After attending several family weddings and seeing the pictures of myself I knew I needed to do something about my weight. I have been struggling to lose weight for years and I tried many different diets and exercises on my own for years and I got little-to-no results.
With this custom program, I was able to start losing weight right away and in the last six months I had lost 55 pounds.
Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers delivers the most comprehensive weight loss program available anywhere.

Part of a nationwide chain, this Physicians Weight Loss franchise is located in the Ashburn Shopping Plaza. The company offers various types of weight loss programs, customized meal plans, medical consultations, body analysis and counseling services. I’m all about “everything happens for a reason” and I received a notice for a Groupon to PWLC in Ashburn. Joining the program turned out to be one of the best choices of my life, and it was one of the easiest changes I've ever made with a weight loss system.

This was truly a life change for me – and without the support from Katie and the other women at PWLC Ashburn I don’t feel I would have succeeded.

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