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Relationship BlackbookStrategies To Attract Your Perfect Love - Lessons To Build A Lasting Relationship33 Signs That He Likes You…Even If He Hasn’t Said Much! March 1, 2016 by Robyn Lee Leave a Comment Do you feel like he’s giving you mixed signals as to whether he is interested in you or not? Usually when a man is interested he wants to see where he will fit in your life if he decides to pursue a relationship. So how do you tell the difference between him being a gentleman and him having genuine interest?
But, if he’s offering to help you with a large task like cleaning out your garage or helping you with a term paper, he definitely has some level of interest.
So, if he has offered to help you with something that is less than appealing, you can count on the fact that he has some level of interest. This may seem simple, but a man that is interested in you will call you if he has your number. Men aren’t one for idle or small talk, but if he is doing that with you, chances are that he has a high level of interest. If he took the time to plan something you would really like, chances are he has some feelings for you.
If he is asking you to go out with him at least a week in advance he has some interest in you, because in his mind he wants to secure that spot before anyone else creeps in and takes it.

Men that have genuine interest and are enamored by you will assume that other men want to take you out as well, so he’ll be sure to put himself on your calendar early.
Men that ask you out at the last minute often don’t respect your time or somehow you have given him the indication that it is ok. Men know most women want to be in committed, exclusive relationships with a man, so he’s not going to ruin his chances by talking about other women that he is into or other girls that he has dated around you. This may seem like a basic thing, but believe me, if he is actually listening to what you have to say, he may have some interest in you. This is even more apparent if he can remember your likes and dislikes and uses that information to enhance his interactions with you.
Men aren’t one for idle or small talk so if he is asking you these questions he has some level of interest in you. If he is a sales person at a car dealership and he is asking loaded questions, he could just be trying to build a business relationship with you to make a sale or determine if you will actually be able to afford a car. There are a lot of men out there that will be a help because it’s the right thing to do, think of these men as the ones who always open the door for you when you enter the gas station. If he has your number and is interested, he is not going to be sitting on that information.
Men don’t want to build up a relationship any further with a woman they have no interest in.

If you are going out with him you want to make sure you are doing the right things to keep his interest. His initial plans could have fell through or he’s letting you hold the spot until he finds someone better he would like to hang out with. Men that have interest in a woman want to see them happy and what better way than to make you laugh? Maybe you mentioned to him a song that you really like and all of a sudden he’s turning up the volume on his radio when it comes on. They will give you strong signs that they are interested and then the next day it will be like they never expressed interest before.
That way you can focus your attention on the men that want to be in a relationship and fall in love with you! Many women make the common mistake of giving a guy what he is giving her in terms of attraction level but this will cause him to eventually pull away.
You may have mentioned that you like gummy bears, and conveniently he purchases them as a snack when you go to the movies.

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