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Our Solar Thermal heating system uses the power and energy captured by solar panels to heat your water. We start by installing flat collector panels on your home, which will capture the sun's rays and convert them into heat. Installing solar panels can cut down on your electricity bills as they utilize the sunlight to produce electricity for your power needs.
EnergySavers.gov recommends installing a solar heating system to provide 40%-80% of your heating needs.
Most solar heating systems have at least a 10 year warranty, and some states offer tax credits for home solar thermal heating. Because air-based systems produce heat earlier and later in the day, solar air heaters may produce more usable energy over a longer time period. Air in the solar collectors cannot freeze in the winter, and small cracks in the collectors or piping are not problematic. Air space heating systems are usually room air heaters, which directly heat individual rooms.
The solar collectors use either water or a non-toxic glycol antifreeze to absorb the thermal energy.
Heated liquid from the solar collector travels through pipes in a concrete slab flooring, usually covered with tiles.
This kind of solar home heating system can work without a heat storage tank, although a tank is needed to control the temperature. These systems take longer to warm up but, once operating, provide a consistent temperature. Solar water heating systems for homes have two main parts: solar collectors and storage tanks. Solar heating for pools is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to gas and heat pump systems.
You always have hot water - even if the sun hasn't been out for a week, because you still have your current hot water heater as a backup.

A properly sized solar water heating (solar thermal) system provides about 75% of your annual domestic water heating needs.
Using one of the UK’s leading solar panel brands, our solar thermal heating product is one of the most effective in the market. Meanwhile, a solar tank within your home is attached to the system to create the hot water your family needs, whether the sun is shining or not!Our team of technicians will be happy to discuss the solution that best suits your home and needs – whether it’s simply a solar panel set to give you solar-heated water or a more sophisticated design that’s integrated into your heating system for both heating and hot water.
In addition, your house will remain free of harmful gases and pollutants that various equipment running on fuels produce. This utilizes some inbuilt features and systems of your house to meet your energy needs in a better manner. There may be some initial investment in panels or water heating system installation, but it pays back much more than your input.
If using a liquid space heating system, it is more economical to use the solar collector for hot water heating, too. As air from inside the home passes over the heat exchanger, the liquid inside heats the air. First, heat from the solar collector warms either water or, in colder climates, a heat-transfer fluid.
We appreciate that every family is unique and firmly believe that your solar thermal system must be the right choice for your home.Our skilled and certified technicians will ensure that the installation of your solar thermal system will cause little to no disruption to your daily routine, and it can typically be completed within 1 to 2 days!
Solar energy can easily be converted to electricity and heat, and can replace your regular gas and electricity sources. You should build and place these panels in an external area of your house where there is ample sunlight available. To make the view of your house less obtrusive, you should go for uni-solar roofing shingles that are also easy to install. For example, using passive building materials for your house can help absorb more sunlight and heat that is otherwise radiated.
Once the solar radiation is absorbed, the air or fluid is transferred either directly to a space in the home or to a storage tank.

The air is heated as it travels through the collector, and is then blown back into the room. The liquid flows quickly through the collector, resulting in an increase in temperature of 10°–20°F (5.6°–11°C). In this case, the liquid from the collectors needs to be heated more by the backup system, or that a higher temperature collector be used (such as an evacuated tube collector).
The coil must be big enough to transfer enough heat to the air at the collector’s lowest operating temperature. The sunlight absorbed by these PV shingles is converted to electricity that can be used for heating and lighting purposes in your home.
There are wooden flooring products and sheet-rocks now getting available for similar purposes. Often a back-up system provides any additional heat that the solar home heater cannot produce. The battery attached to the panels keeps getting recharged everyday when sunlight is available, and you may use it over and over again. Additionally, large-sized windows support the entry of more heat and light into the house, thus keeping it warmer. This warm water then runs through pipes to reach your plumbing system so you get some hot water as you turn a faucet. If the water filtration system is built into it, you would get healthier and cleaner water.

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