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Solar energy is converted through two very different techniques to create electricity,either by using Solar cells (photovoltaic cells), or by concentrating the sun's energy enough to heat a fluid which then produces steam from heating water. Below we see the most popular form of solar collector, parabolic mirrors that focus the sun's energy onto tube in the foreground through which a fluid flows. The solar dish below enables enough solar energy to be concentrated onto a small area so that temperatures are raised high enough to create syngas(a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide) from methane and carbon dioxide, or methane and water, without the need of catalysts. As part of a continued solar power initiative, the Department of Energy announced  $12 million in new funding for streamlining and standardizing local permitting, zoning, metering, and connection process efforts in residential and small commercial rooftop solar systems. The funding opportunity, called Rooftop Solar Challenge II, is part of the SunShot Initiative, which is an effort to support solar power growth. With Rooftop Solar Challenge II, the Energy Department hopes to improve upon the most successful and effective projects from the first Rooftop Solar challenge and to also continue developing innovative was to reduce solar costs related to permitting, installation, and interconnection. The SunShot initiative is a national effort to make solar energy costs comparative with other forms of energy by the end of the decade. Source: Energy Department Announces $12 million to Advance Rooftop Solar Challenge, Drive Down Solar Costs, Department of Energy- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.
What are the first 3 things I should do if I am considering installing solar at my residence? SKF Solar Linear Actuators and SKF Solar Hub are available to provide single- as well as dual axis movement that tracks the travel of the sun as it moves across the sky.
Both solutions are custom designed to manage extremely harsh conditions in which solar panels operate, and are IP 65 certified.
Innovative Solar Systems is solving the energy problems of the world by installing state of the art renewable energy solar pv systems of all types and sizes. With more than 30 years of industry experience our team takes the guess work out of solar and offers you turn key solutions for commercial solar systems. Innovative Solar Systems offers a full range of services from initial feasibility studies all the way through turnkey installations. With modern solar electric technology it is quite easy to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. We assist companies with financing on their new solar systems and show clients how to obtain the maximum tax credits and incentives for renewable energy. DISCLAIMER: Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is not a certified public account, licensed financial advisor or a licensed attorney. January 19, 2012 by Harmony Leave a Comment Most people are trying to do their part to make the earth a greener place through reducing, reusing and recycling, and maybe even riding bike to work instead of driving. Chances are you have been using solar power with devices such as a solar powered calculator or solar powered landscape lights. Solar Power that is tied to the building’s electricity can be used in both remote locations or urban areas. Solar powered products have great advantages to the user, including ease of use, long-term cost savings, and contributing to a greener earth.  Whether you can implement solar power in your home or businesses, in a small way or a big way, make it shine. Which solar powered systems are you using currently?  What were your main reasons for investing in solar powered products?
RECENT POSTSEarth Friendly Back-to-School Tips for a Green School Year!What has our Staff been up to? The INRS research team discovered that by changing the conditions under which a thin film of these materials is applied, the wavelengths of light that are absorbed can be controlled. The team currentlyenvisions adding this coating to traditional single-crystal silicon solar cells (currently available on the market). The article published in Nature Photonics is entitled “Bandgap tuning of multiferroic oxide solar cells.” The research was conducted at Institut national de la recherche scientifique (Energie Materiaux Telecommunications Research Centre, Varennes) by Professor Federico Rosei’s team of researchers made up of Riad Nechache, C.
Opli is Electro – Optics, Imaging and Machine Vision, Medical engineering, Photonics, Physics, and Solar Energy Magazine.

Usage of solar energy in Kenya has proved to be the most economical and beneficial power solution; capable of saving money on household electrical bills while protecting the environment. With more than 35,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems being sold each year, Kenya has a thriving solar industry.
Thanks to the growing interest in solar power, both local and international companies have been keen to invest into the lucrative sector. Ubbink is expected to manufacture about 30,000 KEBS certified (Kenya Bureau of Standards) solar panels per year – particularly for small solar systems. On its part, Eight19, a UK-based company that deals in solar electricity, recently launched a portable solar energy system in Kenya to provide pay-as-you-go solar electricity.
The system, known as IndiGo, comprises a low-cost solar panel, a battery, an inbuilt USB mobile phone charger and a high efficiency light emitting diode lamp that can supply around 5 hours of light from a single day’s charge. Multinational organisations have also been at the forefront of promoting the use of solar energy in Kenya. The system consists of 4,000 modules and promises to produce 750,000 kilowatt hours of clean solar energy annually – way more electric energy than will likely be consumed by the building. Environmental-friendly: They do not pollute the environment in any way, thus paving way to a greener and better environment.
The sun warms his poorly insulated feet, allowing him to get enough rest to go hunting for food again. These are both relatively easy techniques as Solar cells can now be mass produced which are 15% efficient, and solar concentrators needed to produce electricity only need to reach hundreds of degrees. Below we show a huge array of mirrors that in are focused on the tower (lower right) in Spain. The fluid is heated, and in turn heats water to again produce steam, which as above turns a steam generator and generates electricity.
During the first challenge, which was announced in 2011, various regional teams worked to reduce the non-hardware or soft costs, which can make up 40 percent of solar costs.
The new round of funding is set to support two-and-a-half year projects led by teams nation-wide who have already demonstrated plans for streamlining and standardizing local soft-costs.
Comments that do not relate directly to the blog entry’s contents, are commercial in nature, contain objectionable or inappropriate material, will not be approved. SKFa€™s advanced electromechanical technology offers improvements over todaya€™s maintenance-intensive solutions and delivers high performance, accuracy and efficiency by accurately tracking the suna€™s position throughout the day and throughout the seasonsa€?, says Markus Behn, Global Business Development Manager, SKF Renewable Energy, Solar Segment. And, both solutions provide highly accurate movement and are virtually maintenance-free with an expected service life of 20 years which helps SKF customers to achieve lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE).
To be included in the SKF BeyondZero portfolio, SKF products, services and solutions must deliver significant environmental benefits.
SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 15,000 distributor locations worldwide. We provide a full range of services including site procurement, site analysis, engineering, design, turnkey installation, financing options and solar consulting services.Innovative Solar Systems is solving the energy problems of the world by installing state of the art renewable energy solar pv systems of all types and sizes. Newer solar power products on the market today include solar cell phone and laptop chargers, security cameras, watches, speaker systems and all kinds of outdoor & indoor lighting. It is fueled through panels that are usually on the roof of the home or business, facing the sun.
The researchers have developed a new class of materials comprising elements such as bismuth, iron, chromium, and oxygen.
A triple-layer coating of these materials—barely 200 nanometres thick—captures different wavelengths of light. They believe it could increase maximum solar efficiency by 18% to 24% while also boosting cell longevity. One such companies is Ubbink East Africa Ltd., which is currently putting up a Sh250 million solar panel factory in Naivasha.

The German Energiebau Solarstromsysteme GmbH company has, for example, installed what is said to be Africa’s largest on-roof photovoltaic solar panel for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi. This ensures a stable grid quality output without power fluctuations around the clock, daily. Once the installation of the necessary equipment is done, the electricity produced by the generator turns out to be available for free. However, if we want to make fuels, concentrating the sun's energy to create a very high temperatures, the order of 1000 C, is required. The concentrated solar energy heats water into steam which turns a steam turbine, which generates electricity. One key to this process is that equal quantities of methane and carbon dioxide are needed as inputs. These reductions included standardizing installation and permitting fees across multiple jurisdictions, establishing group-purchasing discounts, and expanding online permitting.
Those teams will also be asked to develop these plans, tools, and standards for large-scale solar initiatives. SKF Solar Linear Actuators and SKF Solar Hub can be used with photovoltaics, concentrated photovoltaics or concentrating solar power systems.
The principals of this company are degreed engineers and passionate about clean green energy and have been involved with energy conservation programs sponsored by the United States Department of Energy since the early 2000’s. Many home owners and green businesses are using solar power as an alternative energy for convenience and to save money.
Many of these products, like the solar lights, accumulate power on batteries to be able to function while the sun is down.
These“multiferroic” materials absorb solar radiation and possess unique electrical and magnetic properties. This coating converts much more light into electricity than previous trials conducted with a single layer of the same material.
As this technology draws on a simplified structure and processes, as well as abundant and stable materials, new photovoltaic (PV) cells will be more powerful and cost less. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
The larger the panel, the larger the environmental benefit, since the production and waste treatment of the actuator is of minor importance to the results. We understand solar and offer more turnkey services than just about anyone in the business. Then the current is fed into the home or business’s electricity system.  If there is excess power, it is diverted to a power grid which credit’s the building’s electricity bill. This makes them highly promising for solar technology, and also potentially useful in devices like electronic sensors and flash memory drives. With a conversion efficiency of 8.1% reported by Nechache and his coauthors, this is a major breakthrough in the field.
This means that the INRS team’s breakthrough may make it possible to reposition silicon PV cells at the forefront of the highly competitive solar energy market.
If you are searching for totally engineered and installed commercial solar systems in the 20MW to 200MW+ range then you may want to consider our firm. The results of this research are discussed in an article published in Nature Photonics by researcher and lead author Riad Nechache.

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