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At that time my loss was great, but I didn’t feel the affects that come with losing someone. So because I am always full of charm and sarcasm, I’d thought I would share 10 things you should not say to someone who has lost a loved one. I am sure there are more than 10 things on what not to say, but I have narrowed it down to the 10 that I like. Research has shown that the more distressed the bereaved person appears to be, the more discomfort this will evoke in others, and the more they will avoid, derogate or blame the mourner.
It is so hard sometimes in the moment to know what to say but it is always important to realize that sometimes it is better to say nothing.
While not saying anything maybe the best idea for you, don’t go out of your way to avoid that person.
Anything that should be added as one of the top things you should not say to someone in grief?
I always try to be specific when I offer to help – do you need me to pick up your kids from school, do you need be to bring over dinner, or something like that.

You can still extend your condolences, but let me give you some education on what not to say! We’re here to inspire others to let go of boredom, fear and monotony by sharing our passion through our love of food, travel, parenting and life hacks.
Unless you’re close to the family and comfortable enough to ask, it is really none of your business. When I'm not sharing my latest thoughts on Autism, Life with boys and creating a fancy tablescape, you can find me over at A Mitten Full Of Savings sharing ways to save money and frugal tips. Again, you may mean well, but when you lose someone like your Mom– no one, I mean no one can replace that lost. If you notice that person going into that stage, the best you can do is continue to be there for them and show your support. If you know them well enough to suggest therapy then pray for wisdom before approaching the subject.
Losing your Grandma is NOT the same thing as losing your Mom, unless your Grandma was your primary caregiver and support (that parental role model).

Depression is a horrible place to be (trust me I have been there multiple times) and it can be hard to come out of.. I think I would want you to stay away if you were going out of your way to avoid me or bring up that topic of conversation anyway. I am very opinionated on my own (can’t you tell by this post) that I can gather my own thoughts on how to go through this process. I’m sure it will get better, but telling me in passing to hang in there without really being there for me does nothing for me!
I’m not going to go off and do something stupid, but in the moment I want to grieve how I feel to grieve.

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