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Let your children explore the wonders of the galaxy with this Solar System In My Room mobile.
The Original Glowstars Company was first formed in the nineties bringing Original paper Glowstars to the nation. With the incredible Brainstorm Toys Remote Control Illuminated Solar System you can explore the wonders of the universe from the comfort of your own bedroom! Use the remote control to operate the light up sun and the rotation of the planets around the sun. Brainstorm Toys is a range of fun, educational and interactive toys that brings together a host of fascinating items. Write a review and you will earn 1p per rating if other members rate your review at least helpful. The overall rating of a review is different from a simple average of all individual ratings. In summary I'd say this isn't very exciting as a toy, it doesn't do much and it can't really be played with interactively.
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This amazing Remote Controlled, motorised mobile has eight detailed planets that actually orbit the full sun. The aim of Brainstorm Toys branded products is to entertain children but also inspire them to learn more about their environment. I bought it for her as she is interested in the stars and planets and in stories about outer space.
My daughter doesn't need a night light, but she liked the idea of having the remote by her bed so she could switch it on in the night if she wanted to. It does looks good and will please upon first opening of the box, but it looks more exciting than it is. All remarks are founded on evidence from personal experience and the author remains objective throughout.
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This will let other readers know that they need not read the review when seeking information that would be useful in a purchase decision. Detailed on the packaging are the names of each planet so you can display them in their positions within the Solar System.

Simply assemble the planets onto the three independent orbit mechanisms on the sun and mount to the ceiling with the included fixings. By day, an impressive and educational addition to any room and by night the illuminated sun is an attractive night light making it perfect for bedtime as the auto-shut off mechanism will automatically turn the sun and rotating planets off.
It came from our nearest Smyths store where it cost around ?30 without the batteries, (it needs 3 x AA batteries for the sun and 2 x AAA batteries for the remote control). Pre-assembly, the main kit consists of; a Sun in two halves, eight complete planets and eight pieces of wire. The widest part of the sun rotates on three levels, (it's like three stripes around the middle where the planets hook in), so the planets can rotate at different speeds.
Rather than a bedtime story, my daughter would have her mobile on, then choose a planet for me to read about to her. Perhaps the content contains comments which do not relate to the product and may be offensive to other members. One of the things that attracted me to the box was the fact that it had a picture of a girl and a boy on the front, (albeit the boy appears to be impressing the watching girl), I thought this was good because outer space themed toys are often aimed squarely at boys and children can be very aware of whether a toy is genderized.
It can be taken down easily enough, which will need doing when the batteries are to be changed. The accompanying booklet contains a couple of pages of facts about The Sun, The Moon and the planets, (Eureka also make an illuminated moon). Children who are interested in the solar system will probably like this initially, but the novelty may well wear off. By day the planets are bright, colourful and fun but then at night-time, when the lights go out, they produce a fantastic glowing display. Now that kids grow out of toys earlier and earlier, glow products will appeal to kids into their tween and teen years. This product is intended to be mounted onto the ceiling and fixings are included for this installation.
The Manufacturer's recommended age is 6+ but I see no reason why it couldn't be in the room of a younger child and used under supervision. There is a list that gives the order in which to do it; Mercury being the nearest planet to the Sun is on the shortest length of wire, Venus is next, then Earth, and so on.
In terms of quality and longevity it seems reasonable value - not cheap, it is only a few bits of plastic and a motor after all, but not all that expensive either. Use the included light-pointer to locate each planet and make comets and meteors streak through the night sky.

My daughter sometimes lay directly underneath the mobile and watched the planets 'having a race'. It is educational, my daughter knows where all the planets are in relation to The Sun and I think this mobile has helped to consolidate her knowledge of the solar system. I did wonder if Jupiter might fall down, it's size does cause the wire to bend slightly and when Mercury passes underneath, the wires clip each other, but so far all planets have remained fixed in place.
The novelty soon wore off however and apart from showing it to people who haven't seen it before, it now rarely gets looked at, although it did recently return to favour as something to taunt our new kittens with, (they really want to play with it, but can't reach). This review may not sound overly enthusiastic, but I do like this, so have given it 4 stars.
To learn more about why certain stores are listed on the site, click hereProduct specifications are obtained from third parties, and while we make every effort to assure the accuracy of product information, we do not assume any liability for inaccuracies. Shop-Bewertungen und Produktbeurteilungen werden von Online-EinkA¤ufern verfasst und weitergeleitet, um Ihren Shop zu unterstA?tzen. As mentioned, there are three orbit levels, so the planets rotate at different speeds to each other. Store ratings and product reviews are written and submitted by online shoppers to assist you as you shop. The big buttons can work together or separately, ie you can have just light, just movement or both together. Of course it can't be entirely realistic, the planets don't rotate on their own axis, and their positions can't be entirely accurate, but it does give a general idea of how the planets are situated in space.
Wir A?bernehmen keine Verantwortung fA?r den Inhalt der Bewertungen und Beurteilungen, die von den Benutzern eingereicht werden. Our original batteries are still in, but it is only just managing to crawl around at the moment and we need to put new ones in.
It hasn't had a great deal of use so I'd say the battery life isn't great, but it's not too bad.

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