Essentially, what you see on your camera is a good approximation of the results you will get when you upload your video to YouTube. In this interview Sean Cannell interviews James Wedmore, one of the Internet's most-sought-after authorities on video marketing, and the founder of Video Traffic Academy. For instance, if you dispense tips on searching the market for the right home each week, you could call the series Searching the Town/City/County Name Here Market with Your Name Here.” Subtitles for each episode could simply be whatever you'd normally call the episode (e.g. a video in which you describe how to use search engines to find the right listings could be called Google Your Way to a New Home”). Zeyn is a perfect choice for promoting your products or services, attracting new clients or getting more site visitors. Much like YouTube, you can actually earn money from your uploads on MetaCafe through their Producer Rewards Program. Once your visitor has completed your call to action make sure you show your appreciation by simply saying thanks, offering a cool freebie or by directing them to related information on your site they may be interested in. Once your contact opens your email (that's why you need a good headline/subject), if he uses Gmail he's just one click away from your video. Available from , the idea of this website is simple - any file you want from YouTube or any other site offering FLV format streams can be downloaded simply by pasting the URL into the KeepVid website. Record a short video in which your chef reveals some of the secrets of the art of cooking. If you've ever built a great landing page or seen one around the place I'd love to know about it. Please leave me a comment below. YouTube considers the updated version of the video to be a new asset, so you lose all your likes and comments, as well as other important historical details. The CEO of the company itself will do the job for you depending on your specific needs. MB can also provide The 19 Best Content Marketing YouTube Videos | best landing page examples cross-promotion of your YouTube channel with your website and your The Optimal Length For Video Marketing Content | best landing page examples Facebook and Twitter accounts. I haven't considered using microsites as part of my SEO strategy before but I will now having read this. Videos must be hosted on a server where they can be accessed via HTTP or FTP links without any redirects or authentication. Including sound in Web Pages is almost similar to including videos in web pages. At last month's Streaming Media East show in New York City, our CEO Rob Sandie was on an expert panel that critiqued YouTube's cost benefits, built-in audience, established marketing channels, native device compliance, technical features, and discussed YouTube's platform as a destination for engagement. He posts almost every day, and increased his presence as he started to gain prominence on the site. I have earned a little money fro Youtube videos but you really need millions of views to make it worth it. What you'll love about how templates are organized is how they are designed in sets - making it super easy to keep your pages consistent. Multicast is a white-label video distribution platform that broadcasts both live and on-demand videos. Remember, YouTube is optimizing its search and discovery algorithm based on watch-time, so it's a metric you'll definitely want to pay attention to. Tags: templates,content,that uploading | best landing page examples, video upload sites, best landing page examples, best landing page examples, advertise your youtube videos

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