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The scary part is these companies are funding and supply a majority of the solar companies in California.
The chart below represents the price of modules on the German Spot Market +8% in one week….
It is important that the USA manufactures can compete on a level playing field and The U.S. What is going to happen as we move forward with the price of solar cells?  For now here in California there are still State and Federal rebates for home owners that can be used to help mitigate the front in cost of going solar.
Contact me now for a free In-Home Analysis on how affordable it is to “go solar” now! AboutWith ASD the paradigm has been set and all that is left is for consultants to help people understand the benefits of going solar and the value of choosing ASD as their solar providers. We offer the lowest price possible because we work with major manufactures, engineers, electricians and general contractors to meet all your residential, commercial and portable needs.
The output of a solar panel is usually stated in watts, determined by multiplying the rated voltage by the rated amperage. 1.The solar led street light system configurations are based on scientific calculation and engineering project experience. The solar street light relies on solar energy, which is clean, endless and environment-friendly.

This is the mast for the solar street light, the top is different, because we need to add the panels mounting, if you can add the fit frame to the top, then you can use the existing masts, and you need to dig a hole to put the batteries into the ground, and put the inverter into the pole, and connect the circuit connection between batteries, inverter, lamp, and panels.
We have seen some drastic price reductions over the past year but are finally seeing a market correction. These companies boost great warranties for their end consumer when the actual manufactures balanced sheets are not really balanced. The solar led street light system configurations can be customized based on client's specific project requirement and weather condition. The batteries are suggested to be placed in battery box and buried in a underground cement pit.
The pole patterns are standardized type, practical and economical, which can also be customized as per client's specific requirement.
Package: Export standard plywood case or carton packing suitable for tough handling and long-distance ocean transport. Parts Design Service Time: Solar Panel 25 years, LED light over 50,000 hours, Controller 10 year, Battery 5~6 years, Pole over 20 years. Polysilicon technology is more mature since it is an early technology compared with Monosilicon. The Chinese government has not been on a level playing field with the rest of the globe for the past few years for wholesale manufactures.

These anti-dumping and countervailing duty petitions were filed with Commerce and the US International Trade Commission.
In this way, it can avoid overhigh temperature due to sunshine exposure or too cold weather in Winter, wateproof and theftproof, easy for replacement in late period. In daytime, when there is sunshine, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. The price includes solar panel, LED street lamp, controller, battery, battery box and pole set. There are very loose environmental laws, large labor force, and heavy subsidizes from the Chinese government which has allowed China manufactures to undercut the rest of the globe with a flood of inventory.
The petitions alleged that Chinese manufacturers were illegally dumping solar cells and panels in the US market and receiving subsidies that are illegal under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. In a complete system, solar panels are wired in series or parallel to increase voltage or amperage respectively. For CFR or CIF price, please specify which exact model you need and whether pole is needed, and tell us your order quantity so that we can calculate the local charges and sea freight.

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