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With rise in the prices of fossil fuel the number of electric cars on the roads is on a steep rise. According to the developers, the SunStation is the first 100 percent green charging station for electric vehicles, which generates and relays solar generated electricity to your car.
The system makes use of highly efficient solar panels that provide maximum power with the minimum possible footprint. As we’ve seen with the Volt and other green initiatives, GM is working to promote sustainability with perhaps its latest project being enablement of recharging from renewable energy. The way it generally works is OnStar-enabled technology receives a signal from PJM Interconnection showing the percentage of available renewable energy on the grid.
Data from this forecast is downloaded to the OnStar cloud, or Advanced Telematics Operating Management System (ATOMS). OnStar says a mobile app could be used to alert customers when renewable energy is available. Google’s Gfleet is based at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., and as many of you know, Google is highly involved in other green projects and automotive experiments that include cars that drive themselves. At the same time, Google is naturally willing to collaborate with real human drivers, as the species does not yet seem ready to go extinct. This week, the OnStar-enabled fleet’s technology will be demonstrated at the 2012 DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio. The public demo fits with an announcement by Nick Pudar, OnStar vice president of planning and business development, who said it is nearly ready for prime time. Note that Pudar says demand will prompt utilities to increase (now limited) renewable energy supply.
In response, he said “We think that as EVs continue to penetrate the marketplace that customers will drive a variety of demands throughout different industries. At present, peak hours for renewable energy generation from wind is generally between 10 p.m. If the renewable energy service goes into production, customers interested in using it would need to sign up. Once signed up, OnStar would regulate customers’ charging using the renewable energy signal. This video is not directly about the current project, but OnStar says it highlights an app it did for Google’s Gfleet of Volts. OnStar says this renewable energy technology is the latest addition to its suite of Smart Grid solutions. This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 5:55 am and is filed under General. Renewable energy generally costs more than standard, and it could vary depending on where it is coming from and spot price.
Raymondjram: Now that this is a new application, it is wise for OnStar to negotiate with other Anerican EV and EREV producers (Fisker and Tesla included) to add it to their vehicles. You can add Onstar to any car, but I don’t know if you could integrate these features easily. Note, when your OnStar subscription expires and you dont renew, you lose all these connectivity features.
Wireless Charging enables the customer the ability to have “transparent” recharging of plug-in electric vehicle—EV, combustion engine (IC) PHEV, fuel cell (FC) PHEV—through a seamless connection to the EVSE charger and automated charging process. Brilliant marketing ploy – position the Volt as a Greeniac icon with a bunch of smart grid malarkey. Smacks of trying to ride a green wave because the Volt has failed to gain a market share in the real market battle against the Prius.
I have always thought the same way, but someone posted a really thought provoking comment here the other day which seemed to show that it isn’t always necessarily so.
How will the car owner be reimbused for extra battery cycling by the utility company using his car as storage and demand leveling? Until they find a way to import electric current from somewhere beyond North America (long range wireless a la Tesla perhaps, or superconducting submarine cable), I have no use for an app or other system which discriminates by energy source.
Jackson: Sorry, what I care about is domestic energy for transportation, enhancing energy security. Steve: How will the car owner be reimbused for extra battery cycling by the utility company using his car as storage and demand leveling? No, I’m just saying that, if folks with electric cars who lived in that service area were charging at night anyway they might capture some wind power that would otherwise go to waste.
Again when comparing offers from suppliers note that different suppliers have varying terms and conditions to how this Renewable Obligation cost is received.  But unlike with FIT (Feed In Tariff) charges the cost of RO is set out in advance.

Ensure that any business quote you have received from a supplier or broker includes the RO costs as many will not include this cost in the quote, but will add it on as an additional charge on the client’s bill. Set up in 2002, the Renewable Obligation or RO places a mandatory requirement on licensed electricity suppliers to source a specified and annually increasing proportion of electricity they supply to customers from eligible renewable sources or pay a financial penalty.
Suppliers that cannot present enough ROC’s back to meet their obligation must pay a financial penalty, which is known as the buy out price.  The money that Ofgem collects in this buy out fund is then redistributed on a pro-rata basis to suppliers who have presented ROC’s.
However following a recent change to the RO, electricity suppliers must now ensure that they purchase a higher volume of ROC’S for the year ending 31st March 2014.
Automatic TerminationTake back control of your energy contracts with The Energy Fox, let our sophisticated software protect your business as we guarantee that your business will never miss a termination or be ‘rolled over’ into a new contract by the suppliers! Expert AdviceWe have a combined 20 years of knowledge within the energy industry and our experts are on hand to help your business deal with and decipher the complex energy market. Thank you for visiting our website today, if you have any questions you would like answered please call our friendly team. Mitsubishi Corp and the Tokyo Institute of Technology announced that they will cooperate on the development of infrastructure systems for charging electric vehicles with renewable energy. To reduce the consumption of thermal and atomic power, the two parties plan to develop a system to charge electric vehicles with power generated by renewable energy such as sunlight, solar heat and wind power.
In the field test, photovoltaic panels, a solar thermal power generator, a power receiving system for electricity generated by wind power, a power control system and a charging post will be installed on the Ohokayama Campus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
In addition, a concept house with photovoltaic panels and a charging post, simulating the house of an electric vehicle user, will be built in Takasago and the i-MiEV will run between the concept house and the Ohokayama Campus. Further, less expensive nighttime power provided by power companies will be stored and controlled by the power control system so that low-cost power with less environmental load can be supplied as needed. The amount of electricity generated by wind power cannot be controlled in accordance with power demand. The field test will be conducted from July 1, 2008, to March 31, 2010, as part of the Advanced Energy Management (AEM) project promoted by the Integrated Research Institute of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. But Tesla, which announced the new battery in April, has already received pre-orders worth over $800 million for the Powerwall and Powerpack, the 100-kwh version capable of stacking together to power utility-scale installations.
Before electric cars started gaining traction five years ago, lithium-ion batteries were good primarily for powering laptops and cell phones for a few hours. However, most electric car owners still make use of grid electricity to recharge onboard batteries, which reduces the green credentials of these vehicles. The station provides a steady stream of 240V of electric power, which can fully charge a Nissan Leaf in 8 hours, a Chevy Volt in four hours and a Prius in just 1.5 hours.
OnStar uses this signal to simultaneously manage the charging of many Volts and to match the renewable energy availability. Dennison did not say if it would cost extra or be made available with existing OnStar service.
These companies can use OnStar to manage energy use for Volt customers who opt in for the service.
Owners will be able to use OnStar to load the rate plans directly into their vehicle and access them to schedule charging during lower-rate periods.
This includes location-based EV data that identifies charging locations and determines potential load scenarios. This same work can be applied to every other Chevy Volt or other Voltec vehicle, and made available through all Android devices. Presumably this will be passed on to the customer and you may be able to set your options to select renewable only if it is below x price. For WPT [wireless power transfer], essentially the customer does not have to do anything except park the vehicle in the right spot. Using the car as a utility buffer is another matter and still the car or overall demand can’t tell the difference of green vs not as green electricity. It’s OK to exploit the green crowd, provided you understand that this is what you’re doing (and don’t damage the energy security message). The $7500 tax credit could have been allocated where it would actually make a difference, in some other project with immediate, significant GHG reduction. Posted on April 27th, 2012 in NewsRenewable Wind EnergyAs a local Portland internet marketing company, we are striving to reduce our carbon footprint every day.
The RO is currently the main financial mechanism by which the Government incentivizes the deployment of large scale renewable electricity generation and the energy industry regulator Ofgem administers the scheme. We promise your business will never be charged for using The Energy Fox as all of our services are free for the duration of your energy contracts.
And they aim to establish an infrastructure system that can reduce the total environmental load from the time of power generation to the time of driving.

In a dish generator, a receiver located in the center collects sunlight reflected by a curved mirror (dish), and power is generated by using a Stirling engine, which has a high theoretical power generation efficiency. Thus, Mitsubishi and the Tokyo Institute of Technology are now developing a system to transmit data on the amount of electricity generated by a remote wind power generator to the power control system, so that charging is available only when electricity is generated by wind power. By plugging them into cars and squeezing nearly 300 miles out of a single charge, Tesla helped drive battery technology, and a reluctant auto industry, forward.
To make sure that your electric car ride is entirely green and sustainable Princeton Satellite Systems has come up with the SunStation – a solar powered electric vehicle recharging station that can be set up at any location.
Unlike other solar powered recharging stations already developed, the SunStation doesn’t have a connection with the electric grid, but it stores renewable energy in a high capacity battery, which helps recharge electric vehicles 24 hours a day. This future service allows the customer to save money on energy costs while enabling more efficient use of the electric grid. So everyone who has a Volt and another American EV or EREV can check their charging status and determine which vehicle to use, as Google does with their Volt fleet. It might win over a lot of environmentally conscious GM haters who bought into the conspiracy theories invented by Chris Paine (in his film, Who Killed the Electric Car?).
This implementation seem to need too much end user tweaking and monitoring ( at least initially).
Messing around with uplinks and timers might be fun for 30 minutes or so, but I got better things to do with my time.
I kind of think that the Volt is inherently a hard sell to greenies, most I know are waiting for the LEAF or another BEV; marketing emphasis for the OnStar app should reflect this (keep it fairly low-key compared to energy security, superior driveability and insurance against energy-cost volatility).
While other marketing companies are cutting down trees for useless print ads, we are using sustainable business practices and renewable wind energy to operate while reducing our environmental impact.
A power storage system will also be required because power generation by sunlight and solar heat are only available during the day.
Eyeful Home, an affiliate of Tostem Housing Institute Co Ltd, will participate in the research on the concept house. Installing the SunStation is just as easy, and all you have to do is to pour a concrete base at any location and bolt the SunStation in place. Print advertising is becoming obsolete and for the first time ever, online advertising methods are expected to surpass print ad spending. The station wirelessly contacts with a payment gateway, allowing the drivers of electric vehicles to easily pay for the energy they consume.
If renewable was not available, regular electricity would be used to ensure a fully charged car.
Although these changes make us very happy as a community, we should all be looking at other ways we can help the environment, like using renewable wind energy! One of the things that our online ad agency does to help the environment is to use renewable wind power energy to host many of our websites. These high-efficiency servers use approximately 60% less energy per server for operating and cooling.
Recent EPA studies showing data centers consume over 3% of all energy produced in the United States. Internet marketing companies must use sustainable business practices, and switch renewable energy too!Oregon Wind Energy RatingsThe best sustainable wind energy resources in Oregon are more concentrated along ridge crests. As you can see in the map below, the Oregon Coast has many good-to-excellent areas for wind energy production. These readings show wind speed estimates at 50 meters (50m) off the ground, which is the height needed for the larger wind turbines of 50-60-m hub heights. By transforming this abundant natural resource into clean and renewable energy, we can help reduce the impact on our planet. Our customers can rest assured knowing that the internet marketing company you have chosen is not destroying our earth’s natural beauty. Our office specifically employs clean and environmentally responsible policies regarding paper use and recycling.
If you’re not a client, we urge you to call your current internet marketing company to ask them about what they are doing for the environment and demand that they use wind energy. It is always nice to know that you can join the energy efficient and sustainable advertising agency to harvest the wind!

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