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There are several types of home solar power systems available which can serve your energy needs in a variety of ways. Solar power electricity systems use the Sun’s light energy, the photons, to generate an electric current through the use of specific materials in solar cells. Now that you know what’s out there take a look through the different systems available and find out more information about each to see which will work best for you. As for the release date, it is said that the first true graphics unit based on the Radeon HD 8000M series would be showcased by atleast one manufacturer with their All-in-One desktop solutions at the CES 2013 event. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. These solar cells are strong together in a solar panel to capture the Sun’s light energy and produce the electricity necessary to power your home appliances.
There are several variations of this system, so read up on these various systems so that you get the right one for your climate. These systems can be integrated into your current pool filtration and heating system quite easily. According to a report by Sweclockers, the Radeon HD 8000M series is specifically designed for laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks and other tablet devices and would arrive in the very beginning of Q1 2013. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more.
As the name implies, a single axis tracking system is a system that only moves over one axis, horizontal or vertical. For more information about any systems just click on the link to read more about that specific system.
These are simple systems that are often overlooked when weighing one’s home solar power systems options. A simple application of this is to use the normal laws of convection to remove the warm air trapped at the top of your home for cooling or use an air collector to pump warm air into the home. These systems end of saving you lots of money quickly by reducing those outrageous pool heating bills to nothing.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. Sun can provide renewable energy to those who know how to harness energy from it.Solar energy systems have grown since.
For this reason it is difficult to justify a high cost in order to create the same power facilities as those offered by ESKOM.Air conditioners and refrigerators are huge energy-sucking monsters and to run an average sized home completely on solar power thus needs some energy or power consumption changes to make the whole project more feasible. A more complex application involves installing piping throughout the flooring of the home to circulate hot water heated by the Sun throughout the home. It is now being used to harness solar power for the electrical needs of homes and for commercial and industrial uses.It is especially convenient for homes in remote locations. There are a number of variables that have to be considered when establishing a home solar system.
Whether in the desert or mountain, solar energy can provide most of the electrical load requirements of homes. If your house is located far away from the power grid station, it may be wise to invest in home solar power systems, which are easy to prepare and quick to setup.
However, even if you live in a home that is tied in to the electric grid, you can use solar power, too.1.
Typical Load RequirementsIn a typical household, the water pump requires the most power at about 75 watts. Firstly all incandescent globes must be replaced with CFL – low watt fluorescents and even LED lighting.2. Lighting loads usually peak at 30 watts while a small TV may require as much as 50 watts of power while other kitchen appliances may require less power.
A good setup can power the total load of the kitchen appliances, lighting, a water pump and TV all at once.
You can even add in the 6 watts of power required to recharge a cellphone.The setup of home solar systems includes a power inverter to convert solar power into AC or DC current depending on the requirement of the appliance or device.
Usually, personal devices like a cellphone or laptop require DC power input while home and kitchen appliances require an AC input of power.The Design of Home Solar SystemsYou should make an evaluation of the total power requirement of your house before planning and designing a home solar system.

Simply design a space that makes the most use of the sunlight that falls on your property.An architect can advise you how to design to site your home in the ideal orientation to the sun to ensure maximum solar benefits or to incorporate thermal mass into your home design, such as concrete floors and stone hearths. The total computed load for the house will serve as a reference for you to know how many solar panels you might need. It is always good to start at about 150% of your total required power for future expansion of the solar power system.For the layout of home solar systems, a typical electrical layout design will suffice.
You can hire an electrical contractor or a master electrician to design the layout of the electrical wiring in the house. Install a solar photovoltaic, or PV – system for an active solar power system to run your home.
It is important that you advise to a professional the areas of the house where your devices and appliances will be placed. On days where you produce more power than you need, your electric meter runs backwards, and the electric company pays you.
In designing home solar systems, it is also important to assess the total power that can be harnessed and stored in battery banks during the day. Having enough battery power will provide you with enough power to last throughout the night. Most solar power systems today have a back-up generator that can store power in the battery while solar power is unavailable.Home solar systems are designed to fit the side of the roof of a house. The side of the house that receives most of the sunlight is always the preferred side for home solar panels installation. Be sure not to follow the slanted position of the roof, but instead, install the panel in such a way that its surface is perpendicular to sun’s rays.

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