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Provide electricity using solar photovoltaics to the rural population of Nepal at affordable cost.
Develop and manufacture high quality solar-related electronics in Nepal for sustainability and industrial development. Nationwide dealer and service network for installation and service of solar home systems, with industry-standard electronic test and measuring instruments. Solar Electric Company was the original system designer, supplier and installer of the first pilot solar home system project in Pulimarang Village of Tanahu District, 1993. AstroPower produces the world's largest solar electric (photovoltaic) cells and a full line of solar modules. The future for Nepal: a large-scale solar power array providing clean, inexpensive energy for an entire town.
The UK's first fully solar-powered home has gone on sale - but it will set you back A?1.2million. The five-bedroom house, pictured, was designed and built by Caplin Homes and comes with two acres of land. Buried pipes heat the earth beneath the foundations during the summer and the ground retains the heat in winter, warming the house.

The five-bedroom house was designed and built by Caplin Homes and comes with two acres of land. The solar panels on the roof of the house, pictured, are called hybrids because they collect both electrical and thermal energy.
All the technologies are controlled by a control system, which monitors the inside and outside temperatures, how much energy is being captured by the solar panels, and the heat levels. Due to its low energy design, the Solar House is expected to only require heat from the EEB for about 10 weeks of the year. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. In this illustration of solar energy systems, you can see exactly how the sun’s energy is converted into electricity that is usable by your home or business. For this ground-breaking project, 68 homes and one community center were provided with clean, green solar power.
It is a fast-growing innovative manufacturing and engineering company, headquartered in Newark, Delaware, USA.
The Government has set a target for all new homes to be zero-carbon by 2016.Zero-carbon, also known as carbon neutral, applies to materials and processes where the amount of carbon footprint that is created is offset by the energy produced.

Follow the path of energy from the sun, through the pv panels, its conversion to AC electricity by the inverter and finally into the utility grid. AstroPower is committed to bring the benefits of clean renewable energy to the world while maintaining a work environment where individuals achieve their highest potential. For example, although solar panels use carbon-based energy to be built, constructed and shipped, they offset this by using solar-based energy to power household and other items. This company is independent, not a division of any multinational oil or nuclear holding company. Koirala, personally inaugurated the program, which has become the symbol of successful solar home systems in Nepal, inspiring many other villages to use the technology.
Focus on advanced engineering, listening to customers, and strong alliances with international partners.

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