Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Almond Flour I thought about it and even shocked myself by finding my shopping cart in the checkout stand at the grocery store with regular, non-organic, all purpose flour and (gasp) granulated sugar.
Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Almond Flour Just as I suspected, these were just as good as I had remembered. I got to bake, had my low carb cookies, and hubby got his real cookies … Now we have his-and-hers chocolate chip cookies at our house! I recently worked my mojo on a simple, classic, low carb chocolate cake and my low carb brownies with great results so now I’m focused on cookies. We basically have had cookies coming out of our ears while I’m testing different techniques to de-carb in the best tasting way.

Okay, okay, that last one was a bit of a delusion because I know what chocolate chip cookies taste like :-) Anyway, I moved through the checkout line and did purchase the carbs but continued to feel guilty. After much research and thought, I decided what could be more real than the ubiquitous Nestle Toll House Cookie. Unfortunately, that meant going back to the store for more carbs but by this point I was married to the idea. I almost came unglued and went on a diatribe about processed food, the tainting of our food supply, how processed carbs overwork the pancreas, leads to metabolic issues, etc, etc. By the time I had all of my ingredients assembled, I was beginning to get excited about having a Nestle Toll House Cookie.

Of course, that means I was in the danger zone and would not be able to trust myself around a tray of these chocolaty morsels so I decided to also make my low carb chocolate chip cookies that I’ve been making for years. I know I like them and maybe I could tempt myself with these so as to not completely demolish the real cookies. My other thought, was from a completely scientific perspective … maybe it would be good to have two ends of the chocolate chip cookie spectrum in the same room, at the same time, for comparison of course (grin).

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