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Among the standard features offered for new homes at Manzanita at Paseo del Sol, a KB Home development in a desert suburb southeast of Los Angeles, are nine-foot ceilings, six-panel doors and a 1.4-kilowatt solar array.
While KB Home has offered rooftop photovoltaic panels as an option for some time, the home builder now will make solar arrays from SunPower standard equipment on more than 800 homes in 10 communities being built in Southern California. KB Home estimates that the standard 1.4-kilowatt solar array will supply about 30 percent of the electricity for an 1,800-foot to 2,000-foot square home.
Todd Woody, a veteran environmental journalist based in California who writes for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Grist and Yale e360. Todd formerly was a senior editor at Fortune magazine, an assistant managing editor at Business 2.0 magazine and the business editor of the San Jose Mercury News. As homebuilders seek to stand out in a struggling housing market, more are including green features such as energy-efficient lights, appliances and windows in their standard packages.
Wendy Koch has been a reporter and editor at USA TODAY since 1998, covering politics and social issues. Each solar panel (data sheet, installation manual) has two cables on the back, one with a male connector and the other with a female connector.
After you have connected your panels together, you’re left with one male and one female connector. As for grounding the panels and combiner box, I put a grounding rod into the ground (eight feet down) inside of the center back concrete column. While pricey solar panels are often found on the roofs of high-end houses, it’s notable that KB Home is installing the arrays on homes with base selling prices that range from $250,000 to $360,000.

Of course, that all depends on how much a homeowner runs their air conditioning, for instance. And given the intense sunshine and air-conditioning demands in desert areas where KB Home is building its latest developments, such arrays will generate more electricity than they could in, say, San Francisco. He's one of the few people on the planet who have held a northern hairy-nosed wombat in the wild.
Someone asked a question regarding the rated amps (15 amps) for for the breakers and the amps coming from the solar panels.
Homeowners will also qualify for a 30 percent federal tax credit as well as state incentives.
Sami, anticipating my objections, writes:We greenies shouldn't lament something that makes clean energy tangible, accessible and decidedly more mainstream. If we ever find that we need to get more solar panels, all we need to do is add some breakers and we’re ready to go. It was pretty simple to figure out what we needed, but it was hard for me to figure out how it fit together.
The case is that when you connect panels in serial, the voltages add and the amps stay the same. The systems are made by SunPower Corp."We are raising the bar even higher and taking an important step in making our homes even more efficient and affordable for our homebuyers over the long term, especially when compared to resale homes," Jeffrey Mezger, the company's president and CEO said in Tuesday's announcement. With our purchase, we got four 30 foot cables with the same connectors as the solar panels.

He said if consumers like it, the company will expand the solar feature to other regions.KB Home has offered photovoltaic systems as an option in certain California and Colorado communities for years, but this is the first time, it will make them a standard feature. What you do, is cut these in half (or so, depending on your arrangement) and use the two pieces to connect the solar panels to the breaker box.
This plate supplies the combined (in parallel) power of all the solar panels to the battery charger. It's already begun doing so at developments in Eastvale (prices start at $360,000), Temecula and Chula Vista. The end with the connector attaches to the solar panel, you strip the wire on the other end and hook it up in the combiner box. Lets just look at the house, with its plan that has no cross ventilation even in bedrooms at corners, no thought about how one might actually live with the air conditioning off. It plans to do so at five more communities in the next 60 days and two in the fall.FOLLOW  Green House on TwitterThe Los Angeles-based company unveiled in February that it's also including an EPG (Energy Performance Guide) label on each of its home, which estimates monthly energy costs. One very nice thing about this arrangement, is that you can wire the cables to the breaker box before you plug into the solar panel. PulteGroup Inc., which includes Pulte Homes, Centex and Del Webb, plans to do the same, and Meritage Homes has been marketing all its homes -- built to Energy Star standards -- with such a label since 2009.

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