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With Free Solar Financing™, Clean Solar can offer you any type of financing for any type of budget. Free Solar Financing provides Clean Solar homeowners options for find the best solar solution for them! With Free Solar Financing, Clean Solar can offer you any type of financing for any type of budget. Our energy consultants can help you get a low-interest solar loan that will decrease your monthly bills and lock in lower energy costs all while helping the environment!
Save on electricity – You save over the life of the system by paying less for solar energy than you pay the utility company. Let the sun pay of your loan – Use your savings to make low monthly payments on your loan, paying as you go, or pay off your solar loan early without penalty.
Lock in your rate – Instead of paying fluctuating and ever increasing electric bills, your low interest payment is the same every month, and when it’s paid off, you own your power!
Solar energy costs much less than you think, and with Osceola Energy, solar panels are easier to get than ever. Osceola Energy is proud to announce that we have partnered with Nusenda Credit Union, in order to provide Albuquerque & Rio Rancho residents with special low-interest financing for their solar energy system. The Dividend Solar EmpowerLoan maximizes the financial benefits for Homeowners, simplifies the application process, and ensures performance guarantees for every solar PV system financed.
The Dividend Solar EmpowerLoan combines the benefits of a lease – no down payment, energy cost savings, hassle-free maintenance and performance guarantees – with the financial upside from solar ownership. As the largest direct lender of the FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan, Admirals Bank is a great option for a solar loan. Solar Energy is a great investment, but like any capital project, financing is critical to make it happen.
GET YOUR SOLAR AT NO COST FOR 12 MONTHS!!!   You seriously get 12 months of free solar, lower electric bills and all your tax credits BEFORE you have to pay for your SOLAR.  Just mention you want the 12 month SAC deal.
This site is optimized for Mozilla Firefox; other acceptable browsers are Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, and Safari. While SunMaxx solar thermal energy systems represent an incredible investment considering the savings over the lifetime of the system, many organizations still balk at the prospect of paying a large up-front capital investment.
Through a SunMaxx Financial Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a solar lease, your business can offset any upfront system costs via monthly payments, which are lower than your monthly utility bill. The federal government, as well as many states and local governments, currently offer several incentives to encourage the proliferation of solar renewable energy projects. While it does require a larger initial capital outlay, outright ownership of your SunMaxx Solar Thermal System will provide the greatest total energy cost savings on energy over the life of the system.
SunMaxx Solar PPA financing provides predictable future energy rates with no upfront costs. Similar to a PPA financing option, a SunMaxx Solar Lease offers another way to obtain a solar system with no upfront cost.

San Antonio Credit Union (SACU) is proud to support the environmental health of San Antonio by providing low cost loans for CPS customers that want to go solar.
The SACU solar home loan program is one of the first Solar Home Improvement Loan program in Texas and should make it possible for many CPS customer in San Antonio to Go Solar! The SACU low-cost solar home loan is designed to finance the installation of solar energy improvements on your home, including solar arrays, solar thermal hot water heaters or other improvements made possilbe by the monthly cost savings on their electric bill.
Call (210) 258-1785 and a Loan Advisor from SACU will help you do your part to improve our environment through solar power. A typical residential solar system is 5 kilowatts and currently costs about $5.50 per installed watt. CPS Energy will rebate about 40% of the total cost, and a federal tax credit of 30% is applied to the remaining balance. In most cases, we’ll even be able to tell you what you qualify for while you wait. A solar loan gives you the option to use your solar tax credits within the first 24 months of the loan to reduce your loan payments. As an all-inclusive solar provider, Osceola Energy will handle your entire project for you. Let us help you find the perfect solar power financing package, like a solar loan, so you can take advantage of lower electric bills right now. To simplify the application process, they have built a fully-automated online platform with no required paperwork.
With an entire department dedicated to solar ?nancing and servicing FHA Title I Home Improvement Loans, they guarantee that you will always receive fast and responsive service. You OWN your system outright from day one.  Even with the drop in price of solar, the upfront costs have been a roadblock to many homeowners who want to invest in renewable energy for their homes. Solar financing options now eliminate those huge upfront capital costs, so your company can start saving on your water heating from day one. For up to 20 years, your business will enjoy predictable, pre-determined water heating rates, not only directly saving you money each month, but also eliminating the risk of fluctuating gas or electricity prices. However, many of these benefits can only be utilized by a system owner with a large enough tax appetite. SunMaxx Financial has the expertise to you help you find the best commercial solar power solution to meet your specific needs. However, in order to fully monetize all incentives and maximize your return on investment, you must have the available capital, existing tax liabilities, and ability to benefit from accelerated depreciation of your solar equipment. PPA financing creates a contract through which your organization will purchase solar energy on a monthly basis, much like a monthly utility bill. However, instead of purchasing the energy output from the system, the end-user simply pays monthly lease payments to lease the system hardware regardless of the energy produced.
By providing low cost solar loans, SACU and CPS are committed to improving their local community one rooftop at a time. If the consumer applies both the rebate and the tax credit, payments could be less than $100 per month.

We’ll take care of the design, permitting, install and inspections of your solar energy system.
The solar loan experts at Admirals Bank can have a homeowner of?cially approved within 24 hours.
No other solar company has the skills or as many options to finance complex solar projects as Geoscape Solar.Geoscape Solar believes that a solar panel installation makes great financial sense and is great for the environment, but many New Jersey business owners struggle to finance their commercial solar projects. While the solar equipment is installed at your site, you don’t have any of the responsibility of ownership or maintenance of the system. Again, these monthly lease payments are lower than your original energy costs thanks to the savings passed on by the renewable tax incentives.
Solar energy systems potentially increase the property’s long-term value while significantly reducing the owner’s monthly utility bill by using the natural energy of the sun. We develop and pay for the system to be installed at your facility, and through our multiple finance partners, we realize the tax benefits.
There is no down payment required, and the industry-leading SunMaxx equipment guarantees performance or your money back.
Typical commercial solar lease agreements range from 15-20 years and can include an option to purchase the system for a fair market value at the end of the lease period. It’s never been a better time to take advantage of this affordable, renewable power source.
All you pay for is clean, renewable water heating set at a rate lower than you see on your utility bill today.
For organizations that cannot fully capitalize on available tax incentives and want to avoid upfront capital investment, a lease may be the best option to facilitate your transition to solar power. You get to keep all the benefits: electric savings, SREC income, accelerated depreciation, and the investment tax credit (ITC). Check with your tax advisor to see if your financials and your ability to absorb the ITC make a solar loan a good choice for you.Solar Panel Lease OptionsGeoscape Solar can leverage its extensive financial relationships with banks and other institutions to find the best type of commercial solar panel lease.
The lessor owns the solar system and the gets the tax benefits including depreciation and the 30% investment tax credit (ITC). There are specific IRS conditions for a solar operating lease to be qualified and any solar lease agreement should be reviewed with your tax advisor.Solar Capital Lease The key difference between a solar capital lease and a solar operating lease is that it will have a higher monthly payment. A bank provides a loan and the Lessee will buy out the lease at the end of its term for $1. Your business keeps all of the tax benefits, SRECs, and electricity savings.A capital lease can only make sense if you can utilize all of the depreciation and the investment tax credit.
In the past, PPAs were a great way to get solar savings without large out-of-pocket expenditures.

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