Wood has long been used for the construction of various articles like furniture or even for the matter houses, stands or cabins. Building unique lighting in wood veneer, Passion 4 Wood understands the need for warm wood in modern interiors. Even though the metal age has brought about its own change if wind but wood is still considered as classic, contemporary and chic. Lamps have always been used since pre historic times, and even today their importance has gone down to be just for decorative purpose. I bet some of you use the basement as the storage room to store your unused things of the house.
With exotic curvatures, the lamp shades look stunning even during any daylight hour when rays of natural light permeates through their delicate yet sturdy structure offering visual effects that highlight the coloring of the wood. Collect this ideaVarious wooden veneers are designed to form both sculpture and light, different shapes, colors and diffusion are utilized to create a thoughtful user experience.
Wooden Lamp posts can be used outdoors and also indoors as well depending upon the theme and decor of the house or furnishing used. These amazing lighting fixtures are anything but ordinary, offering a refined urban feel with intricate details that will keep you begging for more.

Over the years wooden lamp posts have been substituted by metal posts due to quick damage of wood and termites. The wide range of suspension, wall and floor standing lights fits into any residential and commercial spaces.
If used well, they complement each other and can bring out the beauty of the place and enhance the space and outlook of the room as well. Here we provide some ideas of basement plans to inspire you.A kitchen bar is the first room you can design on your basement. A kitchen bar with wooden cabinet and bar stool can be a nice place to spend your evening drinking and resting on the room. Glass beer storage on the wall makes a perfect place to store your beer and also makes an interesting decoration for the room with integrated lighting on it. Glass element on the wall next to the beer storage makes a glossy looks on the room interior.
Besides kitchen bar, you can also design a kitchen on the basement with large cabinet and sleek surface also lavish lighting.

The use of pendant lamp with interesting shade on the room can create an interesting lighting decoration for the kitchen interior. You can also design a living room or a family room on the basement as the secondary room to gather and relax on your house.
A living room with modern comfy sofa and flat screen TV will facilitate you to enjoy watching movie on the room. The tranquil atmosphere of the basement will help you to rest and away from the noise of busy city life. Elegant lighting on the room can create a romantic atmosphere for you to spend time with your beloved one.

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