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Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI) added a feather in its cap by reducing the fixed cost of setting up a solar power plant as they undertook research and development.
Addressing a gathering at the ongoing Sixth CII Energy Expo and ‘India Energy Conclave’, T Harinarayana Director, GERMI said that they had brought down the cost 1 MW solar power plant to Rs.
Due to the research and development undertaken by GERMI, the cost was further brought down by Rs. Meanwhile, Rahool Panandiker, who is the partner and director of Boston Consulting Group, said that it was imperative to ensure that there was surge in the LNG imports by 10 times so that the power woes could be addressed.
Referring to a report, Harinarayana added that India had land mass 10 times more than that of Germany.
Do you think the Indian government provides enough incentives for using solar and other new energy sources? With ever increasing energy bills and climate change, solar energy is the most sort after solution. Working with solar energy can be safe, as long as the voltages and currents you are working with are well below 50 volts and 1 ma.
The first connections that are made in an off grid energy system, is the solar charger and batteries. With this basic energy system, you can operate TVs, small fridges, computer and a whole range of other appliances.

Where to buy: Solar chargers, inverters and solar panels can be bought from either eBay or Alibaba for really cheap - we found these to be the best places on finding great deals. Using regulated charger output to control a relay, so that higher currents can be used to power devices directly off, of the battery. However, the country possessed the solar power generation capacity of merely 1.3 GW in comparison to the 31 GW installed capacity of the European nation.
WASA Managing Director Syed Zahid Aziz told newsmen that paperwork for the solar power plant had been completed.
But solar energy systems can contain high DC voltages within the networked solar panels and high AC voltages within the inverter - there is simply no room for mistakes when working with high voltages, especially where high currents are present. Solar chargers can usually accept a multiple range of voltage inputs, the basic being 12-24 volt chargers.
Once the battery(s) has been connected and the charger display (or status lights) turn on, you are ready to connect the solar panels. Once your system is assembled, i.e, solar panels, solar charger, battery and (Optionally) the inverter , you can either use the power output from the charger (Globe Symbol) to power small devices, or you can simply connect an inverter directly to the battery(s) so that you can power household appliances. So if battery voltage falls too low, the relay switches off, in turn switching off the devices connected directly to the battery!
He said documents for the solar power plant had been handed to over a Chinese firm which would return them after getting approval from their government in two weeks.

Then simply push your stripped battery connector in place and then tighten the clamp with your screwdriver. For the HUGE benefit of not requiring fuel, the biggest con I guess, is probably finding the space to mount your solar panel(s) - Our system simply has the panels resting against the garage wall! Higher voltages flow more efficiently and with lower losses through extended cables with minimal diameters, than lower voltages, given the same parameters. The WASA managing director said the solar power plant would produce 25 megawatt electricity and help the agency save Rs600 million annually.
So if the solar panel array was going to be a great distance from the energy system and long cables were used, then the best results for energy production would be achieved with higher voltages - Shorter distances don't care much for losses.
12 or 24 volts, the charger automatically adjust to the specifications of the batteries that are connected - A totally flat battery will not charge properly in this case! So in this case, you DEFINATELY do not want to hard wire a solar panel directly to a battery!
Do the same for the other connector, so that both the Negative and Positive connections are complete.

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