Since getting back into training I’ve been receiving so many requests to feature a sample meal plan of what I eat. After reading through the plan below you will see that it’s not entirely restrictive in what you can and cannot eat. You can increase the proportion of these food items in your diet plan and loose weight quickly. There is a cheat meal placed in on the Saturday later in the day as I feel it’s a more common time for people to indulge, and if this is built in to your plan you can be guilt free and still maintain a positive outlook on your diet by returning to cleaner eating the following day.
You can add turkey, ham, fish, chicken and lean meat to your diet and enhance fat breakdown. With going to the gym at least five times per week at the moment I really need to clean up my act in terms of my approach to food or I simply won’t see the results. The plan is varied from day to day but of course, some meals are being re used throughout the week.
The final point I would like to make is that I have purposely left out quantities in this plan as that would limit this plan to only a very particular demographic.

I met with my trainer Ste today and he put together this one month plan for me to follow so I thought I would share the extremely helpful and informative professional advice. You will notice that as often as possible one day should lead into the next with food preparation.
A recent research proved that people eating high-calcium food were able to lose more weight (twice) than those who ate less calcium containing food items.
This is designed to help decrease body fat and help in the building of lean muscle throughout the body when combined with a regular resistance training programme.
This will make preparing your food easier since you know what the next day’s meals require so you can cook up to two days in advance and sometimes three. Unfortunately, like with most things, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to nutrition or even with exercise. It’s also to improve overall health by avoiding foods that may be detrimental to our health.
To those who are extremists when it comes to diet and believe that the only way is Paleo or that diets must be far more strict than this, please realise this is made for those that are new to a meal plan, or that simply do not want to take their nutrition to that extreme a level, myself included in this.
I believe that with a more structured plan like the one below, with more regular eating times, higher protein through the diet, more varied carbohydrates and fats, that cleaner eating and more sustainable fat loss results can be achieved.

If you are eating less carbs than what is listed in the plan and not dropping body fat then they may need to be reduced further to bring back the results of body fat loss. My advice would be to either bring down the portion size of the carbs in each meal or limit out some of the starchy carbs and try and take in the majority of your carbs through plant based foods. However if you are unsure as to whether your carbs are the problem, you should try the plan and see how the change in diet affects you. The amount of meals per day is what throws most people off these plans, however studies have shown that more, portion controlled meals spread evenly throughout the day is more effective towards both burning body fat and increasing lean muscle.

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