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For sample usually 1-5days,for big order often 5-15days.We accpet customer appointed QC to check goods. It is pollution-free and an excellent replacement for conventional kerosene lamps and lanterns.
1 standard for the development and designof product, the 2rd standard for installation instruction, the 3th standard for the strictly selection of raw materials ,the 4th standard for testing of components, the 5th standard for prefect products assembly, the 6th standard for testing of product, the 7th standard for prefect and safe package.

The solar energy generated by the Solar Module in the daytime is stored in the battery, and it can back up the LED lamps for 15 hours. Position it so that it will not get damaged by animals or vehicles and to reduce the chance of theft. Low cost Feature: Modular K type house is a modular house which width and length can be extended by adding number of 1820mm unit.

In order to meet customers demand for personalized requirement, factory have developed many special product for different countries and regions.

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