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OnceA  you'veA  decided to go with solar energy you are faced with two options buying or leasing. A recent report by Solar Energy Industries Association contained a number of interesting findings.
With a solar lease, homeowners can start enjoying a much lower monthly utility bill immediately, without the big upfront cost. You can purchase a solar electric system for your home outright or you can lease a system through JBS Energy.

With no upfront cost, 100% production guarantee, and a warranty for the entire lease term and you will never have to worry about maintenance. Homeowners also tend to appreciate that leasing means they won’t need to deal with complicated incentive paperwork for years to come. A solar electric systemA  provides a reliable alternative to utility power, so you can reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources and avoid the risk of rising prices.
Instead, the solar leasing company handles that and gives the homeowner a lower monthly payment structure in exchange for those incentives.

Plus, solar power provides you the potential to use as much electricity as you want, versus what you are willing to afford. In the spring of 2012, a full 70 percent of the new solar installations in California, Colorado, and Arizona involved solar leases or financing models, wheras only 30 percent of them were purchased outright.

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