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For some people, the choice to switch to solar panels and generate power for their homes is purely economical; they primarily see it as a chance for lower bills and financial incentives like rebates and believe that it is therefore a practical and viable solution to the issue of cheaper electricity. In Australia, the amount of PV installations has increased substantially with more than one of ten houses said to have some form of system installed. In Germany, a nation known for its green image, more people are said to be employed in the renewable energy sector than the car industry. In fact, solar power is said to be the fastest growing form of renewable energy on a global scale – with growth rates of 60% year on year – making it one of the best weapons we have to fight climate change internationally.
Government policies may be working against the need for renewable energy but there are other ways that Australia is continuing to promote the use of solar power and tackle climate change.
One of the ways that Australia has tried to fight climate change on a wider scale is by targeting big businesses with large scale initiatives and taxes. At the other end of the scale, away from the country’s big industries and cities is another approach to the use of solar power that is just as influential and promising in the way that it has overtaken traditional forms of energy – the use of solar cells for simple power in rural areas. Additionally, there has been a growth in the use of solar water heating across Australia in private homes, hotels, camp sites, swimming pools and even hospitals.
Accessibility of information and tech is another reason why some new ideas can fail, even in urban areas. With greater education about the potential of solar power as a green alternative and a realistic source of energy, the fight against climate change has greater longevity.
Educational programs are a simple but often under-utilized tool in making a significant change – whether political, environmental or other – as they can make a wider group of citizens more aware of the options available, provide a choice where it may not have been possible before and set a good example for future generations. The fight against climate change will always be a difficult one when there are so many climate change deniers around, so many big companies keen to halt the progress of new energy options and so many people to educate; however, the examples highlighted above show that there is hope for using solar power to fight climate change. Block light from entering through your window with our sleek and effective room darkening shades. Various options are now available at your pleasure when it comes to decorating your private garden, outdoor landscape, with the purpose to enhance its aesthetic, safety, and security.
If you are about to install in your private outdoor space, below are four best options that will suit your basic needs and budget. One of the best possible product you can get is the New England Arbors by Portsmouth Lamp that performs excellent task in lighting your lawn or patio, or practically lightens any of your outdoor property during the night.
Made of strong and durable metal material that makes the post sturdy to be placed at any surface. Weighing in at 13 pounds, the Gamasonic solar powered lamppost can deliver up to 8 hours of lighting task.
The best thing about having solar powered lamp post is that you do not have to pay extra money for the electricity bill. Solar powered lamp post by Coach Light will allow you to get adequate light during nighttime, without complicated maintenance because it is equipped with water and rust proof surface.
Coming with easy installation instruction and user-friendly features, Sunergy solar lamp post offers great functionality, as this appliance comes with three lanterns to improve your garden illumination. It actually depends on your preference and requirement when it comes to deciding which lamp post is the best. Cellular Shade fabrics are constructed of unique honeycomb-shaped air pockets that run the length of the shade.
Cellular shades are available with light filtering and blackout options and your choice in either single or double cell, depending on your preferred level of insulation. Cafe Style – You have the option of having the shade lower from the top-down or be raised from the bottom-up. Cordless Cafe Style – All of the features of the Cordless and Cafe Style all in one window treatment! Eclipse Shade – A combination of light filtering and room darkening fabrics in one shade, which offers complete versatility in privacy and light control. Continuous Cord Loop – Features a continuous cord loop control that assists in lifting larger or heavier blinds. Cellular Shades can also be made to fit a variety of shaped windows including arches, angled windows, and geometric. Interested in learning more about the benefits of Cellular Shades and hearing why they would be a great choice for your home? Cincinnati commercial window treatments that are automated to work with your security software can add an element of technology to your window covering systems that will enhance the overall facade and provide the right environment for your building.  There are many options and devices available to help with your window treatments to ensure they are user friendly and easy to operate. Stamper’s Blinds Gallery carries some of the most innovative solutions for commercial window treatments in Cincinnati.  Call today to speak with our window fashion consultant and see what possibilities await you.

Local Cincinnati WeatherCurrent Weather Conditions In Cincinnati, OHLive near St Louis Missouri? For others, the use of solar energy means something bigger, the chance to tackle the greater environmental issue of global warming. The problem that many people are seeing in Australia, however, is a stagnation of progress and a change in focus by the government, which are both concerning for the future use of solar power. The CCS initiative (carbon capture and storage for coal-fired power stations) has been criticised for being to late to make any real difference because it is not expected to be widely implemented until at least 2030 but it is a great example of a high-level measure targeting the worst offenders and trying to make a difference. Accessibility to power will always be a major concern in any nation and the use of solar in off-grid areas in Australia has shown the true potential of the technology on a global scale. Sometimes it is not that solar power is a more appealing option because it is green but that it is simply the more viable option to fossil fuels and traditional sources of electricity. Poorer areas reliant on coal and gas may not wish to change or be aware of the option, and this is where education is also important in the use of solar power to fight climate change. Again, this is something that should be universal in the climate change battle and Australia are playing their part. New technologies and initiatives can be passed on across the globe to more forward-thinking, greener nations and by looking at education, tough measures for big businesses and the accessibility of solar power it could be possible to make significant impacts in halting the progress of climate change and make long term impressions on populations and generations that could alter the world view in years to come. To give you a better idea of what solar can do for you - we’ve developed our simple, easy-to-use savings calculator. With the rapid development of technology, now you have more lighting choices to choose, and apparently, the solar powered lamp post is now gaining popularity due to the large benefits. Choosing solar powered lamp post is one of the best ways to save energy and money, as well as to give the environment a chance to grow better.
It comes with special cone reflector that creates exceptionally bright light to illuminate your pathway. Coach light comes with elegant design that is capable to light you driveway or pathway while adding aesthetic value to your home outdoor decoration. It is very versatile and can be placed anywhere, so the lamps can practically light your property at any angle.
Sunergy lamp post is very versatile and has great functionality, while Coach Light solar powered lamp is probably suitable for those who like lightweight appliances.
These multipurpose shades are available in a variety of control options, custom shapes and with Elite Smart Shade™ automation.
These pockets are designed with cost savings in mind by offering the best energy savings and most superior insulation for any window covering. All of our cellular shade fabrics have a neutral white backing for a clean and consistent street-side appearance, increasing the curb appeal of your home and conforming to condo requirements. This creates a cleaner by eliminating dangling cords and is a great option for home where child and pet safety is a priority. This allows for you to customize both light and privacy, so you are still able to let in the natural light and have a view of the outdoors. SubscribeWeb trend: Unusual Navigation DesignBeautiful examples of unusual navigation websites for inspiration. Australia’s track record on the subject of renewable energy and climate change initiatives is a little patchy but the nation has been a trailblazer in the use of solar panels and solar technology in the past and can take some credit for the way that the wider world is now using solar energy to take on the problem of global warming. Australia was a great innovator in solar power at one time, supplying much of the technology that is used in Japan, Germany and other nations and some question whether it is now being left behind in this global fight. Additionally, a carbon price was launched in 2012 that meant businesses emitting over 25,000 tonnes of CO2 a year would have to have to pay for an emissions permit. The use of solar panels to power major public buildings like State Parliament and the Adelaide Airport show the potential scale and use of solar panels for adults but it is the program to supply schools with these resources that could have the biggest impact as the next generation are introduced to solar as a ordinary part of life rather than a strange alternative.
Easily darken any room from your home theater to the master bedroom in your high-rise condo. Different kits with different fixtures, bulb types, power source, design, and shapes are built in order to provide sufficient lighting and improve nighttime view aesthetic in your pathways. The products are now popular due to several reasons, despite their frugality in energy, the devices are easy to be installed. With classic and elegant look, the 7-foot solar lamppost can also serve as outdoor decoration for your home. The solar lamp has great functionality, and it is capable to enhance lighting at the maximum support with its developed features.
The New England Arbor lamps are very durable with sturdy design, perfect for long-term usage.

Because they are so versatile, they’re a highly customizable window treatment and can provide great options with accessible prices. The cells trap cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer, lowering your energy bills over time.
As potentially beneficial as this was, it was unfortunately scrapped in July 2014 by Abbot’s government. As for the Gamasonic lamps, you will find that the device has richer features and great functionality.
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