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Electric vehicles are clearly here to stay, but even today’s cheapest all-electrics cost nearly $30,000, and most of them cost significantly more.
With nothing more than an old Volkswagen Beetle (donated), various scrap parts, and about $6,000 in components, Obafemi Awolowo University engineering student Segun Oyeyiola set to work over the last year to build his own electric bug. By installing a large solar panel on its roof, and a wind turbine under the hood that captures energy as the vehicle moves forward, the car is able to charge up in about four to five hours.
The car also has modern touches like a GPS based system which can provide feedback on weather conditions and other environmental information around the car. The current situation of the planet from its environment point of view is not what we all want or expect. Although electric cars are currently plagued with a large number of problems, especially range anxiety and emissions associated with generating electricity using conventional means, they definitely do well on the green scale when compared with the currently used gas-guzzlers.
One of the most favorable ways to power something that always remains outdoors is sunshine. Currently due to technological limitations, manufacturers of electric vehicles are forced to use batteries that are essentially the same as the ones you would find on your laptop or tablet computer, albeit with a larger capacity.
Apart from sunshine, which is readily available when you drive down the highway, the other major source of energy is wind.
The concept of powering vehicles with air has been floating around for decades, but the end result is yet to be seen on the roads. A carport that can generate power from the sun is debuting at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 23 (EVS-23) this week in Anaheim, California. The Envision solar carport is made of recycled light gauge steel framework that can be assembled via instruction manual and videos. I will like to know if you have Carports In stock and will also like to know what is the cost for each ?
However, the stations have one drawback - they can only be used for Sanyo's $2,000+ Eneloop electric hybrid bicycle. Imagine if by simply painting a car, you could allow it to convert the sun's energy to power its electronics or charge its battery. Photovoltaic paint is just one way in which our small molecule organic photovoltaic technology can be applied. Whether employing photovoltaic paint or solar thin film, the electric cars of the future will be made greener through the use of our proprietary organic materials.
You may think that a simple solar charger would be just enough for your camping or hiking trip, but if you get to know that a portable solar generator can power all your mobile devices, gadgets and even laptops, you may consider such a solar generator for your next trip.
In this article we will present to you the best portable solar generators we found currently available on the market. In case you can’t charge the generator from the sun, you can do so, by just plugging it in a wall socket.
According to some customers a single 20-watt solar panel isn’t enough if you really need to rely on the energy the generator produces. Overall, most people use it for camping or keep it stored in case of an emergency situation.
This generator kit is ideal for campers and even backpackers who need a compact all-in-one portable way to charge their devices. When it comes to what customers have experienced with this generator, most of them are extremely happy and surprised at the rugged design, that shows not only a great functionality but also a thorough craftsmanship and an eye for detail.
Some of them have even purchased a second such unit, just because it works great and people decide to use them in various activities (mostly outdoors) and at home in case a disaster strikes. The Wagan generator is among the best so far, because its power outlets produce a total of 300W. While this solar generator kit is heavier more than double in comparison to the above products, it is much more powerful and reliable.
Being among the heaviest portable solar generators, it is considered also one of the best available on the market.
The cabinet, where you install the generator, is weather-proof and the installation itself is easy to do. The plug-and-play connectors are very easy to attach and detach, minimizing the risk for short circuitry, thus increasing the safety levels of this generator. This large solar generator has the most amount of solar panels (it has 5), and comes with the ability to plug in more solar panels, so as to increase the total wattage produced. There are 2 AC outlets, which can be used to charge a wide range of appliances and devices, from radio, television set, laptops, computers, mobile devices, and even larger kitchen appliances like a fridge and a microwave. The built-in solar panels can be retracted into the generator, thus, when you get it from your dealer, you will see a luggage-sized unit, which can expand nearly double to catch the sun’s energy.
All in all, customers are pleased and happy to use Wagan’s generator, and plan on expanding it with more solar panels. The greatest things about this product is that it doesn’t weigh so much as some of the above units. Another noteworthy thing is that the setup is extremely easy and can take up no more than 10 minutes of your time. The solar panels can be mounted on a tri-pod, which ships together with the solar generator.
As a whole, it’s a great entry-level solar powered generator, as it delivers great quality and performance for the price you pay. While this unit isn’t exactly a traditional solar generator, it still generates energy and can be used successfully with a variety of devices and gadgets.
When you purchase this unit you will get an amorphous 15-watt solar panel cell, plus a powerful 200-watt sine wave inverter. There’s also a built-in diode, which prevents the battery from discharging during the night, thus keeping the energy collected during the day safely stored for use on the next day. Considering the total wattage output of this solar panel and the price, we can say that this could be the best bargain for your pocket and your needs. The plug-n-play setup is extremely easy and intuitive and can be done entirely be you within no more than one hour. Another slightly negative thing about the product is that there is somewhat a lack of customer service, responding quickly to your needs. Posts related to above article: Convert Solar Energy to Power Source with SOLo Lounge TableThis SOLo Lounge table from iF is really eco-friendly design dedicated to take advantage of all the goodness of the sun.
A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle.

This car is what i have been waiting and searching for for ages, lets get it out there tomorrow – if the tecnology and the muscle power is there, what are we waiting for ?
If this kind project is not the number one priority of the modern government of an inviromental oriented society, there is no value in even mentioning the word ecology or even greenhouse effect.
With that in mind, one enterprising student in Nigeria decided to build his own electric car – and this one can run on solar or wind power. A battery pack at the rear of the car stores power, though it’s not clear if the car can be charged by plugging it in or if it only works with the wind and sun.
We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Global temperatures are steadily rising and the polar ice caps are constantly melting, giving way to a range of crisis right from climate change to water scarcity. The present condition is not well suited for global adoption of electric cars, but conditions are not expected to remain the same in the near future. Although solar panels aren’t as efficient as one might want them to be if you want a ride that charges itself as you drive it, the technology is definitely improving and the conditions for the future do seem rosy. Although lithium batteries are efficient in storing energy and can sustain regular charge and discharge cycles, they take a lot of time to completely recharge and since we’re talking about powering tires instead of powering some microelectronics, a fully charged battery doesn’t allow a long distance drive. To witness the intensity of wind when you drive all you have to do is to open your car’s window while driving at 50mph. Although a car that could run on water was initially thought to be a hypothetical dream of a scientist who sees too far into the future, automaker Nanoflowcell AG has transformed this dream into a reality. The technology, which was initially introduced by MDI Air, has been bought by Indian auto giant Tata Motors and the fruits of their labor have paid off in terms of a few rides that use compressed air as a source of power.
Created by a company called Envision, the Lifeport can generate power for the home, or it can used to recharge electric vehicles directly. Recently the Japanese tech company Sanyo has finished its two solar parking lot charging stations for the company's hybrid electric bicycle called Eneloop. A lot of fascinating things are taking place every day around the globe and we welcome you to this world. We are heading towards a time of more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, and NanoFlex is set to lead the way.
Usually solar generators are heavier than ordinary solar chargers, because they turn the solar energy into powerful electric current which can charge a wider range of devices. Some of them are more suitable for car camping, others can be brought along with you even if you’re backpacking. As we already mentioned, it can power up all types of electric and electronic devices, like laptops, smartphones, lamps (lights), DSLR, cameras, tablets, etc. You can power the generator in three ways – solar, wall socket (use the AC inverter) and with the 12-volt port. Some people tend to purchase two 20-watt solar panels to compensate the weaker single panel. First, you have 2 built-in solar panels, each providing 10 watts, plus a 10A charge controller, and a powerful inverter – 150 watts.
One of the really invaluable things about this generator is that you can plug in additional solar panels, so that the total capacity would reach 50W. Overall, it’s a great product for the price, and every penny is worth the quality you get. The solar panel (which is also weatherproof, and can withstand any type of harsh weather, including hail) is more powerful than the above – 30W. As the name implies, you simply plug in the solar panel to the battery-pack, and it will immediately begin to charge. The cabinet also ships with wheels, since due to its weight you need to transport it easily from one place to another.
There are of course 2 USB ports for your electronic devices like iPads, iPhones, mp3 players, etc. Basically it’s an all-in-one plug-n-play generator and can only be expanded with more solar panels for your convenience and more energy output. At first it may seem a bit clumsy and weird, but once you get used to it, it begins to make sense.
On top of that, you’ll have a 7-Ampere solar charging regulator, plus all the wires you need for connecting everything you need. For that matter, you can simply charge a 12V battery set, vehicles, and any other unit with a power storage capacity. The unit is built with a strong reliable ABS plastic, which gives it stability and makes it a rugged durable product. Weight of course shouldn’t be a problem, but it depends on your purposes for this unit.
In fact, many customers who had issues or questions for KISAE, tried to contact the customer service center, but couldn’t get through them. All of them have different properties, which need to be taken into account before you commit to a purchase. A good advice is to always spend some time finding detailed customer reviews before you purchase anything.
It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but our site will automatically receive a small commission. Since the real estate available on a car is quite limited, solar panels need to be highly efficient to charge batteries in less time.
To solve the situation, researchers at MIT and other universities are planning to use supercapacitors, which work just like batteries on steroids.
Quite obviously, all this wind can easily be converted into electricity provided you can fix in a wind generator in your vehicle without compromising the aesthetic beauty of your ride. The company showcased a car at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, which uses two 200-liter tanks of salt water as a source of power. Apart from giving you entirely zero-emission drives, the technology will considerably reduce the burden of fuel on most regular drivers. Each parking lot features 36,210W panels, with energy being stored in lithium ion batteries. Our proprietary organic materials can be produced at the molecular level, which enables them to be applied to highly flexible and non-planar surfaces through the application of an ultra-thin solar coating.

In this scenario, flexible thin film would be produced and coated with Organic PV material.
While even the lightest version is heavier compared to a regular solar charger, it is still worth considering. To solar charge the generator, plug in solar panels to it, and expose the panels to about 17 hours of sun.
This means that, whenever it’s daytime, you can count on the generator to power the batteries. Also, it’s better because its cells are poly-crystalline (unlike the more wide-spread mono-crystalline). The solar panel cable is 25 ft (7.62 m) which means you can set the solar panel to a sunny spot, but keep your gadgets, devices, laptops and cameras to the shade, next to you.
For most customers the battery lasts 3 to 5 years until it needs to be replaced with a new one. It is also optimized for more solar panels and can thus be expanded to receive more solar energy and power up more of your devices at a time.
Of course, strong wind may top off the tri-pod, but this hasn’t been reported by the customers so far.
Thanks to that, you can then use the stored power to charge any device or electronic gadget you need. Most customers are very pleased with the functionality, portability and use of this unit, and recommend it. This can be definitely off-putting, but when it comes to the product itself, there were hardly any issues reported. David's responsibility was to protect people in case of any disaster or cataclysm that might occur. This time around, let us make ourselves familiar with this Antro Solo car, not just a hybrid car but it also has a pedal.
Porsche 918: An Extravagant Looking Eco-friendly CarWhen we say extravagant car, many would definitely refer it to a racing car.
Cars in all parts of the world are consuming billions of gallons of fuel and emitting large quantities of toxic gases in the process. Currently available technology can charge your ride in a couple of days if you don’t drive it during that time. These powerful devices can recharge quickly and hold more charge than traditional batteries do, reducing range anxiety.
There are some who’ve managed this feat and the products of their labor are prototyped too. The car works like any other hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, but uses saltwater for storing energy. Although the vehicles haven’t made it to the roads till date, we can well expect Tata Motors to debut their innovative vehicles to help the environment and the consumers. This solar thin film could then be placed on the windows of an automobile as it would be virtually transparent. This solar thin film could then be affixed to the sunroof or windows of an automobile and appear as a tinted glass surface.
This is especially true if you’re a photographer and need to power a camera, shoot time-lapses, keep a laptop charged at all times, etc.
It may not be as powerful as it could be with direct sunlight, but it produces powerful enough energy. Due to its weight you may only be able to go camping with it in case you’re in a van. Another thing which you may find unique, is that, if you call Grid Eraser for some help you will talk immediately with the owner, David. It could be slightly noisy, although insignificantly (no customer found that a problem), but we still have to point that out, in case you have sensitive hearing. Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war.
However, we can well expect new breakthroughs to reduce that time and hence, give you a truly zero-emission driving experience. With new advancements in technology, we can well foresee an electric car that generates energy from wind while you drive, reducing emissions to their bare minimum. The saltwater passes through a membrane creating an electrical discharge which is then stored and distributed by supercapacitors. The solar film would allow the energy from the sun to be harnessed in order to provide some charge to the car’s battery, making the car a much more efficient vehicle. It’s made in the shape of a suitcase with a handle, so that whenever you go out and open it, it will immediately begin charging the generator battery.
Otherwise, it’s ideal for powering your apartment or house, without the need to move it too much. He is very open to help you and navigate you through the issue you may have, or to simply instruct you on the installation (in case you have troubles with it), etc. Otherwise, as long as you keep the solar generator exposed to day light or direct sunlight, your batteries will remain topped up almost all the time. It’s ideal for recreational purposes, but it can be used, of course, for preparation for unexpected disaster situations. Give Your Little Angels A Chance To Live The Eco-friendly Life With The Ecolunchbox Solo Cube Lunch BoxOur lunch boxes are evolving but the Ecolunchbox Solo Cube lunch box seems like bring back the yester years. We should point out that this is an entry-level solar generator and is ideal for beginners.
Keep in mind that if you use heavy appliances like a refrigerator or a microwave, you shouldn’t have them run simultaneously.
And because it uses natural energy (solar) it’s clean and can be kept inside, without any risk for exhaust fumes or any dangerous gas leakage. Its engine is a gas-electric hybrid, and it has a large array of roof-mounted photocells that can charge the battery to extend the EV range.

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