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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. One year ago we wrote a three-part series analyzing six months worth of CSI data that turned out to be our most read blog posts ever. Altogether, the data reflects a total of 519 different solar contractors, of which 213 (41%) were responsible for only one project.
Holy smokes, what is going on here?  Either Remodel USA, Herca Solar and A1 Solar Power are really unlucky, or something about how they create projects would seem to be problematic.  We will have more to say on this point in a subsequent post in this series. Oh and a note to Do-It-Yourself’ers - you have a one in twelve chance of not completing your solar project.  Maybe solar really is something better left to the pros! And of course, if you have thoughts on cuts of the data that you would like to see, please let us know in the comments. Run on Sun's Thoughts on Solar with Jim Jenal and Laurel HamiltonJim Jenal is the Founder & CEO of Run on Sun, Pasadena's premier installer and integrator of top-of-the-line solar power installations. Run on Sun also offers solar consulting services, working with consumers, utilities, and municipalities to help them make solar power affordable and reliable.
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Stand Alone Leaf Solar Systems are off-grid, as they generate power independent from the utility gird and store energy in a battery bank so that they can provide electricity after sunset. Today is the (extended) deadline for Solar Power projects falling under the Gujarat Governments initial Solar tariff. Developers of solar power projects who wanted an extension of time beyond January 29 to avoid coming under a lower tariff regime (than they would have if they had completed their projects by January 29) have lost their case. The list of petitioners included special purpose vehicles of Tata, GMR, Lanco, Moser Baer and Surana Telecom groups. The petitioners had prayed for extension of time beyond January 29, citing reasons of ?Act of God' (flooding), land acquisition issues, change in design of sub-station by Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation (GETCO), non-availability of evacuation facilities and insufficient time for completion of their projects.
All the petitioners (project developers) had signed power purchase agreements with the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd, the state utility. The Commission went into three questions: Whether it had inherent powers to extend the time as prayed for, (for which the answer was ?yes'), whether such an extension of time was justified (the answer was ?no'), and if an extension was justified, for what period (which became redundant).
The Commission has taken note of the fact that most of the projects have been completed, or would be completed by January 29. What was dismissed as an outlandish announcement by chief minister Narendra Modi is turning into reality.

The Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL) has undertaken the pilot project of 1 MW, under which solar panels will be installed atop the Narmada canal for generating power.
The solar panels are being installed atop the Narmada branch canal near Chandrasan village of Mehsana?s Kadi taluka, around 75 km from Ahmedabad.
Chief minister Narendra Modi had first spoken about the plan to install solar panels atop Narmada canal at a function in Gandhinagar on October 3, but the announcement was greeted with a lot of skepticism.
The engineering, procurement and construction contract for the project has been awarded to Sun Edison at a cost of Rs 17.71 crore. Another advantage of the project is that power generated will be supplied to villages alongside the canal, which will lead to lower transmission losses. Two US-headquartered companies, Sun Edison and Azure Power, have won the mandate for setting up rooftop solar power plant projects in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Implemented by Gujarat Energy Research Management Institute (GERMI), this rent-a-roof programme is the first-of-its-kind in India.
Sun Edison and Azure Power will each put up 2.5 MW of solar plants on the roofs of houses or office complexes that are willing to rent their roof for the purpose.
The owner will not get to use the electricity to run his home or office, as has been the case in all the rooftop solar developments so far in the country. The first phase of the ‘Gandhinagar Solar Rooftop Programme' is 5 MW, but more will follow in due course, Business Line learns from sources in Gujarat official circles. Azure Power said it had not got an official communication from GERMI, while Sun Edison refused to comment. Country's largest private power utility Tata Power today said it has commissioned the 25 MW Mithapur solar project in Gujarat, boosting the entity's renewable energy portfolio. The solar photo-voltaic (PV) power project has been developed with an investment of about Rs 365 crore. The project has been funded through a debt equity mix of 70:30, comprising an equity investment of Rs 110 crore and Rupee Term Loans of Rs 255 crore. A five megawatt (MW) thin film photovoltaic project has been completed in the Indian state of Gujarat. Certainly as component costs decrease, their related economies of scale would likely flatten out and that is what this data appears to be showing. Solar Power CalculatorEver wonder what size a solar panel system you need or how much one costs? It also included Solar Energy Association of Gujarat and also the global auto component major, ZF Steering.

Under the PPA, the tariffs agreed were: Rs 15 per unit for the first 12 years and Rs 5 a unit from the 13th year to the 25th year. They were to complete their projects by December 31, but the Gujarat government did give them more time, up to January 29, 2012. Several projects have been or are likely to be commissioned during the control period itself. Gujarat is all set to become the first state in the country to generate solar power through panels mounted on a water body, the Narmada canal to be specific. The solar panels would be laid on around 1 km of the Narmada canal for generating 1 MW of solar power. Something like this has not been undertaken in the country,? state energy minister, Saurabh Patel, told DNA. This is slightly higher than a traditional solar plant, where panels are mounted on land, which costs in the region of Rs14 ? 15 crore for 1 MW. We expect to complete it in the next two to three weeks, and start work on the next phase," Bhargav Mehta, director, Sun Edison, said. The firm has signed the power purchase pact for the plant, commissioned on January 25, with Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. It is said to be the largest system globally, which combines thin film technology with a tracking system. Use our solar power calculator to estimate the cost and size of a solar energy project in your area. The reasons indicated by the petitioners appear to be in the manner of indirectly invoking the Force Majeure clause specified in the PPA, which cannot be addressed by a general order,? the Commission said. The second phase of the project envisages solar power generation capacity of 2 MW by installing solar panels atop the Narmada canal. Just when you think you've figured out all of Modi's cleverness - he comes out with a new googly !!!
Meanwhile, following the order of the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission , which denied any extension of time to solar power project developers to complete the projects, the Gujarat government has announced the new tariffs (see table).

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