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Given that sunlight which it is free and practically limitless and it is no wonder that more and more home owner are converting their homes to run on solar power systems. The factors to consider when deciding on whether solar power would be a good choice for you and cost is only one of them. You also have to be aware of the type and strength of your roof structure as this is where solar panels would be installed and once they are installed and it becomes your responsibility to keep the panels clean as too much dust and bird droppings on the panels that can reduce the amount of sunlight striking them. You should also consider the surrounding of the house in order to ensure that no shade falls on the roof. In comparison to conventional hydrocarbon fuels such as coal or oil in generating electricity, the cost of solar energy is significantly higher. In our example, a ton of coal on the average produces approximately 6,182 KWH of electric at a cost of about $36 per short ton (2,000 pounds).
In comparison to solar energy, the hydrocarbon fuel costs are significantly lower without rebates, tax benefits nor the cost of carbon emissions. Some of the considerations for a solar energy system include the 20-to-30 year lifespan of the system and the hours of available sunlight. In order to compare the solar energy costs to conventional hydrocarbon fuels, we must covert the $8.95 per into KWH. So a $45,000 5KW solar energy system produces about 119,246 KWH of electric over its lifespan meaning the average cost equals $0.38 per KWH.
The relatively high solar energy costs in comparison to conventional fuels should improve with utility rebates and government tax incentives.

We will explore the some of the advances in thin-film technologies, the declining costs of solar panels, and the improving solar conversion efficiencies that should continue to bring solar energy costs on par with hydrocarbon fuels.
I would like kindly ask the cost of solar energy for desalination and and energy generation and the area to be allocated per 0ne MWH solar energy generation. I have a 3k system on my roof and it produces annually between 4,700 and 4,900 kwh of electricity, so your calculations are clearly understating the kwh generation of better systems on well-oriented roofs (my panels are Suntech). But let’s assume I get 25 years at original efficiency and only another 10 years at 90% efficiency.
Note that by putting a solar system on my roof I have LOCKED IN the price per kwh of 4.4 cents per watt for the next 40 years. As for the stated price of coal per khw in this article, this is meaningless to a homeowner.
Oh, and this return is entirely TAX FREE because it represents a savings of a necessary expense and not interest or dividend income from Mr. Going solar would not only reduce your electricity bill but it would almost obliterate your carbon footprint as the sun provides clean energy with no greenhose gas emissions. You should consider your power consumption first before decide to apply solar to your house. One more thing that you may want to consider a section of the roof for the panels which is not too exposed keeping in mind that the maximum efficiency solar panels must be facing north and tilted at 25°-30°. Fridges are a problem which it will cost less to but a new one with energy efficient fridge and solar panels than it will to power your old fridge with solar.

Although you don’t really go on to say how good of an investment solar energy actually is, in the long run.
You are not considering the cost of pollution and environmental degradation related to fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) energy.
The involves looking at your electricity bill and trying to figure out how many kilowatt hours that you have use perday as well as types of loads that you have and patterns of usage.
If your roof is not strong enough you may have to consider a building a structure for the panels separately. The system of solar cell require a battery back up which is large enough to give autonomy of close to five days of little to no sunshine.
So multiply the cost per KWH number for solar some 2-3 times to get more realistic picture. Solar at this time is completely lacking any commercial viability for most people and businesses.

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