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Your search for some fun and interesting things to talk about with your boyfriend ends here.
Whether someone is dating for years and is in a serious relationship or has just recently began dating, there are times when you do not have anything to say to each other.
Men will never admit it but they love it if their girlfriends pamper them, mother them and show their love and concern for them, once in a while.
It is difficult to come up with some serious things to talk with your boyfriend, especially if your interests are like chalk and cheese. If you are looking for some fun things to talk with your boyfriend while texting, you can think of sending him some jokes. Ateneo Lady Eagles Alyssa Valdez, Amy Ahomiro, Den Lazaro, And Ella De Jesus Answer Random Questions! Free Love Quotes Ebook: Get 101 Of The Most Romantic Love Quotes And Sayings In This Ebook To Express Your Love For Him.
There are a lot of things you can talk about on your first date with someone – your interests, your favorite things to do for fun, and many others.
Whether you have a lot of it or not, the subject of money instantly turns any conversation awkward. Telling health-related stories is often a great way to gross people out, which you don’t want to do when you and your date are trying to eat. Of all possible conversation topics, these are the two that are most likely to turn a conversation into a fight. It would be better to accept the reality in case your relationship is one-sided rather than soothing yourself by telling yourself white lies. Steal Your Man's Heart With These Heart-Shaped Desserts 5 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas 5 Festive Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Christmas Holiday Stress?
How To Become An Au Pair And What To Expect 7 Beautiful Natural Wonders Every Adventurer Should Visit Looking For Cool Valentine’s Day Travel Ideas? Show Some Love: These Are Great Gift Ideas For Dads Spice Up Your Home With Ultra Trendy Rose Gold Decor How To Host The Perfect Oscar Party Feeling Homesick? There’s much more to satisfying a relationship than sex, you also have to have conversations with your boyfriend.
Because of that, I’ve put together a list of things to talk about with your boyfriend.
There’s a very good chance that one of you in this relationship is going to be a sports fanatic, or at least watch a game once in a while. The world of graphic novels and comics is pretty much unlimited and you can talk about anything at all, from Batman to Chobits.
Many men are war buffs and I know quite a few guys who study WWII or the American Civil War as a hobby and past time.
On the other side of the spectrum, I also know quite a few men who love art or are artists of some sort themselves. Everyone has a list of movies they want to see, so it would be a good idea for you and your boyfriend to compare lists and then rent a few films to watch together.
One of the easiest and most overlooked conversation starters is the very simple and basic “how was your day?” Without you asking your boyfriend how his day was, there’s a good chance he won’t talk about it. Everyone has a favorite book, so why not ask him to share his favorite literary titles with you? If you’ve been in your relationship for a long time and you have some family baggage, maybe it’s time to open up about that? One of my favorite questions to ask someone is, “If you could live in any time in history, what time would you choose?” This is always a great conversation starter because there are so many different choices! If you’re looking for a more serious conversation to have with your boyfriend, try talking about your future together. Just another hard working mom who loves her kid, loves to write, can’t cook, and has a thing for tentacles!
I am not an expert in dating, since I married my first real relationship (and we’re still very happily together) so when it comes to first dates, I know I would be so out of my own element. Since I don’t really know the first thing about first dates, I reached out to some relationship and dating experts who shared with me the topics that should be off-limits for your first date and why. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
If it's an old relationship, you can actually enjoy the silences shared but if you have been going out for just a couple of days or weeks, silences can be awkward.
Besides talking about some fun and romantic stuff, you can ask him things like how his day went, what he had for lunch, how was his sports class or office work, etc.
Although, there might be exceptions here and there, still it holds true for majority of them. Why not read a newspaper or a magazine together and then discuss some of the articles in it to have a serious conversation.
There are plethora of websites which have some really fun jokes as well as one liners, which I am sure your boyfriend would love to read. If you have some special interests such as reading, dancing, music, etc., have conversations about them with him. Close10 Things To Talk About On A First Date Knowing the things to talk about on a first date is the hardest part of dating. Not only that, but money is the last thing you want to be an important factor in deciding how attracted you and your date are to each other.

At times you will feel like making an effort to make the relationship work for you by doing anything that is possible for you. Have you just gotten into a new relationship and don’t have a clue what to talk about when you’re not locking lips? After all, what are you going to be doing when you’re mouths aren’t attached to each other’s? In fact, it can be downright intimidating, especially for those of us who are introverted and not very good natural conversationalists.
Try to have a conversation about your local football team, or better yet, go to a local sports event so you can talk about the game afterwards! If your partner has never gotten into comics, try taking him to a comic book store and flipping through the books. Now, I can’t tell you anything about skateboarding because I’ve never been one, but I dated a few back in my high school years and I can say that if you get a guy talking about his board, he’ll talk about it for hours!
The best way to start this conversation is to rent a war movie (they come in almost every genre, including romance) and ask about some of the details of the battle as you watch the film.
When it comes to art, there are so many different types to talk about that it’s practically impossible to go wrong. One of the best ways to get to know your boyfriend (or anyone else for that matter) is to compare the good ones.
I can tell you what times I would not want to live in, but it’s much harder to choose a time you would actually want to be in! There are so many good bands out there now, and there are so many different styles and genres to choose from…music can bring about endless possibilities! The two of you should want to be with each other all the time and should genuinely be interested in what the other one has to say.
When I’m not hanging out with my Spawn, I’m happily sharing my dating experiences and offering advice and trying to control the chaos that comes with being human.
So for all those girls who have difficulty coming up with some interesting conversation starters, here are some useful tips on things to talk with your boyfriend. Such loving and indulgent questions that show your concern for him are some of the things to talk with your boyfriend on the phone.
If your boyfriend was ever a part of a sports team or won awards in debate, poetry, boxing, etc., just ask him about it.
You will also find some very cute love quotes on various websites, so if you two are in a romantic mood, you can text such quotes to him too.
Tell him how good he looks, how handsome he is, how he makes you happy, how intelligent he is, etc. If he genuinely likes you, he will pay attention to each and every detail of it and may pitch in the conversation every now and then, even if he has no clue or interest in these things.
If he genuinely loves you and thinks of you as a long-term partner, he would be all ears and would want to know as much as he can about you. When talking to him, stay silent for a while and give him time to discuss something of his interest. Though many people believe that talking about controversial topics on a first date is actually a good idea, I personally feel that it is best to play it safe.
However, if you have cancer, an STD, or another life-changing disease or medical condition, you should tell your partner about it by your third date, or before your relationship gets more serious.
But a real relationship is not just physical stimulation; it’s also based on intellectual stimulation, so you and your partner have to talk to each other! Depending on where you are in your love life, these could be casual everyday dinner conversation starters or they could be early stage getting to know each other talks. What’s even better is he’ll usually ask you if you want to give it a try (which leads to some excellent quality time!).
Unless he’s one of those guys who never remember what they dreamed about, he’s bound to have something to add to the conversations.
Have you ever seen movie scenes where the couple is in the park and he’s reading to her as she lies on his lap (or the other way around)?
Share some of your childhood pranks with your partner, talk about the time you and your family went on a cross country vacation. You can talk long term or short term, or, if it’s a new relationship, you can even just talk about what you’re going to do together next week.
I can’t stand hearing bad news, it makes me even more depressed, but not all news is bad news. This way you won't always feel pressurized to make conversations and at the same time, by listening to him, you will get to know him better.
You can go to a concert or the symphony, or you can just go see a local band at a bar and have a fun night out.
Find something positive to talk about, even if it’s something that happened to a member of your family or a friend, and share the joy. Oh, and don’t forget to ask open ended questions…you know, questions he has to actually reply to in sentence form, not just a yes or a no. You can share it with us here if you have.If you agree with this article, don’t forget to share it using any of the social networking icons below. Your Travel HistoryAsking questions like, “Where is the farthest you’ve ever traveled?” is a great way to open up a conversation.
It is you who have to see to it that the household chores are completed and that your daily routine is going on smoothly.

Even if the answer is something like the eastern side of your own state, there are inevitable stories and experiences to share.
Though studied Biochemistry but love writing and sharing his knowledge on matters of the heart.
Our Q&A a Day provides a question for every day of the year, with enough space for two people to jot down a one- or two-sentence response.
Talking about travel is also a great way to discuss your compatibility—you both want to go to Greece one day? Well unfortunately, you aren’t one, so it is almost certain that it is a one-sided relationship.
You Care For Your Spouse, But Aren’t Getting A Warm Response This is another prominent feature of a one-sided relation. Your Travel DreamsBy asking a question like, “If you could go to one place in the world, where would it be,” you are getting to know something significant about each other.
You can also Get his daily update.Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. One of the partners is willing to offer everything to the other while the person is just heartless and shows no emotions. Even if you never end up visiting the highest summit in Switzerland (or something like that), discussing your hopes and dreams with someone can make you feel closer to them.3. Your family historyThough talking about families right off the bat can be tricky if you come from a family you are not close with, it is almost inevitable.
Instead of focusing on the now, ask a question like, “How much do you know about your family heritage?” to broaden your horizons. If you realize that you are getting reciprocated in the correct way, you should understand that you are experiencing a one-sided relationship. Even if someone is not particularly close with their family, discussing family heritage is something that interests most everybody. End up discussing what your great-great-grandmother did in Sicily rather than what your parents are doing currently.4. MusicOne of my least favorite questions has always been, “What kind of music do you listen to?” Though that question may be easy for some people to answer, there are so many music genres these days, it is nearly impossible to answer. A Sudden Change In Behavior A sudden change in behavior is another prominent indicator that shows that something is amiss between the two of you. I have many variations of what I imagine my perfect day could be like, but there are no wrong answers to this question. Asking someone what their perfect day looks like opens up a world of conversations and is also a great way to check your compatibility. If someone’s perfect day involves extreme sports, whereas your perfect day involves a rainy day and a cup of coffee—it will be easier to decide if you two are compatible or not. You might have noticed that when you are trying to tell your partner about something exciting, you get a cold vibe. The WeatherThough “the weather” does not seem like a deep conversation to have, it really can branch out into something more important.
Ignoring Your Partner All the things mentioned above point out in only one direction – ignorance towards you. Maybe winter is your favorite season because it reminds you of growing up in London, or maybe you love the summer because it is the season you and your best friend share a birthday.
All these gestures are enough to convey the cruel truth that you are being ignored by your spouse. Simply asking someone how many pets they have or who their favorite pet of all-time was is a great way to connect. Family pets are important to so many people, even well after they have grown up and are out of the house.
Talking about your favorite dogs and cats, or birds and bunnies is a really lighthearted way to get to know each other.8. Your jobsThough talking about work can be boring; it is also an undeniable part of your life. It is more than okay if you (or your date) does not love your current career, but discussing your dream jobs can be just as important as discussing your current career.9.
MoviesSure, movies can be a kind of boring subject, but it happens to be a passion for many, many people.
Asking something like, “What is the first movie that ever made you laugh?” is more interesting than asking, “What’s your favorite movie?” Discussing your favorite comedies, dramas, Oscar winners, and everything in between is a great way to get to know each other.10. Your FriendsThough the family conversation can be tough for some, friendships are usually a happy subject. Not to mention, talking about your friends is an easy conversation—who knows your friends better than you do?Yes, a first date can be nerve-racking but remember these tips on things to talk about on a first date, so that the next time you go on a date you are relaxed and confident. Jessica is a full-time writer for a small company, but she writes for multiple other forums. And given that you seem to have enough practice ;)Share with us more topics of conversations for dates!

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