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Become the perfect kisser just in time for Valentine’s Day, by finding out if your kissing technique is good enough.
Facebook and Spotify are launching a new integration with Facebook Messenger that allows you to quickly jump into Spotify, choose a song or playlist, and then send it over to a friend. The last several hours have seen WhatsApp users the world over receiving the update that finally enables document sharing through the ubiquitous messenger app. Have you ever let yourself wonder if there might be a better option out there than Spotify? Kissing test is an app that lets you and your friends find out what kind of kisser you are.

Kissing Test is a great ice breaker, and a great way to start up a conversation with someone you've just met. Also, We have partnered with AppLovin Corporation to bring you a more social experience including but not limited to tools that allow you to: more easily invite your friends to your app, receive alerts from your friends, and receive social advertising.
This is a kiss scanner or kissing test (kiss test) that shows you what to fix in your kiss to find the answer: Are you a good kisser? After all, who knows what you could be missing - like more original content, a totally free platform, or a system of recommendations suited to your tastes? Just keep in mind, you may wish to clean your screen before sharing Kissing Test with friends!

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