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A discussion on insights, knowledge, strategies and actions for helping businesses to improve and grow. MNRE has recently released the list of all grid operating solar PV projects in India (latest updated as on July 2011. With increasing Solar EPC and manufacturing experience building in Indian players, MNRE has also published a performance report on 6 grid connected power plants in India. Comments or opinions expressed on this website are those of the individual contributors only, and do not necessarily represent the views of pManifold Business Solutions Pvt. State-of-the-Art Photovoltaic (PV) technology offers a techno-commercially viable solution. Our Solar Applications Engineer starts with the Proposal for Solar Energy Projects including a detailed site survey, shading study and requirements assessment to provide you with indicative financial estimates.
Your Solar Power Plants is optimized with key considerations on Solar Modules will maximize generation, Solar Panel Mounting Systems that optimize your roof space, array configuration to boost Photovoltaic Combiner Box output, suitable Low Priced Solar Inverters for India for your load profile, sufficient Solar System Batteries for power banking and the ideal location for installing Automatic Weather Stations.
In house expertise of the fully integrated solution helps in assuring total system performance. Carefully selected quality components that are rigorously tested based on specific application for improved reliability and extended solution life. 2 years warranty for the complete installation services in addition to manufacturer's warranty. Sunipod designs a custom solar power plant which pays back their investment in 3 years and saves energy bills worth Rs. Sunipod Lower Your Electric Bill Solution is modular by nature allowing its implementation at multiple locations. Sunipod explores how changing to a solar powered system will help you reduce your electricity bill and save money. Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has unveiled country's largest solar power plant at Diken in Jwad area of Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh.
BJP's prime ministerial candidate congratulated MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for linking the earth with sky through the project. Chouhan added that the state is targeting to generate 2500 MW of wind and solar power by 2015 and is now second after Gujarat in providing 24x7 power to its people.
Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. A tender for 500MW of solar capacity in the sunny, south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh, resulted in First Solar submitting the cheapest bids in an auction that was oversubscribed by more than double – 63 bids, totalling 1291MW in proposed solar developments. They also confirm that generating power from a large-scale solar plant is now cheaper, in India, than power from new-build coal, particularly those that rely on imported coal.
Basically, says IEEFA, the required wholesale power price for imported coal is prohibitive relative to domestic coal or renewable energy.
The increasingly shaky state of this Queensland coal export plan has been exposed more and more lately, with major international banks officially distancing themselves from the development projects, and signalling they would not back them financially, due to the attached risks – both financial and environmental. India, meanwhile, is increasingly turning to solar, with government plans to foster development of some of the world’s largest solar PV parks across the country, totalling as much as 20 gigawatts of capacity*, about 10 times what India has built to date. The Indian government also revealed details this month of an auction of 1GW of solar projects in Andhra Pradesh that will form the first part of a national 15GW roll out of PV between now and 2019. You’re getting a little carried away with your storage stuff when you get out into the weeks and seasons zone. And don’t forget, in some cases it will make sense to do a lot more overbuilding of capacity than to try to store for low input times. Seasonable storage might make financial sense in some areas or if more affordable bulk storage is available. For example were a region to rely heavily on pump-up hydro storage then using larger reservoirs might work out. But I suspect it would be cheaper to produce electricity where possible and transport it in via HVDC and UHVDC transmission lines. As you read that realize that their cost figures for wind and solar were generated in 2008 or so and are badly out of date.

I fail to understand why we are still living with an obsolete and out of sync classical concept of judging the economics of likely candidate for the energy security of future.
Unfortunately in the short term, it is simpler to rapidly increase annual production in GWh with coal fired generators than with either solar or wind and India still remains committed to significantly increasing its coal fired capacity.
The developed world needs to provide India with every support and inducement not to follow China (ie China’s coal fired capacity added between 2003 and 2013) and instead for India to limit its new coal generation to those in the pipeline and in its place to substantially increase wind and solar capacity over even its current quite ambitious targets. Coal just keeps getting pounded, beaten on price, major divestments, uncertainty, looming carbon taxes etc etc. Its not just falling prices of solar cells thats the reason for the lower unit pricing, its also greater transparency bereft of corruption. BJP prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan during the launch of a solar power plant at Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday.
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi launched a 130-MW solar power plant at Bhagwanpur in Neemuch, about 400 km from here, on Wednesday. The Welspun Solar MP project, the largest solar power plant in India set up at a cost of Rs. In the past two days, the State has seen a flurry of inaugurations of projects, including the opening of the Betul-Nagpur link in Chhindwara on Tuesday by Union Ministers Kamal Nath and Oscar Fernandes and flagging off an express train from Gwalior to Pune by Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on Wednesday.
Most gains the BJP had recently are due to dissatisfaction with the congress, not because of BJP's attraction. And such pro congress comments are found in many articles especially RaGa centric articles. Modi give undue importance to corporates and looting public money on the name of development"The Modi government gave 14,306 acres of land to Adani at the rate of Rs 1 per square metre, where as market rate was Rs 300 per square metre. Modi is looting public money from the state and spending it on public meeting nationwide to realize hisprime ministerial dream. The comments which im watching in favour of congress, are they for real, or congress has managed to buy out comments also to improve their image, do whatever you want, congress will nowhere be seen in the next elections. All rights are being given by the Congress as boasted by RaGa and its men but if there is darkness what is use of right to women, children and students, if there is no food procurement and incentive to farmers what is use of food security act, if there is no good school building and trained teachers what is use of right to education.
Electricity Generated in last 100 years from 1900 to 2004 was 112000 MW and in last 10 years it was 109000.
RTI, Lokpal-Lok-Ayuktha, Whistle blowers policy, Judicial Accountability, Redressal of Grievance, Consumer protection act, Prevention of money laundering, Electronic delivery services they were all given by congress.
Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI) added a feather in its cap by reducing the fixed cost of setting up a solar power plant as they undertook research and development. Addressing a gathering at the ongoing Sixth CII Energy Expo and ‘India Energy Conclave’, T Harinarayana Director, GERMI said that they had brought down the cost 1 MW solar power plant to Rs.
Due to the research and development undertaken by GERMI, the cost was further brought down by Rs. Meanwhile, Rahool Panandiker, who is the partner and director of Boston Consulting Group, said that it was imperative to ensure that there was surge in the LNG imports by 10 times so that the power woes could be addressed. Referring to a report, Harinarayana added that India had land mass 10 times more than that of Germany. Do you think the Indian government provides enough incentives for using solar and other new energy sources?
Acme owns a 5% stake in the California-based company.Acme Group has announced that it's on track to get the first half of it's first 10 MW solar thermal power plant online at the beginning of 2010, Cleantech reports.
If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. Additionally, the use of renewable energy incorporates a zero fuel cost, such that there is an inbuilt deflationary driver – i.e. In March, the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SEIC) announced plans to build a 1GW solar factory in Andhra Pradesh. Now we just need to get a government in who aren’t going to destroy the economy by tying it to the sinking ship of fossil fuels.
Australia should focus more on gas but ensure it doesn’t allow industry to set ridiculously high prices else it will again be priced out.

To build a true all-renewable grid needs significant investment in grid storage as well as in the energy harvesting. The much touted model of ultra large scale concentrated power production units for reasons of economy and subsequent hassles and additional costs of transmission and distribution are neither necessary nor required for at least 50% of the power requirements of our globe. Earlier money used to be dispensed to facilitate tender deals at the cost to the exchequer and consumer. Shelve all spv and csp projects and use infinite free positive solar energy directly as heat , light and steam and kill the negative effect of solar heat by solar passive buildings . But when the IAF asked Gujarat for land, they were told that they would have to pay Rs 88 per square metre.
However, the country possessed the solar power generation capacity of merely 1.3 GW in comparison to the 31 GW installed capacity of the European nation.
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Levelised costs are very competitive Larger plants we offer on BOT model through power purchase agreements. That is significant, because it is below the price required to make coal imports economically viable.
Yes, seasonal storage may not prove to be cost-effective or necessary, but it doesn’t seem to have been well studied. It is an interesting study, though in my opinion they have underestimated future energy demand.
Meanwhile, solar is doing what big coal thought it does (but does’t), it brings power to poorer parts of the world and has potential to lift those regions out of poverty. As the saying goes, what Delhi does, India does, so we expect more States to follow through shortly. The day BJP comes to power it is going to be the death of democracy and a victory for right wing hindutva forces. Going by the recent developments like record food grain production (next only to Punjab), software giants like TCS and Infosys in process of opening offices in Inodre and now this development point to a changing picture of MP under the able BJP leadership.
Was NDA simply snoring and sleeping after being in power for six years leaving everything to be done by the UPA ?
Modi’s absence from the programme and publicity materials raised questions within party circles. We all know these are exactly the kind of people who blame women for the rapes, assault couples on valentines day and target people on the basis of religion. BJP leader Sushma Swaraj and her close friendship with Reddy brothers, who are considered to be mining mafia in Andhra .
Now youth of India want all round development and it become our foremost task to develop asset of demographic dividend and not a liability.
The exclusion of Satyanarayan Jatiya, Rajya Sabha member, who was instrumental in getting the waters of the Narmada to Malwa, also raised eyebrows. She was considered as God mother for Reddy brothers.The real truth is that the BJP beating down the wrong path.
Now the NDA become only such alliance which promote developmental policies and youths are supporting it irrespective of its past.
Modi is nothing but a conscious brand building exercise wherein he has been projected as some sort of magician and politician blended into one who will magically transform the social and economic landscape of India when he comes to power. 60 years of administrative inefficiency and systemic failures cannot be simply wiped away by electing one man.

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