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This is the best offer in the history of solar, the best components you can possibly use, at the best price you'll find on the internet, or anywhere eles. Catalina Solar Energy is a registered CEC seller and when buying from us you can apply for the state and federal rebates that can pay back 50% -80% or more (different states have different rebate programs) of your system cost. System include all the parts you'll posibly need for the fastest, easiest, cleanest, longest lasting installation, and includes additional parts for non convetional installations). This warranty is not to be confused with REC's power output warranty of 90% for 10 years and 80% for 20 years.
You can rest assured these are brand new, 2nd generation REC AE Series modules with improved J-box design and other enhancements - plus REC's full, industry leading materials-and-workmanship warranty and power output guarantee!
We are happy to offer our dealers the industry's BEST dealer-level module pricing for high quality modules - the REC AE Series.
AND get FREE SHIPPING for full system orders above $10,000 with REC modules, or on REC modules-only orders above $10,000. We do not expect to be undersold at these prices, but if you find documented pricing on comparable modules sold elsewhere, call us and we will match. The FRONIUS IG 2000,IG 3000 and IG 2500-LV (low voltage 208V) photovoltaic inverters utilize high frequency architecture to deliver higher reliability and performance while reducing size, weight and installation cost. The FRONIUS IG combines several key design elements to insure operation at a high efficiency under all operating conditions. It is easy to navigate, with large clear digits, and backlight for easy reading (with automatic shutdown to conserve power). The FRONIUS IG uses a high frequency transformer, which is substantially smaller than the 60 Hz transformers used in inverters with one-stage topologies. The FRONIUS IG’s housing is made of lightweight aluminum, which is significantly lighter than stainless steel while continuing to offer the necessary durability and corrosion resistance.
Because we use less raw materials in building each FRONIUS IG, this means less CO2 emissions and less material to recycle down the road.

At 26 lbs, the Fronius IG weighs about the same as a large framed picture and does not require special bracing or a back plate to install. LIMITED TIME OFFER Go Solar with American Sunlight Solar and receive a Solar Monitoring System for free.
When you put your home to work generating solar power, you'll see immediate savings on your electric bills, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint using clean, renewable electricity from the sun.
Why is a solar power system from American Sunlight Solar one of the smartest investments you can make today? On large residential solar panel projects, we will work with your SAP assessor or energy consultant to identify the most appropriate solar technology for your project.
Covered by a 10 year Premium Manufacturers Warranty.Follow the links below to find out more about features that improve the performance and reduce the cost of your PV system.
As a world leading manufacturer of HF welding equipment Fronius builds products that can withstand the test of time in harsh environments and heavy use.
There is additional functionality when you add the Datcom monitoring system  with Weather station sensors.
Because the heat sinks are just large pieces of metal meant to conduct heat away from the inside of the inverter, smaller heat sinks means less metal and less weight.
Its light weight also means it costs two-to-three times less to ship an FRONIUS IG inverter.
You can easily fine-tune your system with different wattage modules and string configurations.
An aluminum mounting bracket comes standard with each FRONIUS IG, making installation fast and easy. Once a suitable solar product has been selected, our experienced Project Delivery Team will design, supply, install and commission the system for you. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Accurate MPP tracking and high efficiency is maintained throughout the voltage and power range. The LCD is also used to display three-digit service codes relating to non optimal operating , both momentary and those needing correction.
Since transformers are largely made of copper and iron, that's a lot of raw metal that is no longer necessary. This means less fossil fuels consumed to get the FRONIUS IG from our production factory to your photovoltaic installation.
Mount the aluminum bracket to the wall, slide the IG onto the positioning lip, and fasten the securing screws (included).
Active Cooling – To operate at full power over a wide range of temperatures, inverters components must be kept cool. Knowing what your system is doing helps insure that it will produce the maximum output now and in the future. The mounting bracket is predrilled and patterned for mounting to a single stud, flat wood or stucco siding, 6” and 8” lap siding, and shingles.
Fronius, which perfected Active Cooling in HF welders, employs the same Active Cooling technology in its FRONIUS IG inverters. Using the displayed service codes saves time and effort in troubleshooting, and allows installers and dealers to resolve many issues remotely.Optional DatCom data logging and remote sensors can be added to any system for more sophisticated and almost limitless data analysis using Fronius IG access.
They inverters operate reliably at full power, without de-rating, over a wider range of temperatures than competing inverters.Phase Shift Technology- Unique phase-shift design maximizes switching efficiency. Switching losses are minimized through an innovative process, allowing an even higher efficiency to be maintained.

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