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Same Day Delivery in Lahore Managed by Delivery will be made within 4 working days all over Pakistan after order confirmation. This portable power bank has an efficient solar panel, that will trickle charge the device in direct sun light.  With this size of battery the solar panel in bright sun light, should be able to keep up with normal every day use to recharge a standard phone ( at least 10 % recharge). NB windscreens cut out most UV light, all other glass not as much, but does reduce the efficiency of the solar charging. This portable battery is very simple to use, just connect your mobile phone or mp3 player, with the leads and connectors supplied, hold down the central button for a few seconds and away you go.  Apart from the most common 'phone connectors', it also comes with 10 different DC 'ends', making it compatible with most portable devices, including laptops and even being used by Radio Hams as a power supply. An exceedingly compact and robust solar phone charger, easily fits in a bag or pocket, perfect emergency phone back up. The 1500mah battery is enough to give most standard smart phones (Iphone, Blackberry), Kindle or e-cigarette,  a decent portable charge and with the solar panel always recovering charge in any natural light, will give additional charges over time. This special selection of portable power is designed to give a family of four, individual personal power, including a large capacity reserve power bank  for the evening and to top up any of the smaller chargers.

Bought individually these chargers and lights would retail for  ?181.45, this special family camping bundle offers a saving of over ?40.
The intention is that these chargers and accessories will also be useful in every day life. This high capacity power bank can recharge 2 devices (including a Tablet) simultaneously, has a torch and can easily run the Led lights and torch. This is a large capacity portable charger, that would take 18 hours to recharge at 1Amp or 9 hours at 2Amp input. Portable camping phone chargerChosen for the younger members of the family are two 'Power Stick' very compact and easy to use Samsung Batteried portable power banks. These are very easy to keep in a pocket for reserve powe, recharge from any usb or the solar panel in a few hours are ideal to also run the lights or torch. Both the highly practicle USB torch and LED light will work from any usb out let, power bank or Laptops.

With the stalk detached, the bulb will fit into the end of the power bank and instantl light, it also has variable beam.  The LED light is ideally suited to camping or as a reading light.
Once you have had the chance to use these chargers on holiday, we are sure that you will realise how useful it is, having reserve power at hand.  in common with all our chargers, they retain their charge for months, ready for when needed. The high power fold out 11w solar panel will recharge any of these power banks or directly charge any usb device, during the day, every day.  The portable chargers will run the usb lights and any other usb device, such as a tablet for dvd etc. The Torch has a flexible detachable stalk making it very usefull as a work light, where you need your hands free.

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