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Since 1996, Solar Electric Supply has delivered thousands of complete, packaged home solar electric systems all over the world. SES 4.6 KW sloped roof system using Sanyo-Panasonic monocrystalline solar panels in Hawaii. Quickmount QMSC supporting an SES 10 kW Sharp Solar system with Prosolar rail system, Maryland.
4400 DC watt Sanyo HIP-N220A01 Roof Mounted Solar System installed in Hawaii by JAM Electrical, INC.
REC Solar modules secured to Prosolar rails and Creotec supports over Spanish Tile , General Contractor self-install. REC Solar system with Creotec supports installed, tiles replaced, then Prosolar rails are bolted to Creotecs.
SES 10 kW Solarworld PV System, Prosolar Groundtrac system, sloped hillside, Murphys, California. Prosolar solar ground mounting structure with user supplied Schedule 40, 1.5" galvanized steel pipe. SES 7 kW Schuco Solar home power system, showing snow does not stay on modules, Bridgeport California.
SES 20 kW Sharp Solar home power system, Prosolar Ground Trac modified, Gilroy, California.
SES 20 kW Sharp Solar system, Prosolar U Bolt Assembly with 164" XD rails, spliced, ground mount, Gilroy, California. Prosolar Ground Trac mounting system with A-Tee fitting for 1.5" steel pipe and Module end clamps.
Sharp Solar 7 kW residential ground mounted system on sloped backyard, San Diego, California. SES 2 kW Sharp Solar system, ground mount in backyard with Prosolar mount and Fronius inverter, Dallas, Texas. SES 10 kW Sanyo Solar system, Direct Power top of pole mounts, pharmacy in Sharpsburg, Maryland. SES 7 kW Sanyo Solar system with DPW top of pole mounting structures for a home in California. SES 8 kW Schuco Solar system with Solaredge dual SE-3800 inverter, all mounted on Ground Trac, Pennsylvania. Wiring up the Solaredge MPPT optimizer that mounts under each module, backyard DIY home solar system. Dual SMA SB 5000 US inverters, outdoor installation with Solar AC disconnect and main panel.
Indoor installation of SMA 3000 US with solar production meter, 3.6 kW PV home power system, Massachusetts. Indoor installation of two SMA 5000 US inverters, SES 12 kW home PV system, Auburn, California. Hawaii installation of SB 3000 US with solar disconnect and main panel that is flush mounted. 12 kW PV system with Square D solar DC disconnects and Midnite Solar array combiner, Tracy, California. Install Solar PV panels on your property before December 31st to secure the Feed-in-Tariff for 20 years. In the current climate installing home solar panels is one of the wisest investments you could make and you will be reaping the rewards sooner than you think.
If you’re thinking about going green and want to reap the benefits yourself with our house solar panels then let Solar King help you make the change. Why solar investing within the renewable sector is proving more appealing than ever before.
This beautiful and powerful Solair LLC, solar array will earn over 13% on their investment. Enphase Energy primarily caters to the solar industry by designing, developing and supplying microinverters which increase energy production and provide reliability.
Headquartered in Bonn, Germany, SolarWorld manufactures and sells solar power solutions and has operations in Hillsboro, OR, and Freiberg and Arnstadt in Germany. Solar World announced that Enphase Energy will be its primary supplier of microinverter systems for its custom-engineered system solutions in the U.S.
The demand for renewable energy is gradually on the rise given the growing awareness of environmental conservation. Recently, Enphase has also partnered with Groupe Solution Energie, a provider of advanced residential solar solutions.

Earlier this month, Enphase Energy entered into an agreement with Puerto Rico’s New Energy Consultants to provide affordable solar energy to residential and commercial customers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean markets.
If your house has panels or you are considering having them installed, here’s what you need to know.
Home solar panels, not usually a subject of controversy, have become a hot issue in statehouses around the country. Utilities and advocacy groups have launched a multimillion-dollar campaign to end what they say is an unfair advantage some states give to homeowners with rooftop solar panels. The Koch brothers, anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and some of the nation’s largest power companies have backed efforts in recent months to roll back state policies that favor green energy. Another group working to repeal solar laws and green energy requirements is the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which brings conservative state lawmakers together with business and industry representatives to write draft legislation.
The utilities and allies also are challenging laws in Washington, California and South Carolina.
Carrie Hitt, an official with the Solar Energy Industries Association, an industry group, told Money Talks News that 46 states have some form of net metering.
Some states, like Kansas, require utility companies to get a share of their power from renewable sources.
The utilities claim net metering dumps unfair costs on customers who don’t have solar panels. The state net metering laws and state and federal tax credits for home solar installations are credited with helping reduce the load on the nation’s aging electric system. If investment isn’t increased by at least $11 billion a year, the report said, the electrical service interruptions between now and 2020 will cost $197 billion. Arizona responded to the campaign by allowing utilities to charge solar customers a $5-a-month fee — considerably less than the $50 fee the lobbyists wanted.
Utilities and their allies were unsuccessful in their attempt to repeal a Kansas law that says 20 percent of the state’s electricity must come from renewable sources. The hope of recovering a solar investment eventually with credits is an incentive for many homeowners. Powering a home. At least 8,000 kilowatt-hours a year are needed to supply electricity to a 2,000-square-foot house without electric heat or an electric water heater. The costs. Trinity Solar, a solar design and install company based in New Jersey, explains how to calculate costsof purchasing and installing a home solar system. DOVER  – The Vote Solar Institute has moved Delaware to “the head of the class” when it comes to connecting renewable resources to the grid in the 2011 edition of its report, “Freeing the Grid”.
Under Governor Jack Markell’s leadership, Delaware adopted a progressive net-metering law with strong bipartisan support in 2010 (Senate Bill 267, sponsored by Senators Harris McDowell and Gary Simpson and Representatives Dennis Williams and Michael Mulrooney) that makes it easier for utility customers to sell excess renewable energy to the grid.
Delaware is adopting leading-edge interconnection policies that allow small renewable resources to connect to the grid without requiring redundant and restrictive review from PJM Interconnection, the regional grid manager.
As of mid-2011, Delaware is poised to adopt interconnection procedures that are among the strongest in the country and have received a score of “A” in Freeing the Grid 2011. DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara welcomed the news, saying, “Under Governor Markell’s leadership, Delaware is taking significant steps to transition towards cleaner sources of energy. Vote Solar cites Delaware’s progressive polices including simplified interconnection procedures, aggregate net metering that allows customers to link several meters on a farm or college campus, and allowing communities to link multiple home meters to one jointly-owned renewable resource.
I would like to take this opportunity to express how pleased Sherry and I are with the Photovoltaic system that Solair installed at our home in Selbyville.  From the initial contact with Dan,  the build out with Allen and the construction team, to the final steps with you  in setting up the SREC account,  the process has been flawless. Question:         What if you live in a community that doesn’t allow solar, but you still want the financial benefits of your own solar array?
Question:         What if you already have as much solar on your home as your power company says you can, but love the return on your investment and you still want more?
Question:         What if you knew how you could own your own mini power plants, with little to no moving parts that would last in excess of 25 years?
Answer:           Solair LLC can show you how you can take advantage of big tax credits to put solar on someone else’s home or business. Answer:           We pair you the investor with credit worthy individuals and companies that have the desire to also benefit from solar, but may not have the upfront cash to get it done. Researchers with the Delaware Geological Survey are drilling wells to improve monitoring of the state’s groundwater supply. Using a solar simulator, Mulligan and his team shined artificial sunlight on a series of solar cells to obtain a source of power, or voltage. At Tsinghua, Mulligan had the opportunity to assemble the solar cells used in tests, an important aspect to the research’s results and success. With graduation approaching in May, Mulligan plans on starting a career as soon as possible, preferably in manufacturing. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

These are pictures of some of our residential solar system projects (thank you for the pictures!).
Not only do solar panels increase the value of your home, they also reduce the costs of your utility bills and with the Government backed FIT scheme, there’s no reason why you can’t make the switch.
It has no moving parts and operates without any noise leaving you free to enjoy your clean, green energy. The company delivers its microinverters in 11 countries and has shipped more than 5 million units to date.
SolarWorld carries out independent research and development and is committed towards providing clean energy solutions worldwide. The partnership will be extended to the distribution networks of both the companies around the world. To tap the rising demand for solar products and services, Enphase Energy is currently expanding its operations through partnerships with various players in the industry. The partnership will concentrate on the development of sustainable solar in France, Switzerland and Belgium.
EIA also expects utility-scale solar capacity to nearly double between 2013 and 2015 which will drive demand for microinverters. The conservative luminaries have pushed campaigns in Kansas, North Carolina and Arizona, with the battle rapidly spreading to other states. It leaves fewer households covering the costs of keeping utility systems running, they say. Some studies, including one published recently by regulators in Vermont, conclude that solar customers bring enough benefits to a regional power supply to fully defray the cost of the incentive. It takes 5.6 years on average to break even on the cost of buying and installing a household solar system, according to Boston Solar, an installation and sales company. It takes about 6.5 kilowatts of solar panel capacity (energy produced at any one time) to meet that need, MSN Real Estate says.
Also, where it’s available, an option called third-party financing lets homeowners install home systems for a reduced cost or even free. A customer can sign a traditional lease and pay for the use of a solar system or the customer can sign a power purchase agreements (PPA) to pay a specific rate for the electricity that is generated each month. The Vote Solar report praised the state’s collaboration with local electrical utilities along with the efforts of the Public Service Commission to implement model interconnection standards. In addition, the adoption of rules for aggregate metering and community renewables has greatly expanded opportunities for investment in renewable energy among customer groups who previously would have been unable to fully utilize the state’s solid net metering program.
Through the innovative clean energy policies recognized in this report, including virtual net-metering, community aggregation, and interconnection policies, Delaware is emerging as one of the best places in the U.S. They then blew gas, such as nitrogen, over the solar cells and noticed that their temperature lowered. He had to adjust to working in a foreign environment where the culture was new and communication was difficult. Last Winter Session, he studied economics in Geneva, Switzerland, as part of his minor, but also has dual citizenship in Ireland where he spent his childhood. He still retains interest in returning to China and is currently learning Chinese in his spare time.
Solar Thermal again uses daylight energy but this time it heats the fluid in the panels on your roof which can then be used to supply heat to your general hot water system. The partnership’s ultimate focus will be on the development of new solar technologies and state-of-the-art products. Microinverters are devices that enable the conversion of direct electrical current to alternating current to facilitate most applications of solar electric power. Enphase will be the exclusive inverter technology provider for Groupe Solution’s advanced solar photovoltaic solutions. Most importantly, Delaware’s renewable energy policies are finally aligned to bring significant investment in renewable energy to the state. This lower temperature, in turn, increased the solar cell’s efficiency by 5-10 percent, which is “quite the jump,” according to Mulligan. A return for Mulligan this summer may include additional research on nanomaterials, university enrollment, and further exploration of the Chinese language.

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