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You're confident that you've read the signs correctly and you're pretty sure that he's interested.
Even if you don't know anything about sailing or you're a terrible mini-golfer, all you need to do is show some interest and let him know that you're eager to learn.
Many girls make the mistake of telling the guys they like about every tiny detail of their lives. Ask her to talk to his friends and playfully inquire about when he's going to ask you on a date.
Get her to comment on what a good couple the two of you would make, in front of a group of people. Remember, he might be interested in you, but he might just not be ready for a relationship. Make sure that you are friends with your crush before you try to take things to the next level. If a guy makes you feel uncomfortable while hanging out, just remain friends and don't rush things. If you're rejected, don't say things like "Why don't you like me?" or "Nobody likes me!" This will make a guy feel even worse about saying no and will end any possibility of dating him ever.
If you want to ask him out, make sure to have a place in mind that you both would like, otherwise if he says yes to go out and you have no where planned, you could seem a little scattered.
If a boy asks you to choose between him or your friends, you really have to consider if he is worth losing for your friends. Guys sometimes will just talk to girls to be nice but will seem like flirting, so be careful, as the guy might just think of you as a friend. The guy who likes you might not be ready for a relationship, so don't pressure him into liking you to the point where he doesn't like you any more.
Meet Lois, a wikiHowian from California who has been active in the community for over 9 years. The question how to Get the Guy You Like to Ask You Out has been asked 200 times by our users. Aug 07, 2013 · This page is dedicated to all girls wanting attention, affection and passionate love. Discuss your relationship status with him; tell him that you are looking for a guy who cares for you and somebody who has a great personality.
Sometimes you need to pretend to be a damsel in distress and let him feel like your savior. If so, then you are ready to take those first important dating steps into attracting a guy, and ultimately  getting a guy to ask you out,  but how do you begin?
Well thankfully, guys are fairly easy to understand, it’s just a case of recognising how his mind works. So with you in mind, I have put together my list, my 20 foolproof ways on how to get a guy to ask you out, so let’s cut to the chase and begin going through these dating golden nuggets.
Men need a clear signal, a green light, from you that it’s OK to come over and approach you, so don’t be afraid of being obvious. Ok so think about your friends, family and work colleagues, and anyone else who is around you right now.
So learn to love being yourself, learn to love what it is about you that makes you so special, and as I know you are a wonderful and beautiful woman there will be so many things, just make yourself more aware of them. Let’s face it, no one wants to approach someone who looks bored, who is constantly looking at their watch or mobile phone, so don’t be this person. So spend time with your friends, be seen in the right places and indulge yourself in fun activities. Try to make time to distance yourself from your friends or colleagues for a brief period by say getting drinks at the bar.
Pay close attention to the fragrance you are wearing.  Guys love a girl that well, smells like a girl. Try to keep your arms by your side as much as possible and refrain from touching your face or hair, as you want your body language to remain open and not to look nervous.
Once you become more comfortable with him you can get a little more playful now with your body language.
Whilst being natural is always best, try to be at your fun loving, happy most positive self.
By revealing your passions, interests and loves in life, and by asking him about his, who knows, you both may have a shared interest. If everything is going well and you think you would to go on a date with him then you can drop hints to instigate this, but do this in such a way that will leave him thinking he thought of it first. So hopefully these 20 foolproof ways  will have given some ideas on how to get a guy to ask you out. As ever I would love to hear your thoughts and your experiences, so please get in touch and leave your comments below. Who Else Wants to Put an End to Loneliness and Find Your Soulmate FAST…Without Going on Endless Boring Dates with the ‘WRONG’ Sort of Guys?
Displaying good wit demonstrates that you are intelligent and that you have a sense of humor, two things that many guys look for in a girl. There's no point in denying it, physical attraction is a huge factor in any potential romance. A full face of make-up, uncomfortably tight clothes or vertigo-inducing heels may have the opposite of the desired effect, especially if that's not your normal look. One of the major things that discourages a guy from asking you out in the first place is the fear that the two of you will have nothing in common and nothing to talk about. Pretending that you're an excellent bass player or that you love horror movies has the potential to backfire horribly once he invites you to jam with his band or accompany him to the latest Saw movie.
It's fine to ask for help when you need it, but don't intentionally act dumb just to have an excuse to ask. You've heard this little nugget of advice many times before, but that doesn't make it any less true.
Subtly let him know that you're not seeing anybody at the moment, but that you're open to the possibility.
If you're looking anywhere but at him while he's talking to you, you'll seem disinterested.
If you have plans to hang out with friends or to go to a party over the weekend, invite him to come along. Find out where he likes to hang out in the evenings, what his favorite coffee place is or where he goes to the gym. If you do it more often than that, he'll figure out that you're stalking him and you'll look like a creep. If he still hasn't worked up the courage to ask you out on a date, it might be time to take the initiative and give him a ready-made opportunity. If you're tired of waiting around for this guy to summon up the nerve to ask you out, take matters into your own hands. Letting him know that you're interested is perfectly fine, but don't take it to an extreme level.
Some guys are just as afraid of being rejected or getting their feelings hurt as girls are. Maybe you're afraid that you misread the signs or that he'll change his mind once he gets to know you better. If you are worried about ruining your friendship with a guy by dating him, then you are probably not ready to date him. Like if he is on the track team, try joining track or if sports is really not your thing, watch him with a friend.
If you say "let me think about it," then you might scare him, or if you say "Yeah, I think so," then he might feel like you are uncertain or you don't actually want to date him. Remember that friends are really important, and if he decides to end the relationship, you'll have some people to lean on.
Nobody likes rejection, and if he thinks you will reject him, he will get afraid and not ask you out. Casually slip in the fact that you're ready for a relationship, but don't mention it too many times.
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10 foolproof ways that outline how to get a guy ask you out—from an actual two qualities men look for in long-term relationships just like do.

If it makes him blush and laugh a lot, it definitely means he is into you and might definitely ask you out. Like not being able to find a cab and getting him to drive you back is a good option of such play. Be approachable – If you can make him at ease with you then chances are he will feel comfortable asking you out.
Let his friends know you are interested – Sometimes all it takes is a push from someone he knows. Be funny – If he is having a good time around you, and feeling good because of you, then he is going to likely want to be around you more. Ask him for a favor– Don’t ask him to do something like carry your books or something that might make him upset at you. Be available for a limited time – If a guy thinks that he doesn’t have a lot of time to ask you out the he may be more likely to put some instant effort into it. I am going to assume you have been single for a while now, and the feelings and the thoughts you once felt and had for your ex are now maybe starting to fade with each passing day.
It’s all about accentuating your strong points and playing to his desires and you will have him eating out of your hand in no time at all. Also if you have time, please sign up for the FREE four part video series for even more information on how to get completely date ready. Smiling has a snowball effect, the more you do it, the more people will smile right back, and the more they will want to be in your company, and that’s the result we are after. Make your joie de vivre shine like a magnet to potential dates out there, and you will be well on your way to finding your soulmate.
Nothing is more appealing than looking at someone who is out having a good time, it’s infectious. If he thinks you’re too keen, too desperate to catch his eye then yes he likely will notice you, but no, he will never approach you. So be choosy with your perfumes, make sure they smell good on your skin, and make sure you walk close enough by that he can appreciate them… can he resist! I know this is not always easy, and first introductions can be uncomfortable, nerve wracking and awkward. Tilt your head in his direction when he talks, it’s a great way of forming an instant intimacy, and touch his arm occasionally.
Try teasing your hair, licking your lips occasionally and talk in a quieter voice so that he has to move in towards you to hear what you are saying. This is a great start to a relationship as it creates an immediate bond between the two of you.
So for example, if you are talking about a specific area in your local town then you can mention the new restaurant that has just opened there, and how you are dying to trying it out. Enjoy his company first; see if he is right for you, just as much as if you are right for him. I know it may seem like a lot to take in, but as ever, try and be relaxed about it, and try not to take it all too seriously. If he finds you funny, he'll enjoy talking to you more and look forward to spending time with you. Maintain eye contact, smile, nod your head and use appropriate hand gestures to indicate interest and agreement. If you're to have any chance of a future together, this guy needs to like you for you - the real you, that is. So even if you feel like you've been sending out all the right signals, it might be time to up the ante a little.
She can do some undercover digging and make comments or ask questions that you would feel uncomfortable with. Then, if you happen to "accidentally" bump in to one another, you can strike up a conversation. Mention that there's a new bar in town that you'd be interested in checking out, or a new sci-fi film that you're dying to see.
Sure, you want to be the cool girl who he can talk to and have a laugh with, but you don't want to become like "one of the guys." Show off your feminine side a little and make it clear, through words and body language, that you want to be more than friends. Showing up wherever he goes, hanging on his every word and bombarding him with calls and text messages is not the way to go. You won't be able to keep it up, and if the girl he goes on his third date with is completely different from the girl he asked out, he'll be more than a little confused.
It is better to ask him for his email address or phone number so he can tell you how he feels privately or may be even ask you out. If he notices you, say that you might join or that you just wanted to see what it was like. This is also a sign he is insecure or controlling, and you should think about if it is a healthy relationship.
She is proud of helping lots of people; she has started 223 articles and reached over 24 million readers with her advice. So if you like this guy, call it a crush, butterflies in your stomach or love at first sight, you can easily get HIM to like YOU enough to ask you out!
So give him just the right amount of time, don’t spend too much time too, that will slab you as a friend.
When your friends start teasing you, the chemistry between the two of you will take a great turn. Then you may need to give him an extra hand at asking you out by sending the message to him without him actually knowing what you are doing. Make sure you are very easy to approach and do not reject him in any way when he says something to you. Maybe you can say something like “If you hear about when that event we were talking about is coming up, text me.” This will give him your number and your open permission to text you. If he finds out that you are actually hoping he will ask you out through a friend of his then he will be more likely to do it.
This doesn’t mean you should be flirting with every guy that comes your way, but just be as attractive as possible and get as many guys as you can looking at you with a twinkle in their eye. This can be a tricky one to get right, in finding that perfect balance….too little action and he won’t notice you, too much and you risk scaring him off.
Especially since it may have been months, if not years, since you last needed, or wanted guy to notice you.
Are the people you know, who are in your circle, who act more confidently, more appealing and more interesting to be around? You know the script you don’t need me to tell you this, but what goes on in the inside reflects on the outside.
It’s that ‘does my bum look big in this’ syndrome, but even if you think right now that you could never appreciate how you look, believe me you can, and it’s so easy! Don’t you notice them first, the group that are laughing and joking together, and it makes you want to go and join them doesn’t it? Think how much easier it is for the poor guy if he can start a conversation with you, without your 5 best pals staring at him, judging him and maybe thinking he’s an idiot.
This will give him the time and space to get a good look at you and appreciate you when you’re looking away. But hey look at it like this, this guy has made the effort to come over and talk to you so he likes you already! If you love to scuba dive in Egypt, tell him how exciting the first time you dived was, how it felt, and what you saw. Or say, if find out you both love opera, you can mention how there is a performance showing at your local theater and you love to see how well they do it.
Flattering him with a genuine compliment will achieve two things: it will not-so-subtly let him know that you're interested, while also giving him the warm and fuzzies, which will make him like you even more.
If he's on a sports team, tell him you watched a game and were impressed by how well he played. Ask him about his interests and hobbies, his family, his plans for the future - anything you could potentially bond over.
Ask for help reaching something on a high shelf, or for advice on where to service your car. Smile at him, laugh at his jokes, touch his arm when you talk to him, sit close to him when possible - he should soon realize that he's the only one receiving such special attention. It's not exactly a date, but it'll give you the opportunity to get to know one another a little better in a no-pressure environment.

Don't rush into things because if you do, you might end up breaking his heart if you dump him, or the other way around. If you want him to ask you out, then you can tell him, but do not make other people be your messengers. Maybe when you see him around talk to him and find out what he likes and what you all have in common and move on from there be sure to take baby steps so you don't rush it an ruin your chances of a beautiful start. She enjoys the fun of editing and how helpful it allows her to be, and she says she is constantly learning new things there. Of course there is no unique surefire formula, as all guys are different and so are the circumstances, but do not despair!
It will make it easier for him (take the pressure off) and it will give him an excuse to do it.
For instance, if he is a pro at building bird cages (it just came to mind), then ask him if he can make you a bird cage for your new parakeet. If he sees this, he is likely to put a rush on asking you out, before he misses his chance. So, for example, if he's telling you something about his favorite football team, you shouldn't pretend to also be into it. Someone there for you at the end of each day because, let’s face it, you have now had enough of being alone, and want to have that that special someone back in your life, and to feel special to someone in return. OK so maybe you don’t feel happy with your weight right now (and by the way, there is something you can do about that, see point 2), but maybe you have the thickest most beautiful shiny mane of hair, or maybe you have great skin, that glows, or the biggest most beautiful brown eyes.
You can also get great insight about what he is actually like in a more informal and relaxed setting. So always be keen to talk and engage with people wherever you are, and smile and laugh regularly.
Guys are crafty ladies, and when you are busy socialising or whatever else, and then they can get a good look at you, and fully appreciate you! Its nerve wracking enough that he has to make the first move anyhow so do your guy a favour, and try and make it as easy for him as possible.
Have a destination in mind, don’t just aimlessly walk past, and make sure it’s not too close to him either, but close enough that he can appreciate, erm let’s just say, all you have to offer!
It doesn’t mean you have to stare at him continuously, but just maintain eye contact enough for him to know you are interested in him and enjoying his conversation. So for example if he says ‘have you ever been paint balling’, then don’t just respond with a 'no', say something like, ‘no I have never been, but I would love to try it. Whatever it is in life that gets your heart beating, that makes you want to get up of a morning, tell him about it and show him your lust for life. You could even make the hint more obvious if you are feeling bold, and say you have this Saturday afternoon free for once, and not sure what you are going to do with this unexpected free time, though you intend to do something fun.
However for the bold among you, there is no harm in making an open ended invite to say a friends party, or gathering, and it’s a great way to get to know him better in a relaxed and informal setting.
Just be your own beautiful self, and chat nicely to this guy, who has plucked up the courage to come over to you, because hey he likes you! It not only reinforces some of the above, but also tells you how much a guy will appreciate you for it!
6 Tips to Kick the Ex HabitHow to Get a Guy to Ask You Out in 20 Simple StepsSoulmate Searching? Embrace the strong, beautiful woman that you are and show this guy why he would be a fool to pass up the chance to ask you out!
Hang out with the people you usually do, dress the way you normally would, stay true to your opinions and beliefs. But, be yourself, don't do something that you really don't want to do, or he will be seeing a fake you. She appreciates how people in the wikiHow community are friendly, offering to help before judging or criticizing you. Yes, we all tweak our normal selves to impress the other person, but there is a fine line between tweaking and being downright fake.
Chances are he will try to arrange a time to get together and hash out the details, and even if he doesn’t it will give you a stronger bond and cause him to be more likely to ask you out in the near future. Instead, you can tell your guy that you don't know that many things about that particular sport.
So the first step in getting a guy to notice you is to make your body language appear open and responsive, make it shout ‘yes you can come over and approach me, and I won’t bite or scream at you like a banshee!’ How do you do this?
Why, because the like themselves, they love themselves, they are content in their own skin. Guys seem to really respect ladies that take care of themselves and have a healthy lifestyle. Maybe your shapely legs are your strongest asset, or it’s your sexy uber feminine hour glass figure. Guys just love this, and it will set you apart from all the other women out there who have nothing to say! If you try any or all of these awesome ways to get a guy to ask you out, trusty Cupid will do the rest! So listen to him when he talks about his favorite sport but don't pretend to be a born fan just to get him to like you and ask you out.
And the really great thing about getting healthy is that the healthier you become, the more confidence you gain.
Whatever your best qualities are, I want you to concentrate on them now and make the most of them, accentuate them. Even if you don’t feel it on the inside, by acting like this, even if it is pretence, will soon have you feeling like it, believe me, you won’t be able to help it. Even better if you can greet a friend nearby to him, then he can see your smile just that little bit closer!
You want it to be just enough to tell him you might be interested if he plays his cards right and that you would likely chat to him should he approach you.
If you are acting when you are around him, then your whole relationship will be fake, and you will eventually get tired of acting. If he realises you like him, then you no longer become a challenge, and he won’t bother coming over to talk to you. If you are happy in your own life, if you are happy with whom you are, and with who you want to become, and what you want from life then you have an inner confidence, which cannot help but show on the outside. So go show your legs, those killer pins, off in a dress or skirt, and avoid trousers if they are your best asset, or wear your hair down and show it to its fullest if this part of you is strong.
Then once you catch his eye, smile, and he will be unable to resist coming over to talk to you. Keep that smile and a warmth to your face, keep your body language open, no arm crossing and be pleasant and polite.
So don’t wait for him to pop the question, because his shyness and doubts might never let him.
So the trick here is to look at him once, and have him keep looking back at you until he falls for you. Keep the conversation light and friendly, and show him your fun side with an occasional joke to let him see what a terrific sense of humour you have.
Instead use these simple and effective ways to get him to ask you out or confess his feelings and pour his heart out to you! However if you are not happy, if you are withdrawn, and constantly look to others for reassurance, you will just come across as needy and desperate. This will then make you feel more positive, and more up for tackling the areas that you don’t like so much and you will do it with more enthusiasm, and determination.
Wear those feminine outfits that make you feel special more often, spend time on yourself and wear some makeup, it need only be enough to make you pretty. No need to go overboard or get paranoid about how you look, but just spend a little time and make a little effort to show you off at your best.

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