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Depending upon your needs and where you live, there are a variety of solar power systems that could work for you.
Most people install grid-tied solar power systems -most often in cities, suburbs and industrial areas where access to utility-generated power is available. This Stand Alone Solar Power system comprises of 12 x 190 Watt CSUN solar panels, Plasmatronics 60 Amp solar regulator, Latronics 3500 Watt continuous Off Grid solar inverter, Woods 30 Amp battery charger and 8 x 6RP830 Amp-hour Exide Enerstore deep-cycle batteries. The control panel includes 6 x solar disconnect circuit breakers, which act as a device to measure 2 panels at a time for warranty and servicing.
This Off Grid Solar system supplies all essential power to a household including fridge, washing machine, lighting, fans, microwave, toaster, kettle, power tools including welder, drills, drop saw and grinders.
There is a great deal of interest in solar power systems as an alternate source of energy because of environmental and economic considerations. These systems are also called stand alone solar units because these are not connected to an electrical grid. The investment on off grid solar system is made attractive by the generous amount of government rebates offered for such systems. Sometimes connecting to the main grid network can cost as much $25,000 per kilometre, a stand alone power system can be an attractive economic alternative. Careful design of your Off-Grid System and consideration of your energy use will reduce your overall environmental impact and help reduce the use of diesel generator.
The batteries will typically need replacing in 5-15 years, depending on quality, sizing and how they are used. Normal engine-starting batteries would only work properly for a short period if used in a small-scale generation system. Individual batteries are usually only between 2 and 12 volts and need to be arranged in an array to give the required voltage and current. If your battery bank is too small, it may be discharged at a low level too often, which shortens its life. Typically, battery banks for wind and solar systems will be sized for several days storage, depending on the total electricity requirement and generating capacity. An inverter converts electricity from direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC), which most household appliances use. A number of inverters are available on the market and your supplier can help you choose the right size and type.
An inverter can cost from $3,000 to over $10,000, depending on the size, quality and complexity. Adding a solar system to your home can reduce or even eliminate expensive power bills and add capital value to your home. At Current Generation we employ an experienced team of technicians and installers, so we can guarantee quality in every aspect of your Solar System. Solar Energy Systems & Industrial Generators for Alternative Energy © 2011 Current Generation. SIRIUS Solar LED home lighting system has inbuilt charge controller with microcontroller which enables uniform lighting, dimming, over and under voltage protections.
Savepower solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems for bus shelters, public toilets, mining donga huts and outdoor solar bbq area lighting, and are easy to install, are reliable and very cost effective, they are a great lighting solution at site locations where mains power electricity is not available or is to expensive to implement.
Solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems can be used in most locations, where there is full Sunlight available, as no mains power source is required, they can be installed for bus shelter lighting, public toilet lighting, picnic shelter lighting, mining donga hut lighting, camp lighting and outdoor solar bbq area lighting, and are designed to opperate in the toughest of working environments.
Solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems is less expensive to purchase and install than traditional mains powered lights; as traditional lighting requires significant infrastructure, engineering, and costly installation including the trenching of power cabling and power from the grid is required to run the lights, including long-term ongoing power costs. Solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems do not require connection to mains power, they have an Extra low voltage stand alone DC power source which is safer and easier to install. The operational power cost of a Solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems is ZERO , as all the power needed to run a Solar powered stand alone LED lighting system at night is all generated by the solar array converting light from the Sun during the day into electricity, which is then efficiently stored in a battery, for use at night.
Our Solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems are deesigned for reducing the risk of damage and theft, they are tough and reliable. Our Solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems uses LED lighting technology, which does not produce Infrared light, or high heat and will not attract insects. No need to trench power lines to the site, run electrical wires and connect wires to an electrical grid, or hard wire lights, the installation of Solar powered stand alone LED lighting system is much faster and more cost effective.
Our Savepower Solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems use LED lighting technology, which does not contain Heavy metals, such as Lead or Mercury gas that traditional HID and fluorescent lights sources do.

Our Savepower Solar powered stand alone LED lighting systems are a complete stand alone system they have a very low Environmental impact, are durable, long lasting and recylable.
Our stand alone solar LED lighting systems, can offer a payback time, as little as one to two years from power savings. Our mains powered energy efficient Induction and LED lighting systems offer 50% to 70% power savings, with up to 5 times the life of existing Metal halide and other HID lighting technology, and also offering a fast payback time of one to two years from power savings.
Savepower designs and manufactures sustainable, and environmentally frendly, high quality, custom solar and mains powered energy efficient Induction and LED lighting systems. Savepower designs and manufactures high quality custom solar and mains powered energy efficient Induction and LED lighting systems, all with proven reliability and durability. Savepower your Professional Choice for reliable solar stand-alone LED lighting systems and energy efficient mains powered LED and lighting systems. Security keyless door entry access control terminal with wifi F4 vista Introduction: F4vista biometric reader that offer the flexibility to be installed standalone or with any third party panel that supports 26-bit Wiegand. Rugged Metallic Door Entry Keypad with 16 Keys In 4x4 Matrix Design Product Features: a€? 16 Keys Door Entry keypad a€? All international language lay-out are available.
New IP based Biometric Fingerprint Systems with Color Screen for Door Entry Security Quick Detail: 1.
More and more emphasis on the use of this abundant energy source has led to the maximum development in this field. You can supplement your solar powered electricity with utility-generated energy if you use more electricity than the solar power system supplies. These systems are used primarily for RV power, lighting, cabins, backup and portable power systems. The advantage to this type of system is its ability to provide power away from the utility grid, and to create a measure of self independence. It also includes a change-over switch from the inverter to generator, so when the generator is running all electrical loads are supplied from the generator, hence saving on fuel costs. It was a solution of getting reliable electricity to a site where the cost of mains connection was estimated at more than $30,000. You can install the system easily as these are available in the form of solar kits containing all these components.
A battery bank can cost anywhere from $10,000 for an average size house and up to $30,000, depending on how much energy you need to store.
Their construction is different from normal car and truck batteries, which are designed to deliver a short burst of current for engine starting. If the bank is too large, it will cost you more and it may not fully charge regularly, which can also shorten its life.
This usually includes topping up batteries with distilled water (if they aren't sealed) and cleaning away corrosion, dust and dirt. There are two types of inverter - one for stand-alone systems and one for grid-connected systems. It depends mainly upon the combination of components installed and the electricity output required.
The size of the generator will depend on the amount of electricity required to meet demand, the size of the battery bank and the renewable energy sources available at the site. Solar water pumps are designed to pump water for agricultural irrigation, drinking water and livestock water  supply in areas where electricity is unavailable or unreliable.
It is completely  powered by solar energy and does not require storage batteries, therefore being a very cost-effective system. We at Savepower are also familiar with the DDA lighting standards for the new 2012 Disability Discrimination Act lighting regulations, and have built many solar powered LED lighting systems for bus shelters, to these new standards. Traditional mains powered lights use power from mains power grid systems, which are fed by a power generation plant, that generates electricity and is usually coal or gas fired, which costs money and causes pollution and CO2 emissions. This complete Access Control will provide the security and convenience you require for your home or business.
Fast, reliable performance combined with affordability gives HF readers the competitive edge. The solar energy can be utilized through various means form building concentrating solar power systems, photovoltaic, solar heating systems , solar cars, solar batteries, solar satellite systems , solar updraft power houses and solar lighting systems. The size of the photovoltaic array (number of solar panels) and battery will depend upon individual power requirements.

The system has to be wired with an inverter that produces pure-sine-wave AC electricity, which is necessary for connecting to the utility grid.
A complete stand-alone home solar system will typically have 2 inverters to supply the AC house current necessary to power large loads such as air conditioners. But the choice of off grid solar energy is based on the size of the plant, location of the system and maintenance considerations. Because of the nature of solar energy, it is necessary to store this energy in deep cycle batteries during the day and use them at night time by converting DC power into AC with electronic inverters.
The solar panel is the main element that converts the energy of incident solar rays into electric voltage.
Investing in solar systems is a smart way to save on ever-increasing energy bills and doing our bit to protect the environment! In both cases, advanced inverters are available that control your generation units and how much electricity your house is using at any time. Our philosophy is that, if you do have a problem with any of our products, we will solve it as soon as humanly possible. Concentrate solar power systems use mirrors and lenses to store light and heat carrying photons.
The solar panels charge the battery during daylight hours and the battery supplies power to the inverter as needed.
Another advantage to this type of system are the tax incentives and rebates available from different state and local agencies.
Having a second inverter helps to insure that power is available when one of the inverters eventually requires servicing.
When more power is needed than the solar panels are producing, a gasoline, propane or diesel generator is activated. The cost of off grid solar systems is comparatively less because there is no need to install the expensive electronic systems needed to synchronize solar electricity to the AC grid.
The inverter changes the 12 volt batteries DC power into 120 volt AC power, which is the most useful type of current for most applications. Owning a grid-tied system in California qualifies you for the State Buydown program, drastically reducing the overall system cost.
These self contained systems need a sizable battery storage capacity to provide electricity when solar power is unavailable due to prolonged adverse weather conditions. The generator will provide enough power to overcome the difference between solar power available and the electricity you require. In the absence of availability of grid supply in the vicinity and in small sized installations, these systems are definitely preferred to the regular grid systems. Solar lighting system can be used by designing the architecture to support day lighting procedure.
Most of these systems typically do not have the battery storage that allows for power when the utility fails.
A complete stand-alone solar system will usually require at least 20 solar panels to keep the batteries at a safe and proper state of charge. This type of system is used for cabins, remote homes and is a common system used to provide power for small medical facilities in third world countries. Grid-tie system can be installed with battery backup power to keep critical loads operating in the event of a power failure. Typically this type of system is most cost effective when the system is located away from the utility grid. These solar panels convert the sunlight into electric charge and furthermore it can be stored into battery to be used later on. This hot air rises to the tower and then it runs the turbines to support electricity generation. Solar power satellite is an expensive way to produce electricity form unhindered sunlight day and night.

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