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We offer a best price guarantee that saves our customers 65% or more on their bill - better than other Phoenix solar companies. With our solar lease options, we offer a stress-free financing option so you can start saving right away. With Electric companies raising their rates each year, it’s easy to see someone switches to solar every 3 minutes.
With the industry’s best technology in solar, it’s easy to see why companies and other business organization are switching to solar today. We use the latest in high efficiency solar panels and solar products, and our full service team can assure that your system will be engineered and installed on time and on budget. All of our Journeyman Wiremen have completed a 5 year apprenticeship program, certified by the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.
G&S holds itself and it’s staff to the highest standards in professionalism and reliability. Each year, Solar Tribune selects the top rated solar installation companies in the Tucson area. Technicians For Sustainability is one of the premier solar energy companies in the Tucson area. Technicians For Sustainability can be contacted via their official company website, or by phone at 520-740-0736.
The goal that Solarcity embraces is to provide its customers with clean, fully sustainable solar energy via the installation of special solar panels that fit neatly on to the roof of your home. Unlike Technicians For Sustainability, whose mission goal is largely local, Solarcity is very much a presence throughout the entire United States. The company has won special recognition from the Southern Arizona Solar Standards Board on several occasions.
Originally founded in 2001, American Solar & Roofing has installed more than 4500 solar systems throughout Arizona.
American Solar & Roofing has experience working with legislators and regulators to help its clients receive tax benefits and other advantages from solar installations. For buyers who are concerned about high upfront costs, Arizona Solar Solutions offers options to either finance or lease its solar equipment. For buyers looking to utilize a wide variety of green energy products, Arizona Energy Pros offers everything from solar installation to eco-friendly lighting.
The company aims to save its clients money through financial services, manufacturer rebates, and tax benefits. Sun Valley Solar Solutions is a reputable local company that offers both commercial and residential solar solutions. Since Phoenix has some of the most sun among cities in the United States, the company believes it can save the average homeowner at least $150 per month with its products. Pure Energy focuses on solar products that enable homeowners in Phoenix to save money on a variety of utility bills.
During home audits, Pure Energy uses advanced technology to find potential opportunities to reduce energy consumption. In the last couple of years, the solar industry has been rapidly expanding both in Phoenix and around the country. With such a wide variety of solar providers throughout Arizona, picking the right company can be difficult. With the incentives and rebates available today, you can get solar panels at a fraction of their actual cost.

As Phoenix, Arizona's premier provider of commercial solar, our dedicate engineering team will take care of every part of your commercial project.
With over 1,000,000 watts of installation experience we’re your local trusted solar company in Phoenix, Az and experts for institutional, commercial and residential projects. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service and workmanship so that your project withstands the test of time. Each employee is randomly drug tested, background checked and have completed an OSHA 10 hour safety course.
Our skilled staff not only has the technical expertise but also prides itself in achieving the highest level of professionalism in every thing we do.
Technicians For Sustainability has long held itself to extremely high standards when it comes to ethical and ecological matters, and its commitment to the people and environment of Arizona is one to be admired and emulated. In contrast to Technicians For Sustainability, Solarcity exists to service primarily residential, rather than strictly commercial, locations.
The difference between Solarcity and most other solar energy providers is that the company provides the installation of these panels free of charge. However, when it comes to creative safe, sustainable, and affordable solar energy, both companies are very much on the same page. Like Technicians For Sustainability, the company is primarily local, serving the city of Tucson and its surrounding areas.
The company also has a special focus on contributing to the growth of the local economy by creating jobs. This is the regulatory body that oversees the development and maintenance of solar energy standards in the region. Unlike some of the other companies in Phoenix, American Solar & Roofing almost exclusively focuses on the residential segment of the market. With these options, the company claims that solar power can be provided for less than half of the cost associated with traditional power utilities. Though the company focuses primarily on the residential segment of the market, it also has a range of commercial offerings. Focused exclusively on the Arizona market, the company has experience assisting homeowners with ensuring compliance with local building codes. The company offers a variety of payment options to enable buyers to purchase solar products outright, with a prepaid lease, or with regular installment payments. Unlike some of the other companies in the area, SolarCity is a national firm that has locations throughout the country.
The company provides both solar electricity and solar hot water products to homeowners in Arizona. The company uses thermal imaging to detect areas where poor insulation is causing energy to leak out. Fueled by rapid increases in energy prices and projected shortages in the years to come, solar power has become a more viable solution than ever before.
Buyers should make sure that they interview several companies before moving forward with a particular solar solution. Also like Technicians For Sustainability, the company specializes in providing solar power installations to both residential and commercial locations. The creation of a solar energy infrastructure in the Tucson area is thus an object of special concern for the company. In addition to providing solar services, the company can also build an entire home and complete roofing renovations.

The company also guarantees the quality of its workmanship and offers financing options to its clients. It divides its offerings between both commercial and residential solar products that are focused on reducing the overall cost of energy bills.
The company even has an e-commerce website that enables buyers to purchase products from the comfort of home. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and has locations in more than 15 states throughout the United States. While it can provide its services to individual homeowners and businesses, it primarily focuses on group buys.
Unlike some of the other firms in the area, the company only offers its services to residential individuals. The company can also assist with effective weatherization that shields the home from harsh outdoor climates.
While just a couple of years ago there was very little local competition in the industry, today there are an overwhelming number of solar providers in the Phoenix area. Since this is still a rapidly evolving marketplace, some companies can offer unique solutions that are more cost-effective. Having been in existence since 2003, the company is one of the oldest and most well respected in the Southern Arizona region.
However, the company is still capable of working with other firms that are building a new property on behalf of the homeowner. While other companies offer ancillary services like roofing and lighting solutions, this company sticks to what it knows best. The company was originally established in Phoenix back in 2008, when the solar market was still relatively new.
For residents who are interested in its products, it offers free in-home consultations to estimate costs and viability. Savings from its products primarily arise from a 30 percent federal tax credit and a $1,000 state tax credit.
When combined with implementing solar solutions, this can result in substantial energy cost savings for homeowners. Additionally, buyers should keep in mind that they should aim to work with companies that specialize in their specific needs. It offers a range of solar panels that are built by many of the industry-leading firms in solar panel manufacturing.
SolarCity pioneered the concept of allowing homeowners to lease its products instead of purchasing them outright.
Its products can also result in a negative utility bill for consumers who add their unused power to the energy grid. By simply understanding the differences between local solar providers, homeowners are one step closer to saving money and helping the environment. The company has an A+ rating from the BBB and is an active member of many industry organizations.

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