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We love gadgets that serve dual purposes, so when we came across these solar windows from Hua Qin we were giddy with excitement.
The windows can come in slightly hazy to really hazy opacities – the more opaque the window, the more energy it produces. This great green invention could open up the door to all kinds of renewable energy production for all kinds of environments. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
I love solar power, and i'll love to find more information about produts how to save energ. Maximising natural daylight makes for a healthy home and productive working environment, but too much of a good thing and suddenly wea€™re faced with overheating, excessive glare and UV fading of our interiors. In the home, there is no better option than our sealed units created using SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass a€“ part of the pioneering Saint-Gobain Glass range of PLANITHERM low-E glass products. In the UK, any south or south west facing building elevation, but particularly where there are large expanses of glass. The Morely Glass Technician fixed the issue in about 10 minutes and also explained why it happened. The whole experience from my first emails with yourself to the completion of the job by Gavin was not just a first class outcome but an exemplary example of customer service.
Dear Ian, I cannot thank you enough for sending new magnet fittings for my problem Screenline blinds.
Many companies describe themselves as the a€?leading manufacturera€? in their sector, with.. A common problem with manually operated blinds a€“ particularly external blinds, but somet.. Increased demand for Uni-BlindA® sealed units with integral blinds has led Morley Glass &a..
Here at Morley Glass wea€™ve been specialising in the manufacture of Uni-Blind sealed unit..
Wea€™re so excited to announce that we are getting ready to move to much larger premises i.. The world's biggest resource of information and advice about conservatory roof blinds and window blinds. Buying conservatory blinds is more about the people that sell, measure, make and fit them, than the product you select.
Solar glazing works, but it isn't magic glass, so most people find that they still need blinds. Solar glass reduces heat but you will still have glare and very poor insulation against heat loss when compared to your house.
We've lost count of the number of people that were told that they wouldn't need roof blinds, only to find that they quite obviously do. You can see how much glare (and heat) is stopped by these blinds without making it dark or uninviting.
Conservatory blinds that have been specially designed to work in conjunction with solar glazing and tinted glass without damaging your roof.
If you have high performance solar glazing then you are probably hoping to reduce the inevitable heat and UV of a conservatory roof.
Modern solar glazing reduces solar gain by absorbing the majority of the infra-red frequencies that are normally transmitted through double glazing. Even conservatories with solar glazing need blinds; if not to reduce heat then to reduce glare, UV and heat loss when it is cold outside, as well as to provide privacy from above and reduce the reverberating echo from all those hard surfaces and stop the mirror-like effect from the tinted glass. Solar glazing needs specialist blinds to make sure that the air gap between the blinds and the glass does not overheat and damage the structure. Despite the verbal assurances of some salesmen that you might encounter, they will nearly always ignore this when it comes to providing you with a quotation, because it is more expensive. Our Solar Design™ fabric range provides a gentle solar reflective coating on a breathable fabric with an individual blind layout that conforms to roof guarantees, and even has a 15mm air gap without creating ugly light gaps. If you have solar glazing then compare our service to everyone else and contact us for a free quotation.
You hear all sorts of nightmare stories about pushy salesmen and then end up with a rubbish product, so I was a little dubious when I ordered our conservatory blinds. I must admit I was genuinely impressed and would have no hesitation in recommending Conservatory Blinds Ltd. Last year, researchers at Michigan State University created a transparent solar concentrator, which could turn any window or sheet of glass into a solar cell.
The major difference is called the transparent luminescent solar concentrator – also knowns as TLSC for those who need to add one more abbreviation in their lexicon.
While the latest transparent solar cells do not produce much electricity, the technological direction we’re heading in is promising. How much more convenient do you think your life will become with the integration of glass solar cells? The elegant Crackled Glass solar light is ideal for special events, valet parking, hotel entrances, weddings and much more.
The ideal situation for solar panels is facing due south, although they are effective facing anywhere between south east and south west. The median across all systems was 39 per cent, so it is important to take action to maximise your solar gain. As a guide, average systems are likely to cost between ?3,900 for a two person household to ?5,000 for a six person household according to the Solar Trade Association.
The cost of scaffolding and the new cylinder are both significant, so a cost- effective time to install would be when you need a new hot water cylinder, or when you are having repairs done on the roof (or at the same time as a solar PV installation).
Panels are available for DIY installation, but buying them this way means that you have to pay the full rate of VAT (instead of the 5 per cent rate) and, more significantly, won't be eligible for the renewable heat incentive.

The domestic renewable heat incentive is a boiler replacement scheme, aiming to bridge the gap between the cost of a replacement oil or LPG boiler and the cost of a renewable heating system. To apply you will must have a green deal assessment (unless you are a self builder, in which case an EPC is required), and install loft and cavity wall insulation if it gets a green tick on the green deal advice report. A typical 4 square metre installation with a 250 litre cylinder will get ?2,347 over the 7 year life of the incentive according to figures from the Solar Trade Association (?335 a year). Renewable heat incentive for solar thermal can be claimed in conjunction with RHI for either a heat pump or a biomass boiler.
For those of you living in Wales, from the beginning of September 2009, the Welsh Assembly Government announced new planning rules to encourage householders to install renewable energy equipment.
Car window tinted shades are used not just to enhance the look of your car, but to also act as a protection from harmful UV rays. When choosing the car film type and shade, several factors such as colour of the vehicle, interior colour and the levels of privacy needed, have to be taken into consideration. Usually tinted films come in five different shades – dark, midnight, medium, light and very light. Another type of film which has been developed in concurrence with the medical profession is called Dermagard. By using tinted window shades for your car, additional benefits of safety and sun protection can be achieved. I would recommend Conservatory Blinds to everyone with a decent conservatory as it just finishes it off beautifully. U-factor, which measures thermal conductivity, shows how much heat a window allows through.
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a measure of how much solar heat is transmitted through the glass. During the manufacturing process, a pyrolytic or hard-coat low-E glazing incorporates a thin layer of tin oxide into the glass while it is still hot. These window panes, which were unveiled at Taipei’s International Optoelectronics Week, do double duty to block out the elements and create energy for your home. It’s unclear when these windows will hit the market, but they do bring up the idea of solar mapping, which we recently reported on. They can reduce the amount of solar heat and protect you from ultraviolet rays, provide you with privacy, and also offer safety and security.
We provide a range of glass options specifically designed to control the amount of heat and light that passes through the window.
This is a high performance glass with a selectivity of 1.66 to carefully balance heat and light in curtain walling, shop fronts and high-rise buildings. The coatings developed for solar control glass, which are used on SGG PLANITHERM 4S and SGG COOL-LITE SKN 174, are configured to manage solar radiation by selecting how much heat and light passes through the glass.
I am delighted to say that it was fixed yesterday and now means that I can use my bathroom properly. These kinds of glass can reduce heat significantly, but a conservatory can never be as comfortable as your home.
The problem is that this heat is not lost – just touch your solar glazing on a sunny day and see how hot it is! Try for yourself and see how they will say one thing and then quote for another – thick unsuitable fabrics with large blinds covering multiple panes of glass are not only ugly and difficult to operate, but will void your roof guarantee. He was very friendly, worked super fast and took the time to explain how the blinds worked. The glass absorbs light by selectively harvesting a part of the solar spectrum we can’t see with human eyes. The Near-infrared (NIR) harvesting TLSC with non-tinted transparency are demonstrated by exploiting the excitonic nature of organic luminescent salts.A more detailed explanation can be found here.
As a rule of thumb you need between 1 and 2 m2 of collector (solar panels) per person living in the house. If you have a combi boiler it is important to check with the manufacturer that it will accept pre-heated water.
By only boosting the hot water once the sun has gone down, you maximise opportunity for solar heating. If you do not need high temperatures all the time, you will have less need for back-up heating.
This calculation is based on the new MCS standard, so make sure your installer has adopted it. This is because neither work at their highest efficiency when heating domestic hot water - especially when space heating is turned off.
If it is in the grounds of a listed building you will need to apply for planning permission. Although the laws in different countries have certain rules and restrictions on the percentage of use of tinted shades for vehicles, clear security film can always be applied to the front glass and the passenger windows. These provide an invisible but effective protection having a tough coating which is scratch resistant too.
This is a clear film filtering UV rays and cuts out hundred percent of the harmful rays while allowing visible light to pass through unimpeded. The blinds really have made a massive difference to our conservatory and we can now use it all year round! Both applications involve depositing a thin, transparent coating of silver or tin oxide on the glass surface to allow short-wavelength sunlight to pass through while blocking long-wavelength heat radiation.
In this application, the layer of silver is deposited onto the glass through a sputtering process after the glass has been manufactured. In warmer climates, where ita€™s important to keep out unwanted heat, the preferred location for the low-E coating is the No. People can now map their buildings to see where the most sunlight hits, and install very opaque solar windows on those sections of the building in order to optimize the sun’s rays.

With these solar windows one could generate electricity not on the roof of an electric car, but through the sun roof or the window pane. By using solar tint on the glass, it can lessen the glare and much of the exposure of heat. These solar control glass options are perfect for sealed units in windows on south and south west facing elevations. Too little control and we see a greenhouse effect overheating a€“ too much and the room misses out on the benefits of solar gain or natural daylight.
Solar cells called “Photovoltaic” make energy by absorbing sunlight and converting them into electricity. Shade on the panels at any time of day will reduce the performance.Most panels are mounted on a roof, but they can also be mounted at ground level.
In this situation, solar water heating is not suitable unless you use the bath for most of your washing and bathing, as you won't be able to use much of the solar hot water you generate. If your present system is gravity fed, it will need a control (such as a valve and pump) for the hot water circuit so the panels can work effectively in winter when the boiler is running for central heating.Find a solar thermal installer. The top of the box is glass or plastic, to let the sun’s energy through, while the insulation minimises heat loss. Those installing both technologies will be paid the full deemed heat - in effect being paid twice for the solar heated water. While plain glass will merely block UVB rays that cause sun burn, tinted glass block the more harmful UV rays from passing through. For comfort especially with kids and pets around, a medium or midnight shade will be a right choice. The best advantage of security films is they can hold glass fragments together if broken, so they do not get scattered. It is especially useful in sensitive skin conditions that occur as a result of exposure to UV rays. We are extremely pleased with the blinds and they were worth the money we paid for them - we got exactly what we ordered and have not had a hassle since they were fitted.
The difference between the two coatings lies in their application, which affects the glazing performance and durability. Although it provides the best U-value available, this type of coating is fairly delicate and has to be protected within an insulated glass unit (IGU) to prevent scratching. Hard-coat glazings can be used in single-glazed windows or storm doors, but their emissivity is not as low as that of soft-coat glazings. 2 surface (the inner face of the outer pane of glass), as it helps to minimize heat transfer into the home. This solar glass would be perfect for greenhouses, capturing light from panes of glass that already magnify the sun.
It can protect furniture from fading, and also improve the design of houses and buildings, with the added advantage of providing savings from excessive use of energy. This is a breakthrough for researchers, as up to just recently, we we could only absorb energy through more opaque cells.
Lots of thin tubes carry water through the absorber plate heating it up as it passes through.Instead of a plate, evacuated tube collectors have glass tubes containing metal absorber tubes, through which water is pumped.
Thus applying tinted films to the windows of your car assures that your skin is protected from the sun. If privacy is what you are looking at or if your car is equipped with a TV screen in the back, dark shades will be the ideal choice. The films will be compatible with factory tints and they will be highly durable and have a scratch resistant surface. They also strengthen glass, so the risk of breaking on impact owing to accidents or some spiteful intentions is reduced. A value of 0 indicates that the window functions like a wall, essentially preventing any solar energy from entering the building. Because the glass has a higher solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), it works well for houses that rely on passive solar heating. The opportunities with solar glass are endless, let’s hope Hua Qin sets to work manufacturing them soon. To get the best results they should be at an angle between 20 and 50 degrees from horizontal (most pitched roofs fall within this bracket). Checking for all these features and then investing in the car tinting shades will ensure long lasting life and a hassle free maintenance. Security films can be tinted too so the benefits of both the film types can be availed in one.
A value of 1 indicates that the window functions like an opening, allowing all solar energy into the building. Here, the coating is most effective in blocking heat loss while enabling beneficial solar heat gain.
For many people the decision is a matter of aesthetics.Research from Swiss-based Solartechnik Prufung Forschung shows that the best performing collectors are more than twice as efficient as the worst ones. Once the appropriate location is determined, the treated glass may be cut and installed in the window assembly.
It found that the most effective  flat plate collectors are made in Austria and Germany and the best evacuated tubes in Switzerland and Northern Ireland.

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