roof surface. As a solar PV system will impact the structure to which it is mounted, it's important to follow local building code requirements. Where a large surface is available, or when additional weight is an issue, thin film solar PV modules may be used. When considering a Solar PV installation for an angled rooftop, the orientation towards the sun is important. With a flat rooftop, you can point the solar panels at the sun by changing the orientation of the mounting systems. Using PVWatts, and changing the Array Azimuth, allows us to see the impact of installing a solar PV system that does not face true south (which is different than magnetic south). From the above figures you can see that a solar PV installation that is NOT facing directly south will still produce 98.5% of full power if it's off by 15 degrees. Unless you are close to the equator, you do not want to install solar PV panels on both the East and West side of a rooftop. Contact us to get the most efficient and effective option prepared according to your specific needs.
Stephan Padlewski, marketing manager, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions , Europe, Middle East and Africa made this highlights known while addressing news men at the conference.
He noted that the South African solar market is expected to become a 9.8 gigawatt (GW) market by 2030, with the rooftop solar market potentially representing over 35 percent of the total market by 2019. At the DuPont booth, special emphasis is on the unique characteristics of rooftop solar, in particular the thermal stability of the backsheet, sensitivity to ultraviolet (UV) rays and risk mitigation strategies to prevent long-term reliability and safety issues, including deterioration that can compromise the panels’ electrical insulation.
He emphasized that Solar panels installed on rooftops can reach much higher temperatures than panels installed on the ground, due to poor air ventilation and higher thermal cycling.  Padlewski indicated that many systems are not being routinely inspected to determine if the panels are showing signs of premature degradation that could ultimately lead to early system failures and safety issues.
DuPont  co-host a round table discussion with Yingli Solar to discuss best practices for rooftop solar, its challenges and opportunities, with a distinguished panel of speakers including representatives from Aurora Power Solutions, Solareff, Dako Power, Centrafin, TUV Rheinland Inspection Services and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Energy Insight NewsletterSubscribe to our free monthly newsletter featuring renewable energy news, job postings, business profiles, conferences, and more. Day4 Energy has sucessful experience with rooftop solar systems, like this one at the NorKam Secondary School in Canada. Day4 Energy will design, engineer and construct the photovoltaic power plant with one of its leading German based channel partners.
Day4 Energy has significantly increased its presence in the solar project market vertical over the past several months and intends to scale its project development business model to other markets including Italy and Canada. Read Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy-and Our Planet-from Dirty Energy from Amazon. No portion of this web site, its design, or its contents may be reproduced without the prior written permission of Energy Insight. Rather than using up valuable farm land that could possibly used for another purpose such as growing food, place the solar panels on a barren rooftop. In order to obtain a building permit, most municipalities will require a structural engineer to certify the installation configuration.
Ballasted systems are most common where a rooftop will hold the additional weight presented by the solar system (mounting, panels, ballast, wind, snow). Flat mounting systems for thin film modules tend to provide a very shallow angle towards the sun - mostly straight up. In most cases, the majority of electrical power produced, is consumed within the same building, or those next door. The amount of ballast (often cement patio blocks) added to the mounting system, is determined by the surface area of the solar modules, roof area covered by the mounts, peak wind speed, etc.
Once your installation is more than 30 degrees away from true south however, the production numbers start to drop rapidly. A drop in production of 22%, would likely mean your solar PV system would NEVER pay for itself.

The project is being financed through a local Volksbank, backed up by Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt am Main. Heiss Solar located in Emmingen is a German company focused on the business of tree nurseries. By fundamentally improving on the design and assembly of solar modules, Day4 Energy produces unique PV panels of high power density, increased lifetime and uncompromised aesthetic appearance. This distributed production reduces the load on transmission lines, and produces the most power during the naturally occurring peak load interval. Attached mounting systems will either penetrate the rooftop and attached to the weight bearing structure, or may be suspended between the outside walls (to which they are attached). Heiss has developed a concept to cultivate special plants that prefer shading to sunlight for optimal growth and therefore require extensive roofs.
Day4 Energy partners with international technology leaders to develop and deliver IEC- and UL-certified solar products to customers throughout Europe and North America.
For traditional solar panels (mono or poly) the mounting system allows for an optimal fixed angle. Generally speaking, you are better off to leave the solar panels mounted parallel to the surface of the rooftop.
The energy produced at this solar plant will be sold to the local grid provider under the German FIT Law (EEG).
A few of these mounting systems also allow the angle to be changed throughout the year, to increase electrical production.

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