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PatchStop is not your everyday Patch Website, check out the video to see what more we have to offer! Omar Borkan Al Gala is suspected to be one of the three men evicted from Saudi Arabia for being too gorgeous and distracting. According to the Arabic newspaper, Elaph, the religious police in Saudi Arabia, which is a very conservative nation, evicted three men from the Henadrivah Heritage and Culture Festival, which took place in the nation's capital, Riyadh.

Although Borkan Al Gala has not been identified as one of the three men and nor has he admitted to being evicted for his looks, widespread Internet speculations hinted that this smoldering looking man might be one of the victims.
Since the event, Borkan Al Gala has continued to post self-portraits on his Facebook, but has kept the mystery alive by not saying anything else about the event in Saudi Arabia. Obesity can lead to Poor Memory, Study SaysObesity can affect one's memory, a new study is reporting.
Are you dreaming for a decent and clean man who cares about your feelings and needs in bed, a man who enjoys most when his lady are so satisfied, a man who will do everything to arouse the desire of a woman before taking real action, a man who last long enough till his partner comes ? But for the country of Saudi Arabia, being too good looking can threaten the stability of the women within the nation that might just forget their duties and fall for these men. The men were working delegates from the United Arab Emirates and they were deported back home because their looks were distracting female visitors. Borkan Al Gala had posted a link to the article about the eviction on his Facebook page, and after a quick perusal of his photos, he quickly became an Internet sensation.
Despite this small incident, Borkan Al Gala's face has been plastered on several news and entertainment websites, which, for an aspiring actor, could only help expand his profile.

But when it comes to the potential for commitment and anything more than sideways pokey, there are several things we find attractive about women that have nothing to do with looks. As strange as it might sound, Saudi Arabian officials deported three men for simply being too gorgeous and enticing, and one of these three ironically unfortunate men might be actor, photographer and poet, Omar Borkan Al Gala. The newspaper reported that the police "feared female visitors could fall for them," which could jeopardize the community. People throughout the world appear to be enamored by the man's good looks, with more and more sources stating that he had to have been one of the three men deported.

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