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The innovative UNI-SOLAR® product line includes building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) a lightweight, flexible solar electric system designed to serve a dual purpose of roofing and power generation. This metal panel roofing combines the appeal of a structural roofing product with the solar electric capabilities of photovoltaics. Roll Laminate UNI-SOLAR® photovoltaic laminates (PVL) are flexible and lightweight laminates made exceptionally durable by encapsulation in UV stabilized polymers.
In order for homeowners in New Jersey to take advantage of the rebate this year, our photovoltaic solar paneling systems must provide electricity for the residence and meet applicable fire and electrical code requirement.
Our standing seam metal roof provides the critical platform for the innovative, thin film photovoltaic modules and laminates that help our customers supplement their energy needs for residential and commercial facilities with renewable energy from the sun.
The roofing system we provide homeowners is ideal because of the uniformity and stability of its surface and the ability to paint metal to custom colors to match the laminates.
The photovoltaic laminates are bonded to our metal roofing system with wiring connections down to an inverter.

Your team of master roofers have just completed the metal roof on our large contemporary home after four weeks of intense, challenging, dangerous work. It enhances a standard metal roof with a power system that is durable, beautiful and best of all, functional.
Our thin film photovoltaic laminate captures energy from the sun and converts it to electricity throughout the day generating in many cases all of the necessary energy a home or building requires. The laminates come in a variety of product configurations with power ratings from 64W to 134W and come with a 20 year warranty. The system sends direct electrical current to an inverter where it is converted to alternating electrical current to satisfy the structure’s utility loads. Viridian Solar is a trading name of Viridian Concepts Ltd, 68 Stirling Way, Papworth, Cambridgeshire.
The laminate is a flexible, extremely lightweight and unbreakable, self adhesive material that is less than a quarter-inch thick and attaches easily to standing seam roof panels.

If the system supplies more electricity than the structure requires, solar electricity will turn the utility meter backwards and reduce or eliminate the utility bill. Most new homes now require some form of renewable energy to be installed in order to satisfy planning requirements-and these solar tiles are an easy and attractive way of achieving this. They are also useful when installing on slate roofs on listed buildings or in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as they blend into the roof so well.

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